Thursday, June 25th - Return to Frankenthal

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June 25th 2009
Published: June 30th 2009
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Dinner at  BrittasDinner at  BrittasDinner at Brittas

Nice quiet dinner in the garden. The travelers are starting to get tired so quiet was nice.
Brian and Amy went for a run/walk and had some breakfast with Peggie, Jerry, and Eva in the morning. Amy's gone back to healthy oatmeal for breakfast but it's hard to turn down "brotchen" (great crusty rolls)", cheese and salami. Brian's weakness is the liverwurst on black bread. Plus, sometimes, there is "speck" (bacon) - bacon is gooood. We better walk more. After yesterday’s bike to ride to Frankenthal to pick up more Euros, today we returned to Frankenthal to spend them! We all loaded up into Eva’s car and she drove us to town for some shopping. She dropped us off in the center of the city and we fanned out to find some bargains. Since the dollar is not very strong, most things were a little expensive and we’re really sorry we can’t easily bring back wine for our friends. We don’t trust the luggage handlers to take care of it. We picked up some nice souvenirs as well as a pretzel (with butter!) and a doughnut (we do love ALL German bread!). Eva picked us up a few hours later and we took a small break to get ready to visit with Osse, Britta, Anna, Lotte, and Millie. We had a family dinner of Britta’s fabulous bruschetta in the backyard garden. For dessert, we had a dish called Quark (it’s like a cross between yogurt, ricotta and cream cheese - not quite curds, not quite whey) blended with berries. It’s almost like thick cool soup you eat with a spoon for dessert. It’s one of our new favorites. This time, it was actually made with fresh berries that Britta picked from her own garden. It was nice to have a quiet dinner together. Osse and Britta observed that we were all starting to look a little worn and tired. In fact, we turned down a really fun chance to go to a wine festival for tomorrow night. Our party pooper reputation is building.


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