Amber and Warren


Amber and Warren

This is our first attempt at any type of blog but thought it would be great to start documenting our trip as we go. Hopefully, our friends and family will enjoy it, as well as anybody else out there checking it out!

North America » United States » New York » White Plains June 21st 2011

Day 12 Homeward Bound! We wake and head to the airport after settling our hotel bill. On our way we stop to pick up the handler, the person that takes care of the airplane needs and transportation for the crew, as we pull over a man from the hotel runs up to the side of the minivan. He does not speak english but relays that the exchange rate was miss calculated and we actually owe more money. The man is not sure of the amount and we receive a message that the other passengers are on We the way to the airport and we don't have time to waste. We tell the drive to shut the door and go. The driver starts to shut the door and the man wanting money is trying to stop us. ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme June 20th 2011

Day 11 Cappadocia We have a smooth landing into a tiny little airport when we arrive in the Cappadocia region. It seems like the entire staff of the airport comes out to the tarmac to watch our arrival. I am guessing they do not see very many private jets come in and out of this airport. In fact, our airplane is the only one in the entire airport. I bid the other passengers goodbye for now. A short time later we load into a small shuttle bus and head out to our hotel. Some of the streets are well paved and others leave a lot to be desired but the landscape of the mountains is amazing. We can see why this place might be a popular destination. We arrive at the hotel and initially think we ... read more
Our Hotel
Enjoying our cave room
Open air Museum

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beyoglu June 19th 2011

Day 10 The morning is spent at the hotel buffet, showering, and discussing the itinerary for our final day in Istanbul. We ask the concierge for recommendations for shopping near the hotel and set our for a walk. The shops are within a ten minute walk from the hotel. We do some shopping and make our way back to the hotel. Today is a relaxation day. Back at the hotel we hang out in the executive lounge with a few drinks and mentally ready ourselves for tomorrows departure. In the hotel room we begin to hear loud music from a nearby park. Warren vaguely recognizes the music. After a few songs Warren recognizes the music as Iron Maiden. It reminds us of the time in Italy when we were walking down the street of a small ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beyoglu June 18th 2011

Day 9 This morning we head for the restaurant breakfast instead of the executive lounge in search of better food. The restaurant does have much better food and we find out that it is included in the price of our room. Lesson learned. We hop in the cab and set out on another Mr. Toad's Wild Ride as we make our way to Topkapi Palace. Topkapi Palace is massive! This monument was the home of the turkish Ottoman rulers from the 1450's to the 1850's. It is the home of many ancient artifacts as well as an 86 carat diamond. One of the rooms is considered the circumcision room and still holds vials of removed foreskin. As we walk towards the Hagia Sophia there are more street corn carts but some of them are now offering ... read more
Topkapi Palace
Corn and Chestnut cart
Hagia Sofia

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bosporus June 17th 2011

Day 8 Today our plan is to visit the Spice Market and the Grand Bazaar. This Hilton also has a nice executive lounge that provides breakfast with a beautiful view. We wish we could say the breakfast was as beautiful as the view, but oh well, it fills our tummies. Back in the room I am not sure what to wear. I have heard this country is a mix of old world and new world traditions of how women are to dress. The guide books state that to enter the mosques women must cover past their knees and shoulders, but I am not sure what is acceptable on the regular streets. I settle on capri pants with a v-neck tee. Everything about me still screams American. We change some money at the front desk and grab ... read more
Grand Bazaar
Day time view from hotel

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bosporus June 16th 2011

Day 7 Tonight we leave for Istanbul. We will be sad to leave this beautiful island. Most of the day we hangout having lunch, drinking iced coffee's, and lounging at the beach. We found a shop selling the notorious 2 litre glass boot and have to purchase one. I do not think we will be drinking beer from it again but who knows! In the evening we return to Le Gourmet for our final dinner on Rhodos. The hostess/owner Maria is sad to see us depart the island and so are we. We have an assortment of appetizers, giant prawns, and lamb, a fitting farewell dinner. A taxi takes us to the airport and we ready the airplane for the other passengers. The flight to Istanbul takes 58 mins. By the time we arrive we are ... read more
Istanbul Hilton
Turkish Goodies

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Ixia June 15th 2011

Day 6 Our bodies are finally acclimating to the time change and we are no longer waking up at 5:30 a.m. At 8 a.m. we enjoy the buffet breakfast downstairs. The rest of the morning is spent returning emails and hanging out in the hotel room. Eventually we can no longer stand the confines of the room and we seek out the beach. From the hotel there is an underground tunnel that allows hotel guests to cross under the main road to the beach. The hotel provides chaise lounge chairs complete with umbrellas. This is our kind of vacation. We find a set of chairs and camp out. The water is indescribable! The color of the water is a multitude of turquoise shades of blue. Unbelievable. We can officially say we have been swimming in the ... read more
Going for a swim
The big man's yacht
Our Titanic moment

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Archangelos June 14th 2011

Day 5 We wake early, now that we are caught up on some needed sleep, head to breakfast, and then make our way to Old Town Rhodos via taxi. The taxi driver is very nice and recommends that he drop us off at the top of the hill and we make our way down the hill through town. Old Town Rhodos is a pedestrian only town with no cars allowed inside the walls. The town is surrounded by ancient stone walls for protection. The architecture is very medieval however the majority of the town is filled with souvenir shops and restaurants. We walked in a large circle from the top of the hill, down through the city, around the outside wall, and ended up exactly where we started. The water is such an amazing mix of ... read more
Camera effects
Window to the sea

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Archangelos June 13th 2011

Day 4 Our driver picks us up at the hotel at 8 a.m. We drive 50 mins. back to the airport and I am the only passenger on the flight today. We will meet the other passengers in a few days. Warren and Brian ready the airplane and we set out for Rhodos. The flight takes about 45 mins. I sleep most of the way because my body clock is still not adjusted (bad hangover). In Rhodos we take a taxi 15 mins from the airport to our hotel. We are staying at the Sheraton and all agree that the island feel is more our style. During our ride to the hotel, the road parallels the beach. The water is gorgeous! It is all the shades of the prettiest blues one can imagine. At the hotel ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Kallithea June 12th 2011

Day 3 Today our plan is to watch the ceremony of the changing of the guard in front of the Athens Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The changing of the guard happens every hour however, on Sundays at 11:00 a.m. they have a large processional including the military band. After breakfast we take the hotel shuttle downtown once again. Today it is already very warm by 10:30 a.m. and feels very muggy. The shuttle drops us off two blocks from the parliament. Across the street from the parliament we pass a park filled with tents and protest signs. We, of course, do not know what they are protesting because all of the signs are in Greek. All the tents remind me of something you might see in the river bottom of Ventura or ... read more
Changing of the Guard
Ouzo Shopping

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