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Asia » South Korea » Suwon March 2nd 2015

First time couchsurfing (Mar 1st 2015) In the evening we met Daegyu, our first couchsurfing host at a metro station in Seoul. He had been in the city for the day, so we were able to go home to Suwon with him and didn't have to worry about finding the right mean of transport there. His profile mentioned he had a dog, but he told us there was none. However, he was living with his mom, dad, brother and grandma, so instead of staying in a place with a dog we got the chance to live with a whole Korean family! When we arrived in Suwon we were chatting on the way to his place and something really funny came up. Daegyu asked where in Germany we came from, so we told him we lived in ... read more
View over Suwon
View over Suwon
If you add a rock on top you can make a wish

Asia » South Korea » Suwon November 29th 2014

I have been wanting to visit Mr. Toilet House for a couple of years, but because I knew it was pretty close, I hadn't gotten round to it. I finally managed to schedule it in, on a free Saturday morning. After some research on naver (the Korean Google) I found that I could take a bus directly from my house to the museum. Score! The bus journey did take forever though, well over an hour as the bus wound its way around various parts of Suwon I had never been to. It was about a 5-10 minute walk from the bus stop to Mr. Toilet House. We arrived at the museum, and of course, the first thing we did was use the toilets. Very clean, as you would expect. They also have a special children's toilet ... read more
Pooping Boy
Pooping Boy
Toilet Plant Pots

Asia » South Korea » Suwon April 18th 2012

Today I woke up super late at 12pm. I was feeling very lazy and sad that this is the last day I will spend in Korea. I got dressed had breakfast (or lunch) in the hotel. I went over to Avenuel once again but this time I bought some bags and clothes. It was very expensive since it was in high end shopping centre. After shoppoing I went back to the hotel to put my stuff away and went donw the street to eat at around 3:30pm. I had black bean noodles and beef. I really like black bean noodles as well. It is one of my favourite Korean dishes along with the spicy rice cake. I then went to the Seoul world cup stadium. The stadium was constructed quite recently for the 2002 world cup ... read more
Han River

Asia » South Korea » Suwon April 14th 2012

Today I went to Everland theme park. There were lots of people there but the park was big enough for everyone though. The entrance fee was 38 000 won (about $32). It was very exciting. There was lots of things to see, eat and take pictures of. I went on 2 rollercoaster rides. I love rollercoasters, they are so fun. There is also a wooden rollercoaster but it looked unstable and scary so I didn’t go on it. There is a small zoo in Everland and they even have white tigers. There was a safari bus ride where we sat in a caged bus that went through lion and bear territory. The bears and lions got right up to the bus. I don’t think it can get any closer than that. I was a bit scared ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Suwon April 8th 2011

Back to the blog for me it seems. After the glorious two month food and drink festival that was home over Christmas, I find myself abroad again. Escaping the despair and gloom of the emerald isle I, like many of the Irish youth, have checked out. Following stale breadcrumbs left by our ancestors, I have become a unfortunate statistic lost amongst a monstrous exodus of paddys seeking work abroad. I however, have opted for the the easy road; teaching English in South Korea where jobs are plentiful and the life of a king is easily within grasp. Much to my delight I started in my school on valentines day, where the cutest little snot nosed Korean kids yield candy and chocolates for their respective elders. In Korea, I have learned, there are three or so days ... read more
Korean Popstars
Fruit for sale
Get your cook on!

Asia » South Korea » Suwon May 3rd 2010

This is our last trip here. Next week we will be back in our home in India. As we are staying in Suwon ( for hubby's work) we had thought of visiting Hwaseong before we leave. Hwaseong Fortress is the official fortress of Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do province. There are four gates in each direction: the north gate called Janganmun, the south gate called Paldalmun, the east gate, Changryongmun, and the west gate, Hwaseomun. A stream passes by the fortress, and where the water meets the fortress, they built Sumun gates. There are seven arch-style Sumuns, and above it a pavilion called Hwahongmun. As one of Korea's best known cultural heritages of 18th century, the fortress was designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. You can get more info url= We got down at Paldalmun(Sou... read more
Way to Info booth -Paldelmun

Asia » South Korea » Suwon April 27th 2010

Tuesday, 27th April 2010 I left my guesthouse early this morning for my long journey to Suwon where the Korean Folk Village was located. The village was recommended by J and since it was within the limits of a possible day excursion from Seoul, I decided to pay her a visit. Arriving at the Suwon Tourist Office at 9.20am, I was disappointed to learn that the first shuttle bus to the folk village was 10.30am. With more than an hour to spare, I decided to complete my half eaten breakfast at the Angel in Us Cafe. Ordered a hot coffee and a crab and egg mayo sandwich (weird combination). I showed up faithfully at the Tourist Office at 10.25am for my shuttle. As there were only 4 of us for the 10.30am run, our bus ... read more
Scholar House, folk village
Korean drama at its best
Green pickings

Asia » South Korea » Suwon September 21st 2009

Running on 3 hours of sleep since my bon voyage/bday party had no problem zzz on the plane. Kimchi was already served to me on Asiana airlines as you would guess a Korean airline. 13 hrs non-stop for only $507 booked a few days in advance landed me safely. Mr. Kim was holding my name up and he drove me to a LOVE MOTEL because my apartment was not ready. Free porn, lubrication and condoms by my night stand topped off the Korean experience. First time for everything. Actually, not if I didn't use it, LOL. I met 7 foreign teachers, 1 couch surfer and my co-teacher. I hiked, dined and rode on the back of John's motorcycle. I previously met him on couch surfing and didn't meet him the first time I came, but 4 ... read more
I want to adopt a Korean girl
They're behaved not RUGRATS
They're my fav

Asia » South Korea » Suwon August 16th 2009

Hi everybody! As you can see I arrived safely in South Korea... as some of you already know I was lucky enough to be upgraded from Economy to Prestige Class so I had a pretty good and comfortable flight experience :) ...on arrival I was welcomed by some Talk Coordinators who directed to the meeting point at the airport to which I went after exchanging my pounds for Won (for the first time I was holding 6digit sum of money in my hand :D). It took about 1 and a half hours to get from Incheon Airport to Kyong Hee University in Suwon where we then checked in and got our magnetic room keycards. On our first night I went out the campus to check some bars with John, my roommate, and our next door neighbors ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Suwon November 10th 2008

Weekend excursion to Suwon to see the Korean Folk Village, Hwaseong Fortress, and the lovely Heather Mullett!... read more

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