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June 29th 2009
Published: July 1st 2009
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Last View from WetterLast View from WetterLast View from Wetter

View from hotel is nice if you squint and ignore the Rewe grocery store
We had an early breakfast at 6am so we could catch the airport shuttle back to Frankfurt at 7am. It's a good thing we left early, because traffic was at a standstill around the city. Still got to the airport in plenty of time. Peggie and Jerry had to wait much longer since their flight was later in the day. We're sure our driver was trying to be helpful, but he sent us to the wrong place. We asked several times but he kept telling us that United was in Terminal 2. We still had a weird feeling as we dropped off P&J at Terminal 1 for Lufthansa. United and Lufthansa are partners so it seemed strange but away we went. We walked and didn't see it. Then we asked and they sent us to the far end of the terminal. Got there, still no luck. So we looked for the big Information sign and they told us "Oh, no, that's in Terminal 1 - you better go catch the Sky Train." So, off we went walking fast. Luckily, it wasn't that bad and all the other lines in at check-in and security were easy-peasy. Same with flight and with Customs on our end. Sounds like we definitely had the easiest trip. Peggie and Jerry contended with sitting at the airport for a few hours, still being sick, lost luggage, layovers in Denver to get to Scottsbluff, dead truck at airport before jump, dead truck on way home from Airport and big hail that day. Still don't think they've looked at the truck in daylight yet. The first thing we did in the USA was head to McDonald's for Filet-o-Fish Value Meal (Brian), plain cheesburgers (Amy), and huge Diet Coke with lots of ice (both!). We are glad to be home but it was a great trip. It was very nice to spend time with family and to get to know everyone a little more. Thanks to all in Germany for sharing your homes, your hospitality and the sights of your beautiful country. Thanks for you patience with our pronunciation (or lack of it) and for teaching us something new every day. The door is always open for you all to come visit Washington, D.C., the Shenandoahs, Annapolis and Southern Maryland. There's lots to see and do - from monuments, museums, the White House and the Zoo to hiking, biking, sailing, eating crabcakes and watching the Amish clop around in their buggies. Think about it and keep in touch.


1st July 2009

Vielen Dank!
Hi Brian and Amy, Just want to drop you this note to thank you for allowing us to share your German holiday via this blog. We followed your daily adventures through pictures and narratives. My, someone must have put in quite a bit of study and research to get all the details recorded along with the historical data. Great job! Glad that you all made it back safely and once again can enjoy your Mac Filet-o-Fish and cheeseburgers! Think about a trip to California... Hans & Alice
1st July 2009

We are glad you got home safely. Thanks for all the pictures and diary we share. It was nice to have you here, sorry we could'nt spend more time with you!!!!! May be you could send me the video of Elena?? would be great. Hope you have a good start back home Everybody says hi Gabi
2nd July 2009

Your blog
Exellent blog and pics - we enjoyed reading it over and over again. We will always think of this time together.
19th July 2009

We enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pitures that you submitted as well. Glad that you had a good trip and a wonderful time in my old homeland. Actually, I grew up im Erzgebirge ( that you should visit some time) which is also a beautiful part of Germany. Congrtulations on your new job Amy, what exactly will you be doing? Take care and stay in touch. Love, Anita and Bill

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