Friday, June 19th - Pedaling through the Forest

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June 19th 2009
Published: June 21st 2009
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 Video Playlist:

1: Brian pedaling 18 secs
2: Britta pedaling 12 secs
3: Jerry pedaling 11 secs
Today was outdoor adventure day. Osse, Britta, Karin, Roland, Peggie, Jerry, Amy, and Brian (and Millie!) drove about an hour to Altenglan for a “Draisinentour”. We picked up “draisinen”, 4-man railway cars equipped with two sets of pedals and room for 2 more passengers. We chained them together and took off. The old training tracks led through the countryside and through small towns. The route was 40 kilometers (about 25 miles), and we made several stops along the way to take a break. We took turns pedaling so everybody had a chance to get some exercise and Millie was a perfect passenger. See videos. Poor Jerry’s behind ( his “hintern”) took a beating. Peggie sat up front and gave the signal to stop whenever we came to a road crossing. Brian tried to show his Mom the airplane signal for STOP (two closed fists held up together), but instead Peggie gave a signal very similar to the one used by Tommie Smith and John Carlos in the 1968 Summer Olympics to signify Black Solidarity (see pictures). We all got a kick out of it and wondered what the locals were thinking of the crazy Americans. We stopped in St. Julian at
Mille taking it all inMille taking it all inMille taking it all in

Millie sat or just laid nicely for the whole trip, taking in all of the sights.
a little café for a drink and the owner was from Florida. Amy was a little surprised when, after speaking German, he asked us “What’ll you folks have?” We pedaled some more and then had a nice lunch in Lauterecken, which was the halfway point. The trek ended in Staudenheim, where we loaded a bus that took us back to the starting point. After a short drive, we met Eva for dinner. The restaurant specialized in regional dishes and Brian ordered the “trilogy” of wurst, liver dumplings, and a fried cake made of cow stomach and other yummy ingredients. Wow! Was that good! For some reason, no one else really wanted a taste to try. Especially not Amy who stuck with the Rumpsteak and Kartoffeln (potatoes) - playing it safe is safe and was also very tasty! Peggie, Jerry, Amy, and Brian drove home with Eva. We ended the evening listening to Eva Cassidy’s Songbird CD and having Aunt Eva tell us some of her stories about living in China, moving to Germany around the time of the War, and memories of France, and the U.S. Before we knew it, it was after midnight. Tomorrow we head to France for
Sights from the TracksSights from the TracksSights from the Tracks

This is an example of the kinds of little towns we pedaled through
the day.

Additional photos below
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More sights from tracks
1968 Olympics1968 Olympics
1968 Olympics

We've come a long way, baby!
River going near tracksRiver going near tracks
River going near tracks

Stopped at the River
Britta and Osse at the RiverBritta and Osse at the River
Britta and Osse at the River

Taking a breath at the river before we pedal on
Amy Checking out the GlanAmy Checking out the Glan
Amy Checking out the Glan

Stopped by a little river (Glan) to stretch our legs
Who would think you'd see TeePees?Who would think you'd see TeePees?
Who would think you'd see TeePees?

Tee Pees in one of the small towns for rent. Didn't really expect to see these here!
Jerry needed PillowJerry needed Pillow
Jerry needed Pillow

Some behinds are more tender than others.
Problem areaProblem area
Problem area

Close up
Farmland SightsFarmland Sights
Farmland Sights

Lots of beautiful countryside
Stopping to raise the gateStopping to raise the gate
Stopping to raise the gate

What a motley crew! Millie is the best traveler.
Lots of interesting sightsLots of interesting sights
Lots of interesting sights

More views from the tracks
Pretty fieldsPretty fields
Pretty fields

We had alot to look at
Tired at the end of the dayTired at the end of the day
Tired at the end of the day

We made it! Karin, Roland, Peggie and Jerry survived in Car #1.
Car #2 Made it, too!Car #2 Made it, too!
Car #2 Made it, too!

Britta, Osse, Amy, Brian and Millie also made it safe and sound in Car #2. Some would say that Jerry pulled them the whole way.
Auf Wiederschen for TodayAuf Wiederschen for Today
Auf Wiederschen for Today

Goodbye sign and goodbye until tomorrow

21st June 2009

Looks like you are having a great time and getting lots of exercise! I head for France tomorrow via Munich. Enjoy! Scott
23rd June 2009

Amy & Brian/ It looks like you both are already off to a great start with some great sites and family time. Hab Spab!! (you may need to buy some padded pants for those pedaling expeditions ;) Best/ Brad
23rd July 2009

You did a super job and the pictures are beautiful. Friend of your Moms.

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