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Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc May 22nd 2007

url='/Videos/3604.html' onclick='dialog("/Videos/3604.html?popped=1","tbvideo",600,600);return false;'Cambodian Rain Finally, leaving the land of Nguyens, Quocs and Dungs and into the land of Khmers. The boat trip to the border was enjoyable enough with lunch served on board and plenty to see on the banks of the Mekong, although my fellow passangers didn't seem to have much interest. The border crossing itself looks tiny, until you remember that it's more to control the river traffic than the motorbikes that pass through on the red dirt road. A short wait and then on to a smaller vessel, a few curt formalities and stamps, $20 handed over and we were chugging up the river towards Phnom Penh. THe difference along the banks of the river were immediately noticeable - first of all no people. Vietnam has a population of nearly 80 million, but ... read more
First glimpse of Cambodia
The last of my Dong
Waiting for our boat

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc May 3rd 2007

Our tour guide Ngh took the pleasure in telling us that in Vietnam the blacker your teeth are the more attractive you are. When questioned by us he said that the most beautiful lady in the village prides herself on having the blackest teeth. In fact people chew leaves that actually blacken your teeth. I need to take a second look at Miss World's Vietnamese entrant. I would like to therefore retract my previously made comment about sending dentists to Asia and apologise to anyone who in the hope of millions, sold all their wordly possesions and purchased a plane ticket. Clearly we know nothing of beauty. Forrest Gump said life is like a box of chocolates. Although retarted, he was right. The world as we know it is in polar reverse to the world we ... read more
Dude wheres my bike?
Cruising the canals
Reading the bible

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc April 28th 2007

Hehehehehe Jeg maa bare smaaf(n)ise for meg selv. Fiser'n er paa tur. Her fises det baade i kroker og krinkler. I dag har jeg fisi masse, assa. Neida. Eller joda. Men det var jo ikke det jeg skulle skrive om. Har jeg egentlig noe aa skrive om? Vietnam. Et eksotisk sted. Perfekt. FOlket smiler og vinker. Totalt annerledes enn noe annet jeg har sett. Saa langt. Har naa bare vaert her en dag, da. Husbaater. Trekanthatter. Folk i smaa baater. Med trekanthatter. Folk som jobber. Med trekanthatter. SYklende folk. Med trekanthatter. Baerende folk. Med trekanthatter. Flotte folk. Med trekanthatter. Hvor er posen med kinapops? Hadde passet perfekt her. Foerste tanker var som saa: Laos-folk er biller. Biller som ligger paa ryggen og sover. Der kan de ligge lenge fordi de ikke kommer seg rundt. Hyggelig som ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc March 7th 2007

Well, the time had come to leave our piece of paradise but not before a little adventure just like entering Vietnam exiting was just as interesting. we got the ferry to a place called Rach gia and we were appalled at all the rubbish that was washed up at the dock its strange but i really feel asia in general does not realise the harm it is causing by all the pollution we found Vietnam to top the list on the rubbish everywhere front, you may be wondering how we liked Vietnam to be totally honest it was a mixed bag the good the bad and the down right ugly are all here, the woman i found to be really hard working but the are so obbseed with retaining their off white coloured skin to the ... read more
sad to be leaving the island

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc January 19th 2007

Well, not actually Ho Chi Minh afterall. On the last evening in Phon Pehn, myself and Evan got talking to Lyndsey, an american girl who was also travelling to Vietnam. She was getting the boat from Phom Penn, and was kind enough to allow me to tag along. Before we left however, we all went out to a big cambodian club called Spark. The drinks were really expensive, but it was lots of fun, with some of the worst back-up dancers I have ever seen. Even weirder was the really gory horrer movie that was showing on the massive tv screens. Still, a good night was had by all. I had to get up at a very early 5am to get the boat. However, first we had to get a small minibus for an hour or ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc January 19th 2007

After a 2 AM bedtime the 6 AM departure from Phnom Penh was a bit of a rude awakening. Surprisingly Adam, the 6'6" Scottish boy, showed up to become my Vietnam travel companion. Non too happy at that hour I might add! Overall I have to say it was a great day. A group of about 10 tourists climbed onto a minibus to the boat dock & began our tourney down the Mekong Delta to Chau Doc, Vietnam. On the way we met the crazy National Geographic man that apparently is their "train expert" traveling abroad riding the freights & reporting back. Running into him repeatedly for the next few days made me question the validity of all this. A horrible traveler, rude, impatient, completely Americans a GREAT name for themselves! The entire trip took ... read more
Mekong Delta at Sunset
Scorpion Wine

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc November 21st 2006

Jalleen ollaan reissun paalla viikon mittaisen loman jalkeen. Rantaloma Phu Quoc saarella tuli tarpeeseen "rankan" kahden ja puolen kuukauden reissaamisen jalkeen. Oli ihanaa vain lohota rannalla palmujen ja aurinkovarjon alla lukien paivat pitkat. Eika muuten kayty yhdessakaan museossa tai temppelissa! Phu Quoc on mukavan hiljainen saari ollakseen osa Vietnamia. Maisemat siella ovat kauniit, hiekkarannat pitkat ja merivesi kirkasta. Hotellien kohdalla rannat ovat yleensa puhtaita, vaikka muualla onkin nahtavissa jonkin verran Vietnamille tyypillista roskaa ja rojua. Meri oli kuitenkin puhdas verrattuna esim. Mui Neen. Paastiin siis vihdoin uimaan oikein urakalla. Paaosa ajasta kului todellakin vain lohoten, mutta yhtena paivana kunnostauduttiin kaymalla veneretkella kalastamassa ja snorklaamassa. Hapeakseni joudun tunnustamaan, etta en saanut yhtaan kalaa koukkuuni, mutta pinnan a... read more
Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc November 3rd 2006

mornings' hiaku: ********** pulled hair out of meal. ********** gave a shudder and big frown. ********** did 'cook' understand? i went to a street stall for breakfast. i did have to remove a hair from my meal, while she watched. i don't think it phased her one bit. especially, since i dove in after removing the offending hair. yet another misunderstanding: slightly later in the morning, i went to the bus station to move along to 'can tho'. as i sat, a woman approached my window. she started making what seemed to be lewd signals to indicate that she would like to perform felatio on my person. she made a fist as if she were holding a roll of coins. then she put her thumb and forefinger to her mouth and sucked in her cheeks. then ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc October 31st 2006

took a 3 hour cruise on the mekong to reach customs between cambodia and vietnam. i was not happy with cambodia and left early. yesterday, i 'zipped' (see previous entry) to phnom penh on a bus. then i found a great hotel which nearly made me sad to leave, NOT. today consisted of a 1.5 hour drive to the mekong river port. followed by a nice leisurely 3 hour cruise to customs. a quick, everything is relative, pass through customs followed by another 2 hours in a boat and i am in vietnam. couldn't be easier. this is a quaint, small, riverine town with plenty of good food. i had shrimp for dinner and think i might hang here a while? it may take some time to explore as most is to be done by water. ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc September 22nd 2006

PHOTOS FOR THIS ENTRY ARE AMONGST THE NEXT BLOG!! That's right, it's time kids to blow this popsicle stand and move onto Vietnam. After returning to Phenom Phen briefly (just long enough to watch the end of a 15 day Budhist festival, climaxing in the hilarious launch of a funeral-looking boat into the river - obvioulsy either they have never practised this, or they were having performance anxiety, but the fairy lights got caught on the shelter, and it looked for a moment that they may have to cut the thing free. Andrew and I tried our best not to laugh as the locals seemed to be watching on with great seriousness and I guess one really shouldn't laugh at a religious ritual.) Apart from that we also had dinner at Cambodia's FCC club (Foreign ... read more

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