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North America » United States » Arizona October 27th 2014

We left this morning (Oct. 27) to drive to Phoenix. We looked in our Passport America book and found on the map an RV park close to Phoenix, so we cancelled the one we were going to stay in and bypassed the dry camping in the desert again for this place in "Queen Valley". At least we thought it was close to Phoenix. NOT.....about an hour and a half away. But it is nice here. A gated community and lots of park models that people live in permanently or at least for half the year. It has a pool and I am sure Gerry will love the library. Hehehe Gerry just came back and guess where he was? Right the library. He also found a place to wash his truck. It is going to be nice ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Quartzsite October 25th 2014

Well we are in the desert "glamping". It is so beautiful here. There are about 12 other rv's spread around this area. It is called the BML and it is free camping for 14 days. With our generator and solar panels we can stay that long easy. But we are only staying a few days as we want to get to Tucson and then to Phoenix. The weather has been very hot, 92 degrees yesterday. But today it has cooled off and we have a few clouds. Hopefully it doesn't rain, but if it does that is okay too. It is so peaceful here in the desert. Lots of room to let Jackson run. Last night we BBQ'd chicken and ate outside. It gets really dark when the sun goes down. Jackson stays pretty close at ... read more
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North America » United States » Arizona » Quartzsite October 23rd 2014

We decided to stay a couple more days here in Quartzsite. We drove to Parker yesterday...a town north of here. We picked up some groceries and washed the truck. That was our excitement for the day....we are planning on heading to the desert tomorrow, as our stay here is ending. There is a place just north of here that a lot of people go. We want to try our generator and see what it is like using our own power. It will only be for a couple of days then we will head to Tucson. We wanted to go there since we haven't been there for 20 years.... read more

North America » United States » Arizona October 21st 2014

Hi everyone, here we are still in Quartsite at the Quail Run RV Park. It was great to get up and see the warm sun....actually it is hot already and it is only 11am. But we are not complaining. First of all I want to add to the last post. Not only did we see Sara, but Bob was there too. He has been there for the past few weeks taking good care of Sara. after Chico, we drove a long day. We drove right to our campsite in Yosemite. Bob kept saying it was 5 or 6 hours.....well you were right. We got there around 6:30pm. But we got set up and sat down for a drink of wine. It was good because we had a evening just to ourselves to get ready for Jason ... read more
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North America » United States » Arizona October 20th 2014

I am sorry this blog got started late. We have been gone for 10 days and I know my family wanted an update and pictures. The trip so far has been great. We have had a few problems with different things, but all in all it has been great. We are in Quartsite, Arizona tonight. We are going to stay here for a couple of nights. It is out in the desert and nice and hot. Over last weekend we spent it in Yosemite, California with Jason, our youngest son and his girlfriend, Jenny. Had a great time, toured the park and took some pictures. The weather was very nice and warm during the day and cold at night. A 5th wheel is not meant for cold weather. We were thankful that we had warm blankets. ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta August 25th 2011

Well blog followers, this is the end of the line. We are home....sorry there wasn't any blogging for a couple of days, but no internet. When we left Winnipeg the first nite we stayed in white City, Sask. from my last entry. Last night we stayed in Fort McCloud, Alberta. It was a clean rv park in the middle of nowhere. There wasn't too much to see except when finally we saw some mountains instead of just flat prarie. Now we are home and ready to go back to reality. I have enjoyed the blog and I hope you have too...thank you for coming along with us on this trip and I hope you have enjoyed the blog as much as I have doing it.....untile next trip......... read more
Buffalo Plain RV Park, Alberta
Finally mountains....
Home sweet home...Pentiction,BC

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina August 25th 2011

We spent last night in a campground we got out of the 2011 RV and Campground guide from Trailer Life Directory. Compfort Plus RV Park, White City, Sask. A place we won't come to again. We usually don't complain about a place, but this place is a rip off. We thought because it is listed in the book that it would be nice, and this is the first place worth complaining about. It is on a terrible road, kind of in a backyard of a farm, they have lots of spaces, but not enough water pressure to go around. Took my reservation, but when we got here they were confused about where to put us......anyway my rating for this place is 5 out of 10. If that even matters. Our last days in Winnipeg were great. ... read more
Genevieve at the Forks
River Tour at the Forks
River Tour at the Forks

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg August 22nd 2011

Here are a couple more entries from Gerry's journal: "August 3rd....Had a quiet morning.....we have Jason's two boys...decided to Fishermans Wharf.. Following GPS leads us hither and yawn...between "Recalulating, lost signal, and too often iss guided directions we finally arrive...then the mugwumps want to make a long story short, by the time I find a parking space, which cost 25 cents for 3 minutes...the kids have already eaten. So back to Jason's apartment." Aug 12th...Gering, Nebraska....Sue bought a cheese cake for my birthday...with one candle...seems kind of anticlimatic, but would better way to celebrate 65 than being on the road doing what we really enjoy... "Aug 13th...arrive in Custer, SD it is beautiful and am anxious to explore...maps about Custer show nothing about the battle, asked everywhere....finally find out Custer's last stand...Monta... read more
Happy Birthday hon...
Sturgis, SD

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg August 19th 2011

Here is the first of a couple of inserts of Gerry's journal.... July 23rd..."Left around 10:30 across the border at Orville after a 5 - 10 minute line wait. Jeff and Sonya were turned back at border caught trying to smuggle Canadian firewood!!!! The boys at the border curbed another terrorist threat of smuggled W.M.D. The Washington state is saved from rampant mass destruction from whatever lurs in Canadian firewood"...."the deadly bundle was ordered back across the border. Jeff gave it to some camper in a park, then came back and we finally got across into Washington" July 25th..."Staying at Oak Harbor...visited Fort Casey (old early 1st WW fort). Never fired a shot as did most of the early forts. At it's time, and even now quite impressive installation - retractable guns could lob a ... read more
Fort Casey, Washington

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg August 18th 2011

Well our trip is coming to a close soon. We are back in Canada, sad to see our trip ending, but we are enjoying visiting with our oldest son and his family for a few days. Winnipeg is a beautiful city, just cold in the winter. But this summer the weather is warm and the bonus is no mosquitos.....we have enjoyed the travel through the US. It is so diversified with the many landscapes. We only touched on the places we would like to see, but for another time. We enjoy traveling very much and we know we will be doing it again. ... read more
campground at sunset
Winnipeg, MB

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