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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Dao November 6th 2016

Wunderbare, gewundene, gut ausgebaute Bergstrecke. Dies war die Straße mit 1867 Kurven. Dazu kamen zwei nette Pässe, so mit knapp 1500 m. Auf dem ersten Pass traf ich Sammy mit Frau. Leider wollten Sie nicht mitkommen. Jedenfalls war es eine genussvolle Fahrt. Am Schluss noch Landstraße und verschlafene Dörfer. Und jetzt im Resort hat jeder ein Häuschen für sich. Gleich gegenüber ist ein kleiner Tempel, den ich fotografiert habe. Das ganze Land ist in Trauer um den verstorbenen König. An den Mauern von öffentlichen Gebäuden sind Trauerflore angebracht und jedes Dorf hat ein Bild des Königs auf einem Podest, umgeben von schwarzen und weissen Tüchern. Viele Menschen tragen schwarze Trauerschleifen.... read more
2016-11-06 18.18.07

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Dao February 27th 2016

Youpi me voilà de nouveau sur le vélo, sa fait du bien petite route jusqu'à Mae Suai de la premier vraie buy-buy des campagnes et passage au marcher pour les provision du soir. De retour sur la route après quelques peu de monter de nouveau ce bon vieux porte bagage qui lâche mais changement de vises et c'est repartie, me voilà dans les hauteur et sa sent la pluie il faut vite trouver un abri pour passer la nuit chose dit chose faite ! Une jolie cabane dans un petite bananerai me tend les bras installation de mon premier camping sauvage en solo petite recherche de bois et préparation aux poils ! Une nuit de totale pluie ... Nouveau départ pour une longue et belle route jusqu'à Chiang Dao une petite ville entouré de beaux paysages ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Dao March 27th 2014

After Doi Inthanon it was time to revisit Doi Chiang Dao. As I mentioned before, I had been here in 2006 and had always intended on returning but never did. This is still the only place that I have ever got well and truly lost, having to sleep out overnight in the jungle, so fun memories. The impetus for this return visit was that I wanted to try to add one more pheasant to the trip list. There is a site on the mountain there called Den Ya Kat where the Mrs Hume's pheasant lives, along with the giant nuthatch. Pretty much every birder who goes to northern Thailand goes to Den Ya Kat to find these two birds. I had attempted it in 2006 without much luck. But I decided to give it another go, ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Dao August 31st 2013

I had planned to stay longer in Chiang Mai, but I found it a bit disappointing: the city itself is not that interesting, but is more of a centre for outdoor sports - mountain biking, zip lining, white water rafting, elephant rides - none of which I was very interested in. So I decided to go on to Chiang Dao, halfway between Chiang Mai and my next planned destination, Chiang Rai. Chiang Dao is a small town known as a place for relaxation and spas, so I couldn't stay in my usual hostel-style accommodation: the choice is limited to bungalows in resort complexes, albeit very cheap ones. This is off-season, but nevertheless I was surprised to find I was the only guest in my resort - with the grounds, a restaurant, spa, swimming pool, library and ... read more
Grounds of spa resort
Grounds of spa resort
My little bungalow

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Dao August 31st 2013

The town of Chiang Dao is a small and sleepy place and people tend to come for the relaxation and pampering at the spas in the beautiful settings. Its one significant attraction is the Chiang Dao monastery, which includes various temples but, more interestingly, a cave complex. The caves themselves aren't all that special but the experience of walking through them is fantastic as there is almost no lighting, instead you hire a guide who comes equipped with an old-fashioned lamp and lights your way through the pitch dark and (in theory at least) gives a short guided tour (in my case the guide's English was limited to pointing at various rocks and naming the animal they looked like - "camel", "turtle", etc). There are bats living the in the cave (the guide shone the light ... read more
The monastery grounds
Inside the Chiang Dao caves
Inside the Chiang Dao caves

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Dao January 6th 2013

our third day of the multi-sport was all biking. we left around 9 for a 30 minute drive to Chiang Dou. Once in Chiang Dou we jumped on our bikes - oh sore butt still and started off. Again beautiful scenery. We biked to a hot spring, a small village where Shelly was caught with a banana cigar and then to the Chiang Dou caves. Chiang Dou mountain is the 3rd tallest mountain in Thialand. we toured the cave and had 3 really tight areas to go thru and had to be lead thru part of it with a local guide and an lantern. After the cave we ate another local lunch and then biked more to our rustic lodge. We did stop for some fried bananas - Shelly and I have to figure out how ... read more
hot springs
shelly in tight spot in cave
more mountains

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Dao June 21st 2012

It began as all good trips in South-East Asia seem to, by word of mouth. I had never heard of Chiang Dao, and when I finally found it in some travel literature I learned that there was a big mountain, a big market and some birds, and I heard mention of a gourmet dinner menu at a place called Chiang Dao Nest. Sounds ok, but not jump out of your seat and catch a bus to Chiang Dao type of stuff. Thus, our trip itinerary included over a week in Chiang Mai following our trips to Sukhothai and Mae Salong, but Chiang Dao had not made the cut. While I was speaking about our travel plans to my friend Gary, he mentioned that we might stop in Chiang Dao on our way to Chiang Mai. But ... read more
Open faced panini
Doi Chiang Dao 2
Doi Chiang Dao 4

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Dao January 20th 2012

Szuper jo kis kirandulast toltottunk Chiang Dao-ban, Zozoval es Katievel mentem, helyi jarattal masfel orara CM-tol, kis porfeszek az ut menten amikor megerkezik az ember, aztan meglatja a Doi Luang Chian Dao nemes hegylancait a varostol nyugatra, es eltorpul a latogato egoja... elso nap Zsoltekkal taliztunk, es bekoltoztunk a mellettuk levo kis bungalowba, egy Natures Home nevu aranyos kis kertes, viragos, madarcsicsergos, foldutas, csondes, baratsagos kutyas,semmilyen nyelven nem beszelos, mosolygos thai videki resortba. Az elso delutan motorral ementunk Luang Poo szerzetes, a hires dhamma tanito es erdoben meditalo foldi prait orzo, es igen aktiv szerzetesekkel teli kolostorba a dzsungel kzepen, hiheteten kilatassal a hegyre, olyan gyonyoru kertben, hogy az feledtette, hogy tobb mint 600 lepcsofokon kellett bemenni a szentelybe, minden szazadiknal osztnzo tanitasokkal a fakon logo ta... read more
Erdei kolostor
a 600 valahany lepcso elso foka
Lepcsok melletti meglepetes

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Dao December 31st 2011

2011 December 18-30: Elso onallo kurzusunk Carlaval Nagyon jo kis tanfolyamot sikerult tartanunk Carlaval a faluban, neki is, nekem is az elso alkalom volt, hogy onalloan tanitottunk, a csoport felkalauzolasatol kezdve 12 napon at a sikeres foldreszallasig nagy elmeny volt...Egyedul egyikunknek sem ment volna igazan flottul a dolog, ilyenkor derul ki, mennyi minden tennivalo van egy kurzuson, a tanitas a legkisebb dolog...egy lahu village- beli tanfolyam egy elo legenda, egy komplex kulturalis immerzio, a thai masszazs trening folyamatos megelesen tul egy komplett meditacios, joga es eletmodbeli programba valo bevezetes, melynek nyomot kell hagynia a resztvevokben, es a lejovetel utani arcokat figyelve, sokakban hagyott is, szerencsere:) 16 tanitvanyunk volt, a vilag minden tajarol...kanadai, irani, orosz, olasz, ausztral, angol, nemet, osztrak, indonez, francia, elet mind... read more
Na So es Carla
Bobby, a falu ura
Szabo Ervin Konyvtar

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Dao January 14th 2011

After saying goodbye to our new friend Malee it was time for our journey back to Chiang Mai. We had to deflect a mammoth effort from our songthaew driver, Ton, trying to convince us to let him take us all the way there so that he could show us the Orchid Farm, the Monkey School, the Tiger Kingdom and the Elephant Dung Paper Factory on the way! We decided to take the local bus instead for about 1/20th of the sadly we have nothing to report on these undoubtedly amazing attractions! The bus journey took 1 1/2 hours and it was nice just to gaze at the countryside and observe rural life as we headed back to the city. Once at the bus station we all piled into one Tuk Tuk with our bags stacked ... read more
Tuk Tuk Madness
Tuk Tuk in Chiang Mai

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