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Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung June 25th 2018

Po ranajkach na ulici smer metro a konecna stanica Sizihwan. Odtialto pochodujem za doprovodu horuceho slnka do tunela, ktory usti do National Sun Yat-sen University. Tunel je len pre pesich a cyklistov, dobra skratka pre studentov. Areal univerzity je dost velky, budovy pekne tehlovej farby. Videl som tu aj bieleho studenta. Bielych fakt kopa v tomto meste a aj par cirnych hub. Tych som videl aj jednotlivcov ale i skupinky. No a skupinky sa chovali jak najvacsi bossovia na planete. Stupam do kopca a za zhongshan univerzitou sa napajam na trial. Predbieham jednu starsiu zensku, ak sme sa spravne porozumeli i ona ma rovnaky ciel. Vyhliadku 少女峰 Na zaciatku cesta vobec neni zlozita. Chodnik pekne vyslapany. Na jednom mieste pristresok a dochodci. Za nim ma caka krizovatka,do kopca alebo pozdlz kopca. Podla mapy vedu obe cesty ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung June 24th 2018

Dnes dalsie cs stretko. Sretavame sa na stanici metra 10.30 Boli sme dohodnuty na spolocnych ranajkach ale cs uz jedla. Berie ma do vzdialeneho sugar muzea. Cesta hadam aj 20min. Cs ide studovat do nemecka na 2roky (aachen), jej priatel studuje v usa. Po opusteny cs furt kuka do mobilu a podla instrukcii z webu ideme najskor na zmrzlinu s fazulou, potom na parenu buchtu plnenu zltkom, hribom a masom. To boli moje ranajky. V bezplatnom areali byvaleho cukrovaru par ludi avsak v obchode a pri zmrzline haldy sikmacov. Zrejme ich cielom bola len zmrzka a nakup suvenirov, srat na ostatne. Areal dost velky, japonske domy , vyrobna hala, par vlakov, transformeri urobeny z nepotrebnych dielov. Inak nic moc, isto to za navstevu nestoji. Drbat sa na konec mesta v teple a vlhku. Z cs tecu ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung June 23rd 2018

Mozem vyhlasit, ze tento hostel je zatial najhorsi. Nie, ze by bol zly ale ked to porovnam s ostatnymi na taiwane tak je slabucky. V cene zadne ranajky, majitel moc napomocny neni, osadenstvo tez slabota, mala postel (zrejme 175cm). Nuz prva ranna misia najst nieco pod zub. V lobby nikto kto by mi nieco odporucil tak obehnutie bloku. Na rohu Liuhe 1 a linsen 1 nachadzam pojazdny stanok s dumplings. Tie zjedenie na ubytku. Pred ubytkom na cs. Meska 10.min. Prichadza na skutri a smer mesto. Prvu hodinu som furt napochybach ci to je zena alebo chlap. Prva zastavka na dzus v 芭樂彩虹果汁 Objednal som si z troch ovoci, takze pohar mal tri farebne poschodia. Na obed parkujeme v 永和小籠包 Tu su mi objednane dumplings, tie zapijam dzusom z ineho podniku. V pohode sa tu da ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung June 22nd 2018

Ranajky opat s hkg babou a japoncom. Bohuzial sa bavili po cinsky tak som im nic nerozumel. Vonku bez dazda, to jak naschval ked ma clovek odist. Na recepcii nechavam batoh a smer busom ostrovcek Yuguangdao. Ten som mal uz v plane vcera ale dazd mi plan prekazil. Naskakujem na bus c14 blizko mojho ubytka a ide sa. Na dalsej zastavke naskakuje tlupa skolakov (9rocnych). Najskor sa boja vedla mna sadnut. Jeden odvazlivec zacina so mnou komunikovat a neskor si ku mne aj sada. Hned sa vsetci okolo mna zgrupili a zacal smiech, hukot a jednoduche otazky a odpovede. Povedal som im vsetky cinske slova co ovladam (nihao, sjesje, i a pidzu) Pidzu (nos) ziskalo najviac ohlasu a hned mi cely bus zacal tlieskat. Dalsi velky ohlas prislo ked sa ma jeden chlapec spytal na girlfiend. ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung February 20th 2018

Kaohsiung is Taiwan's largest port and second largest city. It feels very different and more sophisticated than any of the other cities we have visited. Modern urban landscape ,wide streets, parks and more grid like streets. I had thought in my wisdom..that it would be a good idea to book us into a bigish shiny type hotel that would have a dining room. All the information said that everywhere would be closed over CNY. So we are booked in for 3 days......Ok a few shops are closed and some businesses but we will not starve !! Every inch of dozens of streets have a stall selling something edible and hundreds of thousands of people walking along them.... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung February 17th 2018

Gosh I'm getting behind with my homework! I think it was Tues.. We had a slightly cleared drive down all the bends that we couldn't really see on the way up and as usual it was much quicker coming down. I couldn't manage to count the bends and the number of buses on the way up but was probably around the same..(54!) Next stop was about 1 1/2 hrs further south and slightly inland to Mainong and its getting warmer!! Mainong is known for having around 95% of the Hakka population. They speak their own language and value hard work and education and still maintain traditional customs and living style. It is quite rural and our bnb was surrounded by rice paddies and fields of amazing flowers, cosmos, marigolds, grown for fertilizer on barron grown. Great ... read more
Pots on slate wall
Sun set around Lake Meinong
Taken on Valentine's Day!

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung January 24th 2017

Suzanne here... I wanted to get a bus to Kaohsiung but we couldn't find any details online so it seemed easier to get a local train. It only took an hour, although we did have to stand for much of the journey. At least the overhead luggage racks on Taiwanese trains are big enough for backpacks - take note Europe. The J Hotel was about five minutes walk from the station. Check in was at 3pm but, very unusally for Taiwan, they let us check in early at 2pm. The hotel was fine, clean room and the usual fridge / kettle / separate shower etc that we've come to expect in Taiwan. Although to be fair we are spending a bit more on hotels than the rest of Asia. We didn't linger in the hotel room, ... read more
Cijin Beach 1
Cijin beach
Jhongdou wetlands park

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung June 2nd 2015

On our return from our 19 day holiday trip to China and Northern Thailand, Linda's first day of school was in the new building. How exciting! They didn't get much work done as the students and faculty settled into their new surroundings. On Tuesday, April 21st, Linda's daughter Kristen and her boyfriend Brett arrived. Brett was to spend 2 weeks, and Kristen was doing a shortened international teaching internship at KAS. She had finished her Education classes and internship by mid April, and took time and opportunity to join Linda at her school for a month before returning to Saskatoon to convocate. Maurice, Kristen and Brett did some sightseeing in Kaohsiung and visited Linda at school a few times. Then on the weekend, we were off to Hualien, taking a late afternoon train. We went to ... read more
Love River
The Culinary Delights of Kaohsiung
The New School

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung December 16th 2014

Is there Christmas in Taiwan? Well, kind of. You can see decorations hanging in front of/in restaurants, or places of entertainment, but the decorations are not as common and ubiquitous as in the US. Co-workers mention Christmas sometime at the school I work at, and the kids sometimes randomly sing a few traditional carols (about Santa), and in the department stores you can hear sacred carols including "Silent Night" and "Away in a Manger". When I went to a stationary store, I even saw some signs that said, "Jesus is Born". So, yes, there are signs of Christmas, but very little celebration. You can feel that most people have no interest in Christmas. This is not to give a sad blog entry, and I'm not trying to be negative. However, fact is fact. At 94% Buddhist, ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung November 22nd 2014

This afternoon I met my best friend, who is Finnish, at the subway station called "World Games". This is where Kaoshuing's largest sporting arena is located. Looks like it could seat ten of thousands of people. More significantly, there is an extremely gorgeous, peaceful, natural area, just right outside the gaming area. So when there are no events going on, you can experience blessed quietness and beauty so little felt in the bustling city scene. At the outset of this exploration, my friend (Kiya) and I had no clue how to get to this place. It wasn't far from the subway station, but there were blockades everywhere because there were so many private facilities nearby. And then--we saw it~ just across the fence! But how to cross it? At long last, Kiya asked an older lady--how ... read more

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