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Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc February 4th 2010

After breakfast and checking out we caught a tuk tuk to our boat and completed our visa forms then we were on our way. During the boat trip we saw floating villages and lots of fishing going on. We misssed all the pirates between exiting Cambodia and entering Vietnam then arrived in Chau doc soon after. We caught cyclos(bikes with a small cabin on the back) to a hotel in town which was fun. For tea or cyclo men took us to a nice fish restaurant and we had all sorts of fantastic shellfood and a brilliant Buddhist monks soup. After watching all the goings on by the river we looked around the New Year market and took some photos then cyclo'd back for bed.... read more
Border Boat
Border Boat
Floating Village

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc January 20th 2010

Chau Doc Mittlerweile sind wir im Grenzgebiet zu Kambodscha. Neben Vietnamesen leben hier auch zahlreiche Khmer (Angehörige des Staatsvolks von Kambodscha; bitte nicht mit den Roten Khmer in einen Topf werfen!) und man sieht viele Khmer-Pagoden und Mönche in orangefarben, anstatt in braunen Gewändern. Vom Busbahnhof ins Zentrum von Chau Doc fuhren wir mit Cyclos. Während anderswo diese vietnamesische Version der Fahrradrikscha fast ausschließlich von Touristen zu Sightseeing-Zwecken genutzt wird, scheint sie sich in Chau Doc als reguläres Transportmittel der Einheimischen neben dem Motorradtaxi behauptet zu haben. Die Cyclos in Chau Doc sehen auch ein wenig anders aus, als die, die ich bisher gesehen habe. Normalerweise haben diese nämlich den Sitz vorne als umgebauten Lenker. In Chau Doc hingegen handelt es sich bei den Cyclos ist die Sitzfläche als Anhänger an ein ... read more
...und ich auf der Rikscha
Markt in Chau Doc
Markt in Chau Doc

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc November 30th 2009

A quick fill up on a standard Vietnam backpackers free breakfast aka; bananas, baguettes and tea, and we headed for the tour company via the street backer (the giant choc chip peanut biscuits looked too irresistible not to be sampled) and joined a group of people all bound for a touristy day on the Mekong. While anything is possible on your own, tour companies have been clever and they offer tours at prices that are sometimes cheaper than what you would end up paying if you tried to replicate the trip on your own so you are almost left with no option but to sign up and since having already joined so many tours on our travels at is safe to say we were a little nervous about the touristy tit-bits that go hand in hand ... read more
Welcome to the Mekong
Welcome to the Mekong
Welcome to the Mekong

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc November 27th 2009

Leaving the noisy motorbike chaos of Ho Chi Minh behind we boarded a coach to start our three day Mekong Delta trip. After a couple of hours of driving - all past a constant row of houses which lined the road the whole way, we arrived in the large delta town of My Tho. Most of the houses were constructed from which made the trip pretty uninteresting. It was here that we boarded our first boat - a long wooden one with a noisy outboard motor, and headed off to visit two of the islands in the middle of the river. The Mekong has thousands of these islands along it's length, mostly uninhabited, but all the larger ones have settlements on them. The two we visited were called Turtle and Unicorn - both named thus because ... read more
Floating market
Linny and rather large snake!
River barge with attached "house"

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc October 8th 2009

Hoian is golden if your chasing cheap ass suits and clothes, lets hope the seam dont split when I bend over in the next interview. Anyway its for sweet FA and top quality aswell. Met some guys from Hanoi and went on the beer to a beach party. Spent two nights in Hoian and back on the Karaoke bus again for another gruelling night. Nha Trang was the next stop and the beach here was awsome. Warmest water ive ever been in and had good craic on the water sports. Day 2 we went visiting some islands?? Since come to conclusion that visiting islands is optional at every resort, and it just sells to people, granted some are interesting -particularly if they knit wolly sweaters. The boat trip none the less was good craic and the ... read more
Cu Chi tunnels Vietnam
Mekong delta
Mekong Delta

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc August 11th 2009

My friend he noticed it too. The dreamy turquiose walls, the small shops and spaces, dirty spaces, that light up with this dreamy turquiose. On the corner of my street, there are mechanical toys from the 1980s ,it is a kind of small amusement park for babies. That has a strangness in itself, but there are two business that operate from this room, also a butchery. Sometimes the meat is inside the room, sometimes she sells meat outside the room. The colours that are in those spaces, the dreamy turquoise walls, the raw red of the meat, and the rainbow colours from the mechanical toys.......... When I ride my motorbike home, this space is my landmark. When I see that dreamy turquoise wall, I can turn, I know I am on my street.... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc July 26th 2009

Since we were preparing for our final border crossing, we thought we'd try something new and take a long boat journey down the Mekong to Vietnam. For the low, low price of $15/person we got a virtually private boat the full 6 hours to Chau Doc, Vietnam. The boat pulls over to stamp you out of Cambodia (where, amazingly, they didn't ask for any money) and then again for the entry stamp to Vietnam. Then they just pull up to a dock in Chau Doc and turn you loose. The boat that took us from PP to the border looked like a close cousin of the Yellow Submarine. It was a pleasant ride through the Cambodian countryside. We enjoyed our last journey through Cambodia and decided it had dramatically risen on our favorite places list. Once ... read more
Cambodian Farm Life
Inside the Yellow Submarine
Left- Yellow Submarine Right- Boat to Vietnam

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc April 27th 2009

15th April 2009 Today’s journey into Vietnam started with an hour bus journey from Phnom Penh to Kaam Samnor on the banks of the Mekong River where we took a 3hr leisurely boat trip to the Vietnam border crossings at Vinh Xuong and then onto the town of Chau Doc in the Mekong Delta. The trip down the Cambodian part of the river was very boring. I sat on the edge of the boat, poised with a camera to record any wildlife we might encounter, NOTHING! I did, however, lose my hat to the muddy waters, I’d purchased it in Borneo and I was really attached to it, oh well. As we crossed into Vietnam almost instantly I started to see small numbers of birds, mostly Whiskered Tern flying like white, little arrows up and down ... read more
Pili getting some fresh air
Cambodia border control
She's pleased to be leaving Cambodia

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc April 23rd 2009

Hallo! So, mittlerweile sind wir nach einer sehr anstrengenden Reise in Kambodscha angekommen. Von Saigon aus fuhren wir mit Bus und Boot ins Mekong Delta, um die schwimmenden Maerke zu besuchen. Dabei handeln Leute auf alten Holzbooten ihre Waren. Eine weitere Station war die Produktion von Suessigkeiten aus Kokusnuss. Die waren richtig gut! Um zu unserem Mittagessen zu gelangen, mussten wir auf Motorraeder umsteigen, da der Fluss im Moment zu wenig Wasser fuehrt und wir deshalb mit dem Boot nicht mehr weiterfahren konnten. Gestaerkt mussten wir allerdings ordentlich in die Pedale treten, da der Ruechweg per Rad bewaeltigt werden musste. Bei fast 40 Grad war das wahrlich kein Spass. Aber Abwechslung wurde uns geboten... Die Nacht verbrachten wir auf einem "Floating Hotel"direkt am Mekong. Es war sehr eindrucksvoll und wir fahren froh, uns fuer diese Variante ... read more
Floating Hotel

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc April 20th 2009

We were up bright and early again this morning. We were down in front of the travel agency by 7:15am. Again this morning there were a bunch of busses lined up outside. Problem was we didn't know which one was ours. We kept getting sent up and down the street. Now it was fifteen minutes past when we were supposed to leave and we still had no idea. Eventually we found our bus. Thank goodness. We would have had a cow if we missed the trip after everything. The bus was even smaller! I had absolutely no leg room. Our tour guide was pretty annoying this time. My trip would have been more enjoyable if it weren't for him. He took us to just certain places and gave us "his" tour of the place and then ... read more
Me on our Boat
Cute Child
Women in Boat

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