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Day 2 7/05/2019 Maricopa Beuno Vista Trail Head Happy 60th birthday Ron! 😍 We had a really good sleep and then joined the family in their Phoenix morning tradition of having a Starbucks coffee in the spa. What a great way to start the day. Could be dangerous if we decide to add a. spa at home (not much would get done). We had a light breakfast and then headed off to the BeaunoVista Trail Head. After a steep winding road to the top of the mountain we headed off for a walk. We decided to head towards the Fat Mans Pass. It was a beautiful walk with plenty of Cactus dotting the walk. Rob and Scott decided to do a different walk so Penni, Karly, Ron and I continued along the walk. We noticed a ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Maricopa May 14th 2019

Day 1 6/5/2019 Melbourne - LA - Phoenix At the airport early and with a quick check in with having premium Economy seats made the process so much easier and quicker. Again quite seamless going though immigration and then breakfast. The directions from the stewardess was to follow the black signs For premium economy with Ron it is always the “dark side” we just laughed. Seats are so comfortable there is now no going back. The meals were very tasty and as usual too much food being thrown at you. Unfortunately not a lot of sleep. Arrived in LA on time went through customs and immigration without any hastles. Wow what a difference in America with security you need to remove belts, shoes and everything from your pockets before going through the the security checks. Ron ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona April 23rd 2019

Weather: 70s and beautiful States: Arizona Cities: Williams, Flagstaff, Sedona Miles: 63 Hours: 2 hrs 48 min (driving there, through, and back) Sites: Sedona, Red Rock PInk Jeep tours Restaurant: 89 Agave Hotel/Home: Lovely Little Log Cabin in Williams VRBO #1083110 Movies: Audible: Resisting Happiness (get you thinking book- has a religious base- it is good) This is a book that you can listen to a chapter (short) and ponder it.We are listening to it in bits. Everyone seems to like it. Today was a great day. We got up leisurely, had breakfast, and headed to Sedona for the day. Paul and I have been there and we like it there. We thought the kids would, too. We stopped in Flagstaff for an oil change which Ford was supposed to do at the last check up ... read more

Weather: 60s and beautiful States: Arizona Cities: Williams, Flagstaff Miles: 220 Hours: 3 hrs 30 min (driving there, through, and back) Sites: Grand Canyon Restaurant: Hotel/Home: Lovely Little Log Cabin in Williams VRBO #1083110 Movies: Audible: Resisting Happiness (get you thinking book- has a religious base- it is good) I am writing a day behind if you have not already figured that out. Once our days get busy and we aren’t driving, I lose writing time. Yesterday was our first full day in Williams at our cabin. It is really a lovely cabin. It has everything thing we need. I woke up before everyone, made my coffee and toast and sat out on the deck in the sun to write, have my coffee and enjoy the warm sun. Matthew is always my early riser so he ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Williams April 21st 2019

Weather: sunny and 80s and gorgeous (Vegas), 60s and beautiful (Williams) States: Nevada and Arizona Cities: Las Vegas and Williams Miles: 230 Hours: 3 hrs 15 min Sites: Hoover Dam Restaurant: at Excalibur, Hotel/Home: Lovely Little Log Cabin in Williams VRBO #1083110 Movies: Audible: Resisting Happiness (get you thinking book- has a religious base- it is good) Easter Sunday was perfect. We Packed up our room, grabbed a bite for breakfast and headed to mass on the Strip or behind the Strip, Roman Catholic Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer. That is a mouthful. We arrived early obviously because it is Easter and we are in tourist land and in Vegas. Three bad combinations for arriving to church late. Those who only go on holy days, those who go on vacation and those in Vegas who ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Page April 11th 2019

We are behind in our blog entries but many folks have been asking about Antelope Canyon so I wanted to at least provide cliff notes while fresh. With Siena being a couple months old and waiting for her passport to arrive, we decided to take advantage of one of the wonders of AZ. We stopped in Flagstaff on the way up and back to break up the trip which worked well for us. With Brookston being 3 years old, he has about a two hour limit in the car and we love Flagstaff. We found a great restaurant (Nomads Global Lounge) with delicious food where we could eat outside by a fire and watch trains go by. Antelope Canyon is in Page, which is just under two hours from Flagstaff (or at least is when Shane ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Payson April 7th 2019

Hello folks, and thanks for checking back in with us! Sorry it's been a while since our last blog post from Cartagena. We left about six weeks ago, and I think I'm just now fully recovered from the heat. Fi, being much more adventurous than me, enjoyed her self-inflicted marches through the old town there, while I was quite content soaking up the hotel's wifi and air conditioning until we finally flew to Bogotá (after leaving Tortuga at the port in Cartagena for shipment to Galveston, Texas). In Bogotá we enjoyed three days exploring Colombia's capital city, and I enjoyed the much cooler temperatures. Bogotá is a fascinating city, with a rich history that begins, at least as far as I learned, with the pre-Incan natives who adorned their communities and themselves in the plentiful gold ... read more
Before Ken fell off his bike!
Ken and Coast Guard friend Doug
Fi with Anna and Catherine

North America » United States » Arizona » Lake Powell March 26th 2019

We had launched and rigged up the boat shortly after we arrived at the Wahweep Campground. We had been prepared to see that the lake was low, as I keep track of it from a website, but we were still shocked to see it in person. This is a different body of water from our St Lawrence, where a 2 foot variance in the level with bring on howls of protest from all around. Lake Powell this year is a stunning 43’ lower than it was when we were here just last March! We had been amazed by the length of the ramp then, now it must have been 100 yards longer, maybe more. There are a lot of ramps on Lake Powell, but now only two are useable. Even worse for us, the “Antelope Island ... read more
Searching for Treasure
Dead End Ramp
Lake Powell Sunrise

North America » United States » Arizona » Lake Powell March 25th 2019

Ready to move again, we broke camp for the short trip up to Lake Powell. I say short, and as the crow flies (or, more likely raven, here) it’s only about 10 miles away. For those of us forced to more terrestrial forms of transport though it’s a trip of nearly 50 miles, that takes about an hour and a half. On our way out, we stopped this time at the Navajo Bridge, where the state highway crosses Marble Canyon. There are actually two bridges there. They are similar arched truss steel spans, the first one built in the 20’s, the second built in the 90’s. The new one is designed for heavier traffic, and is much wider to accommodate modern vehicles. Wisely though, the old span has been preserved for foot traffic and sightseeing. We ... read more
Condors on the Rocks
Condor Soaring

North America » United States » Arizona » Lake Powell March 24th 2019

We had talked about going to the Grand Canyon on this trip, but it had been staying very cold there lately, and also we had not been able to reserve a camping spot, so we gave it a miss. We’ve both seen it anyway, but neither of us have been to the north rim. That’s not possible at this time of year as the access road is closed, but we thought we’d drive up onto the plateau anyway, just to check it out. It was a pretty drive over there. The road curved around the Vermilion Cliffs, then through a wide valley before climbing steeply up. We went from sagebrush country up into the green of the junipers, then the piñon pines, and finally the stands of big ponderosa pines. By then, there was snow on ... read more

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