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October 21st 2014
Published: October 21st 2014
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Hi everyone, here we are still in Quartsite at the Quail Run RV Park. It was great to get up and see the warm sun....actually it is hot already and it is only 11am. But we are not complaining. First of all I want to add to the last post. Not only did we see Sara, but Bob was there too. He has been there for the past few weeks taking good care of Sara. after Chico, we drove a long day. We drove right to our campsite in Yosemite. Bob kept saying it was 5 or 6 hours.....well you were right. We got there around 6:30pm. But we got set up and sat down for a drink of wine. It was good because we had a evening just to ourselves to get ready for Jason and Jenny the next day. They arrived around 9:00pm so we had the whole day also. We had an awesome visit with them. We went up to the park (Yosemite) and looked around, had lunch and took lots of pictures. Then on Sunday we drove to Mojave, California where we parked in a parking lot with another RV. It was nice to meet some new

Interesting..cotton growing just south of Chico. Gerry stopped and he picked a couple. It is soft and very clean.
people. Don and Gloria Dehart from Radium, BC. we sat and had a drink of wine with them and got to know them a little. They are on their way to Quartsite too but stay with some friends on their land. Interesting people. But they were gone by the time we got up at 7:30 am. It was quiet there even though we were in town. We slept well. The next day we drove all the way to Quartsite, we left at 9am and got here at 3 something. Going this way on Hwy 10, we go through Palm Springs (well the turn off). All the billboards are advertising stars that are performing in casinos along the way. Interesting area. As we got closer to Arizona the landscape changed and we saw more cacti. We love the desert...And now this is where we will stay for a bit until we go to meet Barry and Sonja in Phoenix. Here are some pictures along the way. Hope you enjoy them.

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Our campsite in Yosemite. Nothing fancy.

Picture taken at Glacier Park, up in Yosemite park.

Walking down from the view point at Glacier Point.
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Jason and Jenny

Glacier Point

Glacier Point. Looking out over the view point. It was beautiful up there.

Glacier Point

Jason took this picture of these two climbers on the face of el Capitain. They were just hanging there. Amazing....

Just sitting around the camp fire at High Sierra RV park, in Oakhurst, California

This picture is of us parking overnight at a closed down gas station in Mojave. There was another couple there too, but left in the morning before we got up.

This is a picture of the smog in San Bernardino, California. It was so bad that it hurt our eyes and it look like fog. We were glad to get out of there.

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