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North America » United States » North Dakota » Grand Forks August 16th 2011

Well blog followers, tonight is our last night in the US of A. We are in Grand Forks, ND and tomorrow we will be heading to Winnipeg to see our son and his family. We have traveled from Custer, SD to Gettysburg(not the battle), SD in the last two days. The landscape was very boring and nothing to report. We did stop in Rapid City, SD and Sturgis, SD to see what they were about. We spent the morni ... read more
Just outside of Custer, SD
Rapid City, SD
Sturgis, SD

North America » United States » South Dakota » Custer August 14th 2011

Hi faithful followers, I am sending this entry from a place called Custer, South Dakota. We decided to come here because Gerry wanted to see where Custer's last stand was and the history....well if you know anything about the history.....we are in the wrong place. We are suppose to be in Montana. Anyway the reason we ended up here is because Gerry looked on the map and saw Custer and figured it was here. Long story short it is a funky little town and for the last week it has had a motercycle rally. Also Sturgus is near by and they were having their rally also. So it has been noisey but relaxing as we did a little exploring. Went to Jewel Cave and Crazy Horse Monument. Enjoyed the two days.... read more
Our home for two days
Jewel Cave
Jewel Cave

North America » United States » Nebraska » Gering August 12th 2011

Hi everyone, today we stopped in Gering, Nebraska. It is Gerry's birthday and here we are in a beautiful city owned rv park. Well kept and all very friendly. We got here around 4pm and didn't have to go into town this time as I did shopping the day before. Nebraska was a surprize as getting here it was flat and dry and then we find cliffs and bluffs. Beautiful. The weather is only... read more

Hi again, we are headed to Colorado today. Want to get as far as we can today. We ended up in Glenwood Springs, CO. Between Grand Junction and Aspen. Starting to get up higher and the air was a little cooler. The campsite wasn't great, but it was cheap and we needed to stop. Drove into Glenwood Springs to get groceries, and sort of look around, but we were tired and so we just sat and chilled.... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Mexican Hat August 10th 2011

Hi blog followers, today we stayed in Monument Valley, Utah. What an amazing place. I think this is the most photgenic place so far. The rock formations are fantastic. We parked in an RV park that was up in the canyon and owned by the Navajo Indians. Great place, prices too high ($3 to do a load of laudry) but clean and well kept. We drove the self tour through the monument valley and it was well worth the effort and cost of $5.00. The pictures do not do it justice. Amazing. It was a little 4 wheeling, but fun. The weather was hot and didn't cool off too much during the night. During the self tour there were places set up to buy local Indian jewelry and pottery. It was a good day.... read more
monument valley, utah
Gouldings's monument valley rv park
monument valley, utah

North America » United States » Arizona » Williams August 9th 2011

Today we went to the Grand Canyon, south rim.. it was amazing. It was a little more commercialized then we expected, but all in all it was fantastic. The colors and majesty is awsome. We went in the morning, the weather kind of turned to cloudy so the colores were a little less vibrant. Then we drove back to Williams and had lunch and decided to drive to Sedona. We are soooo glad we did. It is beautiful there. On the way we took the scenic route and it was so worth it. We drove down this canyon that overshadowed Grand Canyon by alot. So much color and mystic.....we spent the afternoon looking at galleries, and just looking. Bought a few things and enjoyed the whole day. ... read more
Sculpture in Sedona

North America » United States » Arizona » Williams August 8th 2011

Never did we think we would be sitting having lunch on the famous Route 66. Williams,AZ is a cool little town. It is called the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. We arrived early today, so it was nice to set up "home sweet home" and then go an explore. We went downton, which is all shops and historic buildings. Williams is the last town in America that got overshadowed by the Hwy I-40. We enjoyed just poking around the shops. It was nice to just enjoy the day, as we have been going everyday. Tomorrow we will get up early and head to the Canyon. We want to get there for the early morning shadows for pictures. Hope you are enjoying the daily entries and the pictures. Until next time.......... read more
Home Sweet Home
Chillin on Route 66

North America » United States » Arizona » Kingman August 7th 2011

Hi everyone, we are parked here in a place called Kingsman,AZ. It is HOT. Last night we were in Bakersfield, CA and I thought it was going across the Mojave desert and it was 103 degrees at 11am. The Hwy 40 was straight..........and hot. There were a change in the surrounding areas as we headed East. From farm land to cacti and odd rock formations. Eventhough it is sooo hot, the beauty is vast. We found out that California fuel (diesel) is higher than Arizona. The RV park in Bakersfield was very nice, Bakerfields Palms RV Resort was what it was called. It was older, but had a new section that we stayed in and it was very southwestern (all cement and palm trees). It had a pool, that we really enjoyed. Close to groceries ... read more

North America » United States » California » Bakersfield August 6th 2011

I am typing this from an RV Park in Bakersfield, CA. Gerry and I are sitting in the RV with the air conditioner full blast. Just got out of the pool......hard life. We left SF this morning with fog and chill. Traveled East to Yosemite National Park. Spectacular!!!! The weather got better as we continued. Then we started to climb.....we stayed in a little RV park 22 miles from Yosemite. They had a pen with farm animals that was just up wind of our campsite. When the wind was right, boy did we get a whiff. Not so bad for Gerry with his no smell, but was like parking next to a horse st... read more
Grandma and Jackson
Bridal Vail Falls
Yosemite bluff

Here it is our last day in "sunny" San Francisco. It has been cold and foggy most of the time we are here. Especially where we are parked. We drove into the city early today to take care of our grandchildren while Jason goes to work. I did boring laundry, which really needed to be done and Gerry took the boys for a "short" walk with the dog. The pictures of the artwork was along the walk in downtown SF. Three hours later, Jason comes home from work and no kids or Grandpa. I was getting worried, but not too bad but I didn't have the phone and Jason doesn't have a land line. Jason called his dad and found out they were at the park, but 12 blocks away. So he went to pick them ... read more

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