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27th June 2017

Hi, we are about to book at Tres Amigos RV Park on Stone Island. for February, 2018. Any recommendations as to Park 1 or Park 2 ? could you tell us the difference between the 2 parks? How long is the walk to the water taxis? And where do you buy groceries and which restaurants did you like. We also will be crossing south of Tucson, any recommendations here? getting across the border? Things you can and cannot take across. We are thinking of getting our travel visas ordered online ahead of time. We will be driving with a truck and camper from Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Any helpful info. you can pass on would be appreciated. thanks
6th October 2017

Re: tres amigo rv park, stone Island.
Hi Mike and Eleanor Girard, The difference between rv 1 and 2 is #1 is smaller and if you don't get front row the back row is very hot and not a lot of air flow. Rv 2 is bigger and the rigs are parked at an angle so front row and third row you are not facing the afternoon sun. We don't usually walk to the panga (water taxi) but people have. They have a little "super deli" on the island but most of the time we take the panga across and go to Sam's Club or Mega for our stuff. Or we take the truck and go to the Lay's on the highway. There is always someone going to town and we always ask people if you need anything from the store. You have asked a lot of questions and it is hard to answer them all. We love going there and now it is our 4th year. The restaurants are good, some better than others. Our first year we just went with the flow. We have an atvantage as I have a brother and sister in law who live full time in Mazatlan. Just come and enjoy. We will be there around the 4th of November until end of March.
1st December 2015

Loved the blog
was wandering if Mel and I would be welcomed out for a short visit. Just wondering or haven't thought how that would work. Help!
18th December 2015

Glad you like the blogg. We would love to have you visit. Email me and we will figure it out.
27th November 2015

Sharing in your visit
I so appreciate you sharing your visit with me. I really enjoyed what you shared and am grateful for it, I had mixed emotions as I read, very grateful that Jay & family had you with them, happy for you two that you were blessed with being able to be with them and alas sadness that I couldn't be there with you, and yes all of you! :-) I will pray that you both enjoy good health and safe travel while you are away from home. With love from the heart Jesus gave me, Sandy P.S. I am noting how time is passing so quickly, "we" are all in our sixties now with one of us is soon to past into "his" seventies! I realize Sue, that Gerry has an exceptional trophy wife (they are usually "younger"!!!) and you obviously fit the part, beautiful, youthful and "younger" (oh I said that already lol)
18th December 2015

Thank you Sandy for the lovely words. I am glad you are enjoying the blogg. We haven't done much lately, but will put more up soon.
26th November 2015

loving the blog
What a great job with the blog. You make me feel I am there with you. Oh! That's right, I wish I was. lol. Have a great time guys and see you when you get back.
5th November 2015

It sure sounds like you are having a great time. So glad for you two. We are home now from Phoenix . Had a great time. Birthdays were great. Just so nice to touch with the kids. Now into winter. Love you.
9th October 2015

Great trip
Thanks for keeping us up to date on your adventures and sharing your pics! We miss you guys ... Love and hugs
9th October 2015

Looks like your having a lot of fun , good for you guys
Nice blog enjoy it .

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