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23rd June 2011

Dine & Dash .....
Hey this gives a new meaning to Dine & Dash....more like snooze and split! Glad to hear you made a clean get away!
From Blog: Home
20th June 2011

Your trip sounds totaly awesome!I can't wait to hear what happens next! How was Millennium?
16th June 2011

On a boat Mother F&^%$#r
Your in your flippy floppies, I'm here stright flipin copies!
From Blog: Beach Bum Day
14th June 2011

Island Life
Sounds like you've landed at a really cool place. I want to see lots of pics! Wait....are the beachs there topless??? Pics! I want pics! LOL
14th June 2011

Hope you enjoy your trip
Hello from the Chambers family. we hope you have a great time in greece. take lots of pictures. Please keep writing your blog. later
14th June 2011

Hi you two.
You are really making us feel as though we were there Amber. Great seeing the pictures and reading your story. Love you both.
14th June 2011

Even though it is almost midnight your restuarant choices and descriptions have made me hungry. Sounds like you are having another wonderful adventure!! I think you should start a travel series as your writings are very enjoyable!
13th June 2011

Hey Am, Thanks for the shout out! Glad to hear about all the cool stuff your seeing!
13th June 2011

Your making me hungry!
Sounds like your having a great time! Don't buy any Hash!!
2nd January 2010

Looks like your havin a good time (and getting paid for it, lucky S.O.B.). Abby finally knows what ya'll look like now. Love the blog
31st December 2009

Hi you travelers,justfinished readingyour blog. Delightful, what a trip See it all. Be safe you rosenburgs Love WOW
31st December 2009

Oh how cute....did ya get to pet any of them? Smuggle a pair home?
From Blog: The Penguins
31st December 2009

And what happened to the Rosenburgs?? LOL
29th December 2009

Looks like you white folks could use a bit of a sunburn to get that base going. haha but looks like a sweet trip and you didnt have to mess with any family during the holidays, the best thing about the trip! You must have watched that Vince Vaughn movie. WANG!!!
28th December 2009

The Isle
Sounds like a way cool place!
From Blog: Isla de Gorritti
28th December 2009

It sounds like there are lots of good eats on this trip!
From Blog: Merry Christmas
28th December 2009

Doh !
Doh ! Rough start is right!
From Blog: A rough start
28th December 2009

I'm soooo jealous! Tracel safely and enjoy...
28th December 2009

Warren and Amber ... I'm loving your daily blogs! Keep them up! I'm living vicariously through you two since Omaha seems to be my only vacation destination!

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