Sunday, June 21st - Sick and Laundry

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June 21st 2009
Published: June 23rd 2009
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Amy started feeling a little weird last night but today was officially down for the count - wicked sore throat, stomach pain, and achy bones. She slept for almost 24 hours and had to break out the old remedies - drinking hot tea and gargling salt water. Everyone one else needed a day of rest too, so it worked out okay. Did laundry, read books, watched it rain, caught up on the blog. Tomorrow we’re going to take it easy as well until we’re all back to fighting strength. Happy Father’s Day to Amy’s Dad, Randy, and hope all of you Fathers out there had a great day.

Since there are no pictures today. You can learn some German words. Tscheuss (Chuuuuussss in a kind of high voice) is Goodbye or See you. Geburtstag is birthday. Proust (Prost with a back of your throat sound) is Cheers. Quatsch (Kvatch!) is Nonsense! Brian has the genes to make the right sounds naturally but Amy has given up on being able to pronounce things the right way. When biking through the forest, we went to a restaurant and she tried to order Gewuerztraminer wine, which was the special. The waitress looked at her like she had three heads when she tried to pronounce it - Amy looked to everyone from the family for help and they looked at her same way. Amy’s way = Ga wurst tra mean er; Right way = Gay vurtz truh meanah). Finally, everyone said, “Oooooooh, you mean Gerwuerztraminer!. Amy said, “Yeah, yeah, that’s what I said!” From now on, Riesling!


24th June 2009

Take care
Dear Amy: Be sure to take care of yourself. I don't like hearing that you're sick when you're so far away. I have been keeping up with your trip and it looks like you're having a great time. Love, Mom

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