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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Chanthaburi August 28th 2019

Day 5 – Pick up was at 7:30 to do a River Kwai tour. We anticipated a small-group van but ended up with a comfortable Toyota Camry and personal chauffeur and guide. Our driver Naywe was another speed demon so 140 was the speed at any open section of road and any gap was there to be taken! Our guide Niranya was very pleasant but spent a little too much time telling us about the spiritual side of Buddhism for my liking but told us some interesting facts about the life of Buddha (who like Jesus was a real person 2500 years ago) and the birth of the new Thailand and transition from Siam. She explained that the new King Bhumipol back in the 1930s was responsible for the abolition of slavery in Siam and that ... read more
From the (new) Bridge over the River Kwai
Julie and Guide Niranya
View from restaurant at Namtok

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Chanthaburi December 6th 2017

The road back is a long one. I made my way to krabi Airport by scooter, then minivan, after I turned it in. Had a good flight to Bangkok and found my way to the city link rail. I had booked a hostel in the (new) city center. After walking the final kilometer, I found these luxurious beds (pic). I checked out the city at night and, I must say, I like it better than the previous time. The hustle and bustle is a little more.. Sedated. There's night markets. The smog is not nearly as bad. The pretty lights give the city a new and interesting perspective. I followed the largest road in the world for quite a bit and returned by skytrain. The street is full of small stands, but also ginormous shopping malls ... read more
There's 10 or so baggage belts here. It's huge!
Bangkok at night, Sukhomvit road
One of those big name buildings with the cars and the dressed up hedge

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Chanthaburi March 12th 2015

After an enjoyable first night in Chanthaburi, we woke up to hot sunny day. The guide book doesn't rate here as a top backpacker destination so no tourist spots are listed, never the less we did some research and found that there was a National park situated just outside of the town centre. We packed our ruck sack, and took a taxi to the park. The taxi's in Asia are fairly unconventional and it was more of a pick up truck we sat in the back of but it made for great viewing of the surrounding landscape on the way. As we approached the park you could start to see its beauty, an area with mountains and tree covered hills looked stunning in the sunshine. We arrived and paid the admission, as it was a Saturday ... read more
River in the park
Nature Trail

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Chanthaburi March 8th 2015

Today we woke up knowing we had to find and catch a mini bus too Chanthaburi, this again caused a few minor hiccups in particular being dropped off at the wrong bus station for the bus we needed to catch. This forced us to wander down the road in search of the bus stop where our transport would be leaving from, not fun with a backpack over you and its 30 odd degrees. After some searching and a few games of charades with the locals we found our bus. Which, wasn’t really a bus more of a van. We had to wait for about 2 hours for departure so sat it a nearby air conditioned McDonald ‘s. Departure time came, this bus had a full load of Thai and maybe Cambodian nationals looking to reach the ... read more
Some sort of religous festival
Lit up Bridge

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Chanthaburi September 9th 2014

After almost two weeks in the capital, I hit the road again towards what could be the last area of Thailand that I haven't quite yet covered -- the Eastern Gulf. My main objective is to check out the much talked about island of Koh Chang, to do a quick visa run to neighbouring Cambodia, and also to check out Koh Kong on the Cambodian side which I'd missed during my first foray back in late 2012. But first, a stop en route in Chanthaburi - a relatively quiet riverside town in a province better known for its fruit orchards and gem markets. It also happens to be the birthplace of my grandmother, though having left eons ago, I doubt she would recognise it today (she once told me there was no need to visit -- ... read more
Catholic Cathedral
Yindee Riverside Restaurant
Night Outdoor Sermon of sorts

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Chanthaburi November 10th 2013

Kanchanburi zapowiadało się jako najmniej atrakcyjna część naszego pobytu w Bangkoku. W szczególności dla żeńskiej części wyprawy. Bo cóż może być atrakcyjnego w 2,5 h podróży do miejsca poświęconego pamięci 10 000 alianckich jeńców wojennych, którzy podczas II Wojny Światowej zmarli z powodu wycieńczenia i chorób tropikalnych, w trakcie budowy linii kolejowej łączącej Birmę z Tajlandią. Teoretycznie nudy, ale na ocenę każdego z naszych dni spędzonych tutaj wpływ ma wiele czynników i te walory dodatkowe zdecydowały o tym, że dzień w Kanchanburi wspominać będziemy milej niż wyprawę do Ayuttayah. Zaczęło się od standardowego już, dla miejscowych wycieczek, opóźnienia. Powodem były według pana kierowcy : ''Korek i inne ogólne okoliczności''. Moim zdaniem jednak podstawą przyczyną był dość ''zachowawczy... read more
Cmentarz poległych aliantów...
Most z innej perspektywy.
Przy torach rosło dużo jakiegoś podejrzanego chwastu :)

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Chanthaburi September 7th 2013

Nobody has ever heard of Chanthaburi which probably explains the puzzled looks as we bought our bus tickets and the lack of other visitors when we got there. We only went there to break up a journey that would otherwise have been a little too long for us. As usual, getting there was part of the adventure. Our bus transfer from the hotel didn't turn up again! This time it seems that we were not even booked on the bus yet we were there when the hotel owner made the reservation so it certainly wasn't his fault. Eventually we were put in a taxi (again!) which took us to the Thai border at the expense of the bus company. At the border we were met by their representative who kind of explained the procedure for crossing ... read more
King Tak Sin Monument
Wat Bot
More rabbits

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Chanthaburi February 16th 2013

Nå går det unna med blogginga ho-ho I dag startet dagen tidlig, ble hentet av en minibuss kl. 08:15, vi skal på en heldagsutflukt. Første stopp var i på en fjell/bergside med vannfall. Vanfall i Thailand er ikke så store greier for oss Normenn.. Vi overgår jo disse bekkene en høy gang. Men det var naturskjønt og vi slappet av i et par timer før vi fikk servert lunsj. Etter lunsjen skulle vi til Hellfirer Pass for å gå på museum og gå gjennom Hellfire Pass. Turen tvers gjennom passer var stengt pga. skogbrann. Vi måtte dermed gå ned og opp samme vei. Hadde jeg vist hvordan mareritt denne turen var hadde jeg stått over. Vi gikk opp en bratt trapp og ned et lite stykke rundt en sving og deretter 100 meter rett ned i ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Chanthaburi February 14th 2013

I dag har vært en stille dag. Sov lenge og hadde en bedre frokost. På ettermiddagen var vi på en båttur under River Kwai, besøkte et krigsmuseum, så på en stygg fet budda og ikke mist besøkte en kirkegård/minnesplass for de som døde her under 2. verdenskrigen. Ikke en helt topp tur – men greit nok. Etter noen timer på hotellet med litt jobbing var vi klare for byen. Vi er som sagt i Kanchanaburi som er en liten uskyldig by.. trudde vi. Det er faktisk utrulig mange barer med kjøpedamer leses horer) her. Kundene i baren var for det meste halvfete europeiske menn.. Ja –ja hver sine lyster. Vi inntok middagen på en lokal restaurant. Maten var bra men de hadde enkelte utfordringer. Jeg hadde bestilt en lime shake og de hadde gjort en ”liten” ... read more
Løs list??
Litt søppel flyter det rundt i elva..

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Chanthaburi May 29th 2012

Day 3 The day started very early again but it was a great time to work on the computer and feel that time was standing still. The air conditioning in the compact and clean room was sufficient to be comfortable as I rested on the bed. Once the light had begun I was up and into my exercise clothes and out the door to an exercise area I had discovered, by chance, yesterday. The park was about 1 kilometre in circumference and their appeared to be an occasional exercise station that had equipment…see photo. Some people ran it and some walked; some used headphones. Dotted around the park were singular people of both sexes sleeping. One, a man in uniform was laid out on newspaper. Another, a woman who I had seen begging in the streets ... read more
Pathway at Jim Thompson Museum
Jim Phompson Museum
Big fish at the Museum

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