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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe October 25th 2015

It is already the half-term holidays at school. Impressive to think that Christmas is just two months from us. On these 10 days holidays, we first stay a long week-end at home, to enjoy our family time, and to play a little round of golf on Monday morning, family style! Tuesday morning arrived fast, waking up at 4.15am for the long ride to Ko Lipe. First there is the ride to the airport, the 80 minutes flight to Hat Yai. Than comes the 90 minutes drive to Pakbarra the ferry ticket for Lipe and wait a good 90 minutes to board the speedboat. That can be another 90 minutes ride, but it is still low season, so we have a 15 minutes stop in the National Park of Tarutao....and finally, at 1.30pm, we made it ... read more
Ko Lipe....our second home in Thailand...
Always cool things under the water!
Ready for a late breakfast!

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe August 9th 2015

"You have the dream job, I wish my office had a view like yours! How do you get a job like this?" This is the question that I hear everyday since I have been working in Thailand and I don't get tired of answering it at all. I am lucky and I do have a great job. Looking back, I realize that this is not my first "dream job". I have almost always worked in hospitality or food and beverage which has given me opportunity to work in some pretty unique places. I have also lived and worked in a lighthouse bed and breakfast in California, managed small inns in North Carolina and cooked in restaurants in New Orleans. Cliff has also had a few "dream jobs" of his own, from Captain of ferries, yachts and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe July 28th 2015

It has been years since our last blog entry and this one is long overdue. Just to catch up, we started our "trip" in 2008 with one and a half years of travel in SE Asia with a side trip to Europe. (Check out our previous blog entries to see all the amazing places and things we did during that time). We returned home to New Orleans for a couple of months then back to Thailand again because we missed it. We spent two years more on Koh Phi Phi before returning home. Then the big one…we sold our house and everything in it and returned to Thailand, again! We have now been living and working on Koh Lipe nearly three years. During this time we have been enjoying the island life, have taken trips throughout ... read more
Pattaya Beach sunrise
Mali Resort
Mali Resort

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe April 13th 2015

So this being our only full day on the island we had a few things planned. First off was to relax ( after the pretty hectic journey to get here!) and secondly was to search out the sea gypsy people that are native to Ko Lipe ( this being the main reason to come here in the first place.) So with the hotel situated on the beach we were in the sea by mid morning. The sea being a beautiful colour and so clear that you could see the many fish that would swim close to the shore. The midday heat being so intense on the beach it was so relaxing to be in the water, so after doing nothing for a few hours we decided to hire a kayak. Paddling a little further out to ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe April 10th 2015

As I write this we are back in the same spot, off Sunset Beach, Koh Lipe, where I left off last time. This afternoon we walked across the island, down Walking Street and along the beach to check out of Thailand at the immigration office. The official in charge today was very welcoming, inviting us into his air-conditioned cabin, offering us chilled bottled water as we filled out the paper work. Back down the beach we had lunch at Cafe Lipe again. They tend to cater to the healthier side of eating, not even serving Coke or burgers, so I am no sure why we keep going back but the masaman curry with roti bread, and banana shakes are very tasty. This was our last meal in Thailand for a while. We got some groceries and ... read more
Koh Rawi
Clown fish
Naomi pulls out the flag underway

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe April 1st 2015

Last time I wrote we were leaving Koh Lipe and now we are back here again. We anchored out in Telaga Harbour when we got back to Langkawi which was crampt so ended up quite near a mooring. The next morning a large wooden boat took up their mooring and then slowly drifted closer and closer to us. I had just caIled the marina about taking a berth but they wanted us to wait 30-60 minutes before entering when they had some staff on hand. I pulled in some anchor chain to distance ourselves but it didn’t seem to make much difference and the tall wooden bow got closer. The owner plopped a fender over the side but otherwise didn’t look bothered. As I got to the 10 m mark on the chain and there was ... read more
Telaga marina
at the Kilim Geoforest
Alex at the waterfall

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe March 21st 2015

Its been a while since the last blog and I left off at the bottom of Koh Lanta, half way to Langkawi. I guess I am not so keen to post the blogs now that we are familiar ground, less novelty to inspire me to write. We had some more very pleasant long slow days sailing south to Malaysia - I think our record low was 2.4 knots average one day. Despite this being the NE monsoon, making us anchor on the west side of land, there were westerly afternoon sea breezes. They were light winds so the waves made were small but the land we anchored next to were sheer rock faces the waves would reverberate off them make for sloppy water… so we sailed slowly each day as long as possible as it was ... read more
In the hong at Koh Muk
One of the man-made islands
Enjoying the complimentary tea

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe March 17th 2015

Being the beach lover that I am, I finally made my journey to Koh Lipe with my friend, Lela. Heard about its beauty being equivalent to Maldives but without the commercialization but experiencing it in reality was magnificent. Koh Lipe is part of the Tarutao National Park in south-west Thailand. We stayed at Song Family Bungalow on Pattaya Beach. The bamboo bungalow was clean, quiet, rustic and just a 2 mins walk to the beautiful Pattaya beach. It was an awesome back to basics experience. How ironical that despite living in the world's most expensive city, I feel a longing to return to the heart of nature sometimes. The immigration on Koh Lipe is just a little shack 5 mins walk from where we stayed. Basically, the ferry arrives at a floating pontoon about 100m from ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe January 6th 2015

After spending an amazing last evening of 2014 with great friends, we started 2015...on and below the water. Too early morning for a 1st of January, we are boarding the Forra Liveaboard for few days diving the best dive sites from Lipe to Phuket. This time, we are doing the "grand tour", going all the way back to Lipe 6 days later. On the program, 8 Mile, Stonehenge, Sarang, Ko Pung, Koh Mok, Hin Duang, Hin Muang, Ko Ha Chimneys and Cathedral, Phi Phi with Bida Nok and Maya Bay, Shark Point, Kingcruiser Wreck, Racha South Point and finally Marina Bay. This is basically the best diving South of Phuket available. Interesting point that Leslie would finish his week very close to his 100th dive, and for Tiffany, being a certified diver only for the last ... read more
Doing the signature diving the Cathedral in Ko Ha...
Harlequin shrimp...pretty amazing sight...
A little man in Ko Phi Phi...

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe January 1st 2015

I have to admit it, I hate the serious rip-off of inflated prices around the Christmas time. This is valid for the price of flights, price of hotels...and obviously, who loves overcrowded places...not us for sure! At the same time, we live in the land of smiles...where people actually want to come to spend their Christmas holidays. This is the high season right now in Thailand...big time! We spent Christmas and New Year at home last our new home, after having spent a full 6 months on the road. Yes, you read this, it is already a full year since we moved back to Bangkok! Before that we spent Christmas/New Year in Buenos Aires/Las Vegas, Fiji, and yes Jordan and Syria...the world has changed a lot over the last 5 years! So back to Thailand. ... read more
Happy New Year from Pattaya Beach...
Yes, not our first visit...and each time, great friends, great diving, great time!
Diving with Antoine and Natasha....

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