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August 22nd 2011
Published: August 23rd 2011
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Here are a couple more entries from Gerry's journal:
"August 3rd....Had a quiet morning.....we have Jason's two boys...decided to Fishermans Wharf.. Following GPS leads us hither and yawn...between "Recalulating, lost signal, and too often iss guided directions we finally arrive...then the mugwumps want to make a long story short, by the time I find a parking space, which cost 25 cents for 3 minutes...the kids have already eaten. So back to Jason's apartment."
Aug 12th...Gering, Nebraska....Sue bought a cheese cake for my birthday...with one candle...seems kind of anticlimatic, but would better way to celebrate 65 than being on the road doing what we really enjoy...
"Aug 13th...arrive in Custer, SD it is beautiful and am anxious to explore...maps about Custer show nothing about the battle, asked everywhere....finally find out Custer's last much for that!!! Coming in we passed long lines of bikes in every shape and color. Walking around you note bikers have a certian look, there is a leather theme that overrides everything with bandanas and sauntering loose shuffle. The women have a toughness to them and wouldn't hesitate to go toe to toe along with their biker badboys. Smile, nod, but most importantly DON'T TOUCH THE BIKE...."
Happy Birthday hon...Happy Birthday hon...Happy Birthday hon...

"what are you laughin at...I may be 65 but I can still look young...the hair stylist and the4 sales lady said I look these pants are hard to keep up"

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