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Asia » Singapore » Toa Payoh April 27th 2018

I’m a little embarrassed that I don’t know more about Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, considering I keep bumping into him on my travels. Well, not literally, (the guy’s been dead for more than 90 years) but I’ve seen statues and memorials to him in San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, to name a few places. And I came across one more in Singapore, on my way to the Burmese Buddhist temple. I really didn’t know much about Dr. Sun. I had this vague idea that he was involved with Taiwan, (ROC, Republic of China) and that he was a revolutionary bent on overthrowing the Qing Dynasty. To foster democracy, he founded the Chinese Nationalist Part – the Kuomintang – or maybe he was a communist. Or both! And maybe he had hand in the triads, the Chinese ... read more
Sun Yat Sen Museum
Sun Yat Sen2
Drivers and Mechanics plaque

Asia » Singapore » Toa Payoh April 3rd 2018

If you have been following along, you know that I like Singapore. I like Singapore a lot, to the point where I’ve visited Singapore just about every year since 2007. Over time, I’ve developed a bit of a routine: the first morning in Singapore I usually walk down South Bridge Road past the mosque and the Hindu temple, to Nanyang Old Coffee, for an iced coffee and a slice of pandan cake. Then I skip to the next block and visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, where I drop a few coins into the offering box in front of the Buddha dedicated to my birth day. I’ll wander through the little stalls that line Sago Street, and stop into the Chinatown Visitor Centre. At some point during my stay I’ll walk along the river, visit Merlion ... read more
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
door guard

Asia » Singapore » Toa Payoh October 27th 2012

Seems fitting that my peak isolation and aloneness geographically occurs in the very place that spawned the reason for my eventual presence there to being with. Cheers!... read more

Asia » Singapore » Toa Payoh January 28th 2012

This is how it felt!...As soon as I boarded the plane and was handed the drinks menu (yes, I know...a drinks menu in economy!) my eyes scanned the list and as they fell upon "Australian Sauvignon Blanc" I did a tiny yelp of delight! Finally White Wine! Bring me 3 please! I'm staying with my Singaporean friend Irene for 3 days whom I haven't seen for nearly 4 years! She meets me at the airport and we get a cab back to her beautiful apartment in the city. The first thing I notice is how quiet the traffic is...No horns, no screeching of brakes, no zipping in and out of tuk tuks, no near death experiences (always a bonus); Singapore is beautiful! Everything seems brand spanking new and clean and shiny! I love it! We go ... read more
Me at the Top!
Messages to Buddha

Asia » Singapore » Toa Payoh November 26th 2008

I was only in Singapore for 5 days but I can tell you the two main things I will remember Animals and the Heat The humidity in this place was ridiculous, I couldn't stay out in the sun for a minute without already sweating. Even in the evening and at night you had to wear shorts, I only had jeans on once during the stay and that was the last night when me and Rowan (from New Zealand) went out for a few drinks. I met Rowan at the hostel I was staying in he arrived a day later than me and we were probably the only two staying in the hostel who were travelling. He is on his way to Europe and the cold now. Sentosa Island & Tiger Beer I bet in a few ... read more
Like a pro
Night Safari

Asia » Singapore » Toa Payoh August 2nd 2008

thought this would be my last blog, as im flying home tonight. ive enjoyed writing them but dont think i can get away with keeping on going once i get home! um ive had an enjoyable week of chilling out in singapore. its been a really nice way to end the trip, in style. it was good to visit the 'Geyleng' area - seeing old, cute, chinese guys playing Mahjong on the sidewalk and the women shopping for durian. i visited Changi museum and was actually affected by what i saw. it was so much more real seeing it at the actual site, but the photos of starving POW and the conditions they lived in, and also the way in which they faced the adversity of the Japanese's torture - building a makeshift university, drawings etc. ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Toa Payoh September 23rd 2007

What started out as a dream has become a reality. Without dreams, life would have been a mistake This was a mini class gathering for 6 of us @ Shallene's sister's aka Audrey Food Addict Cafe @ Blk 185 Toa Payoh Central. One year on, all of us are relatively comfortable with our current jobs. Some took on a couple of jobs before settling down. Others were luckier, their first job was a right on. For others, being their own boss meant 200% more commitment and 200% more overtime than usual office workers like us. Anyway, few people would expect a cafe to exist in an unexpected spot along a stretch of beauty salons and handphone shops. While seated outside that evening, we observed that it has managed to attract no less than twenty curious looks ... read more
Your Wonderful Parade ~ A Parade of Cakes
Small cosy environment
Food Addict Cafe

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