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North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan November 17th 2016

We have arrived at our winter home. All set up and enjoying the view and getting together with old friends....We arrived November 4th. after a long trip from Nogales, AZ to here in Mazatlan. Our first day, October 31st was just to San Carlos. We decided to stay three days to relax and rest up for the rest of the trip. With our new friends, Dale and Judy and their son, Alex we had a great time showing them what we love about San Carlos. It was the very first place we went in Mexico many years ago. It was in 1994. We parked on the beach and stayed three weeks. Met some amazing people and fell in love with the country. The people here are so warm and helpful. And we found that all the ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson October 29th 2016

Well, it is official...I am retired. As of June 24th. My bosses gave me a beautiful luncheon with a few of the staff there that I have known since I started there 12 years ago. Couldn't asked for a better job and the family I worked for were more like family to me than my bosses. I loved my job and everyone I worked with. Thank you all for an incredible 12 years. So now, I need to catch everyone up on the last few months. The day after my last day of work we drove to Winnipeg for our oldest grandson's graduation from high school. We stopped the first night in Rocky Mountain House. Nothing fancy, just a parking lot. The second night we went to drop off the trailer at the SEP camp in ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Donna November 13th 2015

"She says": Here we sit in Donna, Texas. We will be crossing over into Mexico tomorrow. We don't know what kind of internet we will have so we thought we better catch you all up on what we have been doing. We had a great visit with the grand-kids and seeing Jay and Jenny is always a delight. Desi and Doug have an amazing home and they were very gracious to allow us to be part of the birthday celebration and Halloween too. For the ones that don't know who Desi is, she is Jay's ex-wife and her husband Doug. It is so nice for the Nana and Papa to come into a group that all get along, so the kids benefit from everyone. Doug has a daughter, her name is Bella and she is very ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Cartersville November 6th 2015

"She says": The Booth Museum was fantastic in Cartersville, Georgia. The paintings and sculpture were really have to take two days to really study it, but we only had the one day....but it was worth it. It was not far from where we were parked in the rv park in Brenan. So we just took the day and went up there. The next day we were headed to Cumming, Georgia for the week to see our grandkids, Jaden and Ryan. The weather wasn't great at that time. He says", As we sit about 30 miles away from the mexican border in a small burg there is so much to look back on that we haven't recorded yet ( actually behind in doing the blog by probably ten stops and numerous sates) so we have decided ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Muscle Shoals October 28th 2015

"He says," We had grown tired of the constant moving; seems a little odd to arrive at this conclusion since our whole purpose of this trip is to be on the move seeing new things and places.....but it was time to stop and relax in one spot. We chose Tombigbee National Park and decided to stay in this beautiful setting for 6 days. The park is about 8 miles outside of Tupelo, MS. To reach this lake and forested paradise you travel out of the oddly slow pace of Tupelo City ( this small burg had a decidedly layed back atmosphere), enter an open rural area dotted periodically with farms and houses to eventual turn and drive up into the hilly, heavily wooded countryside. Pulled the 5th wheel through canopied oak and maple trees which create ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Bremen October 27th 2015

He says, Left "music land" and headed east; was interesting to see the change of country side again as the land was an assortment of farming and rolling hills of grain or cotton. Coming down the highway I was startled to see in the distance a massive structure looming skyward and towering over everything surrounding it. This was the Apollo rocket that sent the astronauts to the moon and its size is mind boggling. Its hard to believe you could control something this size and propel it into space. We pulled into the space centre; managed to find a parking space and then were promptly told to follow a security vehicle to the "proper" place to park. The shot of our unit next to the rocket in the background will give you an idea of the ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tupelo October 21st 2015

"She says": This part of the trip was a trip down memory lane. I grew up with Elvis' music as a lot of you have. As we headed south from Nashville the surrounding landscape changed we are seeing cotton fields and strange vines growing over many trees and bushes. The rv park was right next door to Graceland gate. We spent the day walking around the shops and looking at all the "stuff" that they were selling.....yes I did buy something to take home. Hahaha. The mansion was amazing. Very dated, but so cool that Elvis lived there with Priscilla and their daughter Lisa Marie. Everything was personal and showed his life well. The grounds were beautiful, unfortunately there were no horses in the fields, but you could imagine what it would look like with ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville October 21st 2015

"He says" This will be more relaxed reflections as we have good wifi and are stationary for a few days which means I can take the time to think about where we have been..... The further south we have gone the more the country is truly remarkable with rolling hills and forests that are display in brilliant colours as fall approaches. The most interesting thing is the people we encounter who exude a quiet charm of relaxed friendliness....."how yall doin....ain't this a great day".... in a deep southern drawl that makes me feel I'm in a movie set about the South. I still find it hard to believe Sue and I are in Tennesse.....there are many African Americans as we slowly funnel south and I love their southern expressions and can stand off to the side ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Cave City October 19th 2015

"He says" : It has been a while; problem is that we spend a lot of time in RV parks or places that have no WiFi... so we experience a lot and take lots of pictures but are unable to do a blog so please be patient with us.....this is actually being written in Alabama but I know you will forgive me if the "story" of our journey is a bit brief and very condensed!!! Leaving Canada and entering the states was exciting; we crossed the border with no problems and we're now in a land that our dollar was worth 75 cents...comforting that not only are we poor but the label of "trailer trash' is appropriate; the tin cup of begging is now very much needed...I wish I could sing and play an instrument rather ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » London October 4th 2015

"She says": As we sit here in a Flying J truck stop in London, ON I bought 24 hours of internet so I could start catching up on this blog. Ontario is a very interesting Provence. From lakes that look like the ocean to horse and buggy on the highway and beautiful fall colors. We went to Callander, ON to visit Jose and Pat who we met last year in Mazatlan. We spent 4 days with them and had a terrific time. They have a beautiful home and they welcomed us warmly. Breakfast with their coffee chums every morning and sitting on the deck watching the squirrels and chipmunks as Pat feeds them with peanuts. The weather was beautiful for most of the days with sunshine and not too cold. They took us to the park ... read more

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