Saturday, June 20th - "Bitsching" in France

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June 20th 2009
Published: June 23rd 2009
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Citadel in Bitche, FranceCitadel in Bitche, FranceCitadel in Bitche, France

The nigh-impregnable Citadel
We slept in a little and then piled into two cars for a day-trip to France. We drove to a town in the Moselle area of France, named Bitsche in German, Bitche in French. On the hill in Bitche, there was a citadel converted into a museum with an interactive and historical tour. They had a very interesting set-up for visitors - you put on cordless headphones that pick up signals in any language. They guide you around the old rooms and you follow the story of a French soldier during a siege in by the Germans in 1870. Once inside, there were movie screens that told of the battle between the French and the Germans in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. The French withstood assault in the citadel for 230 days. We’re going to have to look up some history on Wikipedia so we really understand it all. We took a short walk into a little garden which was as much art as flowers and took some fun pictures. Then we took a little unintentional detour into the French forest - we found roads that weren’t on the GPS or on our maps. We skirted a military installation and kept
Listening to HistoryListening to HistoryListening to History

Amy with big ears in Bitsche
hitting forbidden roads. Amy was looking for some nice French servicemen to help, but no luck. We did see some bunkers from the Maginot Line - a line of defense in WW2 but not a very effective one for the French. Once we found our way, we decided to skip a tour of a nearby castle because it was after six. That meant it was time to eat again, at a French restaurant this time. We had actual French Onion Soup and REAL French Fries (Pomme Frites)! A nice day in two countries.

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Brian checks out the historical factsBrian checks out the historical facts
Brian checks out the historical facts

Walking and listening and learning is a skill.
View from CitadelView from Citadel
View from Citadel

Looking from atop the Citadel over Bitche
Cannon on TopCannon on Top
Cannon on Top

This is why it's impregnable
View from CitadelView from Citadel
View from Citadel

Looking out over Bitche
More View From CitadelMore View From Citadel
More View From Citadel

More scenery for you Fracophiles
Pictures in the GardenPictures in the Garden
Pictures in the Garden

Brian taking a picture of Britta taking a picture of Amy having her picture taken by Brian
Jerry in the GardenJerry in the Garden
Jerry in the Garden

Jerry exploring the Garden
Blue in the GardenBlue in the Garden
Blue in the Garden

Britta and Osse feeling blue but happy
Amy SlidingAmy Sliding
Amy Sliding

Garden had alot of fun features
Brian slides, too!Brian slides, too!
Brian slides, too!

More fun in the garden. Boy, can we fake a picture when we can't catch it in real time...
French TownFrench Town
French Town

Seeing a small part of France
Animal WhispererAnimal Whisperer
Animal Whisperer

Brian finds a friend where ever he goes.
Osse Sleeping With BrianOsse Sleeping With Brian
Osse Sleeping With Brian

Aren't they sweet during their naps?
Brian Napping With OsseBrian Napping With Osse
Brian Napping With Osse

Napping in the Purple Room
Boys Fooling AroundBoys Fooling Around
Boys Fooling Around

Osse tries to hot wire tractors while Brian flexes his muscles
Wonderful little French restaurantWonderful little French restaurant
Wonderful little French restaurant

French Fries taste better here!
View from French Restaurants are Great!View from French Restaurants are Great!
View from French Restaurants are Great!

Castle we almost walked to.
Sad That Day Has to EndSad That Day Has to End
Sad That Day Has to End

Osse was sad the day was over and that he had to share his dessert

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