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September 7th 2006
Published: September 7th 2006
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The RideThe RideThe Ride

ever wondered why the bottled coffee tastes a little off-
We've spent four hours in Chau Doc, a small port just barely across the border of Vietnam- We also spent four hours on the Mekong River which- as per the title- looks like one big watered down frapuccino.

They say coffee is a diarrhetic. And in the sad case of Sam Mcphee- he has swallowed just a little too much of the Mekong. Some could attribute his condition to the seafood last night or the litre of Malee AppleJuice- (thats my guess).

After Five trips to the bano in the morning- we stepped onto the boat- with no toilet- four hour trip- his words "pray for me!"

We've enjoyed some very tasty beef pho (noodle soup) for an early dinner and are about to head out for seconds.

I can't tell yet- if it culturally Vietnam is more reserved or they are just less friendly. I hope for the former. The Thai and Cambodians were certainly more friendly. We could just be in a more foreign area as well.

I'll hopefully get some pictures of the market tomorrow morning before we head off for Saigon.

Until next time-

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The View from our roomThe View from our room
The View from our room

We walked 25 feet off our boat and one flight of steps up- to our hotel room for the evening.
The MoonThe Moon
The Moon

i guess we're missing the full moon party in thailand- ah we would have been ill for it anyway.
Park BenchPark Bench
Park Bench

Got to love the quality lighting

7th September 2006

Heard about the bus turnover. This is your grandma having a fit!!!!! Hang on. Now you take care. Grandma peg

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