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Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 February 25th 2020

Well we got away on time from Phnom Penh 9.45am. for six and a half bus ride giving us an arrival time of 4.15pm Ho Chi Minh City, ended up being close to 5pm. Overall it was a great bus trip, Giant Ibis Bus company, they were brilliant. We had two drivers and a jockey....the jockey informed us and rounded us up when needed for a couple of toilet stops and also took great care of us at the border crossing, taking all our passports and visas to immigration and getting them all stamped whilst we had coffee and some had a bite to eat....all went very smoothly. Lovely airconditioned bus with free water and even a breaky croissant to start off the trip. Were very lucky the bus terminal in Ho Chi Minh was quite ... read more

Asia » Vietnam February 1st 2020

Laem Chabang 1-15-2020 Thailand Thai Lan rong 514,000Km2 gan bang 2 Vietnam nhung co so dan it hon voi 66 trieu dan. 86% Dan goc Thai va 14% la Chinese. 95% theo dao Phat. Moi nguoi trung binh kiem duoc khoang $450/thang hoi cao hon Vietnam. Thu do la Bangkok. Thai van con che do vua chua nen duoc goi la Kingdom of Thailand. Nguoi xua duoc goi la Siem La. Den 1949 doi ten la Thailands. Dung dau la vua Rama thu 9 la trieu dai lau doi nhat the gioi tu 1946 la cung la trieu dai lau nhat nuoc Thai.Thai bi Burma xam lang vao the ky 19. Sau do Thai la quoc gia duy nhat o Dong nam A khong bi Au Chau do ho cua ANh Va Phap. TRong the chien ... read more

Asia » Vietnam February 1st 2020

Saigon 1-19-2020 Saigon, Vietnam Vao the ky thu 2 truoc Tay Lich Viet Nam luc do ten la Nam Viet duoi thoi nha Trieu sau do doi thanh Annam cho den thoi Nguyen Phuc Anh hay vua Gia Long ,1802 doi thanh Viet Nam. Tuy nhien ten Annam con dung cho nguoi dan Viet luc bay gio cho den nam 1949 trieu dinh Hue moi chanh thuc goi la Viet Nam. Thoi Hong Bang duoi trieu dai vua Hung 257 truoc tay lich la khoi dau cho nuoc Vietnam ngay nay. Sau do Thuc Phan danh bai vua Hung de hop nhat 2 bo lac Au Lac va Lac viet thanh Lac Viet va tu xung la Au Duong Vuong. Den nam 179 truoc tay lich. Tau xam lang Vietnam va Vietnam mang Vietnam xac nhap ... read more

Asia » Vietnam February 1st 2020

Nha Trang 1-20-2020 Nha Trang Sang nay du thuyen den Nha Trang luc 9am. Du khach phai di vao bo bang Tender nen toi vao bo luc 11am vi rat dong du khach khoang 3000 nguoi ma chi co 8 Tender moi chuyen chua 80 nguoi nen su di chuyen rat cham. Toi di xich lo den Vinpearl de di ra dao Vinpearl bang cable car. Toi phai mua ve di vao cua voi gia khoang $25/ nguoi. Da so nguoi di la Tau khoang 80%, 13% la du khach ngoai quoc tu Du thuyen hay ho den day bang duong bo con 2% la du khach Vietnam tu ngoai quoc ve. Con noi dia toi nghi rat it vi $25 mpt nguoi thi qua nhieu cho dan ban xu. Vinpearl nay chu nhan la Pham ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands February 1st 2020

Hue 1-21-2020 Da Nang Du thuyen den Da Nang luc 9am. Lan nay du khach tu dong len bo khong can phai can tender. Toi di den Hue de vieng Kinh thanh Hue. Toi den Lang Tu Duc voi muc dich thay mo cua vua Duy Tan.Tren duong di toi den To Dinh Tu Hieu noi Thien Su Thich Nhat Hanh hien cu ngu va cung la noi ngay xua Thien su xuat than tu day. Sau do toi den Lang Tu Duc, Tuy nhien den day chi co vua Tu Duc ma thoi. Vua Tu Duc la con vua Thieu Tri va Nghi Thien Chuong hoang Hau. Vua Tu Duc len ngoi nam 1848 den 1883. Trong lang Tu Duc co Minh Khiem Duong la nha hat xua nhat Vietnam va la nha hat duy ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast February 1st 2020

Ha Long Bay 1-22-2020 Halong Bay Hom nay la ngay 1-22-2020 du thuyen se den Halong Bay . Toi thuc day that som luc 4am de xem du tghuyen tut u tieng den Ha Long Bay, toi muon thay hon dao dau tien cua Bay nay. Cung nhu nam 2019 toi den day vain gay truoc Noel va toi cung thuc day that som de nhin nhung hon dao nay ma khong co noi nao tren the gioi gipong nhu vay . Chi co vung bien Sweden tu Sweden qua Finland cung giong nhu o day nhung khong nhieu va dep bang. O Carbo San Lucas cua Mexico cung giong nhu vay nhung it dao hon nhieu. Troi hom nay co nhieu suong mu nen toi nphai cho den 6PM moi tut u thay ca chon ... read more

Asia » Vietnam January 30th 2020

Dec 2019 & Jan 2020 - I spent three weeks travelling throughout Vietnam and revisiting all my favourite places. It has been some years since my last visit and there were a couple of places I have never been to. The main purpose on this trip was to see the Golden Bridge near Đà Nẵng city in central Vietnam. The sculpture which is two hands holding a bridge up on the Bà Nà Hills was opened a couple of years ago and became very famous. I flew to Đà Nẵng city and booked a taxi to visit Bà Nà Hills, which is a 45 minute drive from the city. The weather was not great that day. It was raining and misty, but it gave the hills a mystical atmosphere. It was the last day of the ... read more
Flower festival in Đà Lạt, central highlands of Vietnam
Cruising Lan Hạ bay, northern Vietnam
The Golden Bridge near Đà Nẵng city, central Vietnam

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Hoa Binh January 19th 2020

We arrive from the overnight train journey about 930am. My first opinion of Hanoi is that despite being large city, full of Vietnamese people who drive like psychos, it's still a lot more chill and quiet than Saigon (Ho Chi Minh). We check into our hotel, my room's on level 8 - the elevator only goes to level 7.. AGAIN. I'm not quite sure how they designed these hotels, but what a fucking ball ache. We do some sight seeing to see: Long Bein Bridge, The Literature Museum, One pillar pogada, outside of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, his house and then the biggest waste of time ever - the crashed B52 Plane. It looks like someone had a fight with a can opener. It was an epic walk through a narrow alleyway full of shops ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế January 16th 2020

Hue's only a measly 3hr drive from Hoi An, so it's ideal for you when you're heavily hung over! The city feels a lot nicer than some of the bigger places we've been in Vietnam and less touristy than Hoi An. There's still enough going on, still plenty of tourists, but it's not over crowded. I've signed up for the Motorbike tour of the city, so myself and two others from the group jump on the back of two older Vietnamese guys bikes. Prior to signing up for this, we had to sign a disclosure confirming we were happy with high speeds, heights etc - so I'm not really sure what to expect. As it turns out, the whole trip, their speed was very civilized, I think mostly in part because we had a girl from ... read more

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