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Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido March 21st 2013

We finally left Hong Kong yesterday and I say finally as we're not big fans. Nice to have seen it but not somewhere we have to go again. We tried to go over from Hong Kong Island to The main island on Tuesday but when we ware about to go over with the ferry it started pouring rain. Instead we walked through tunnels and shopping malls around the city to avoid the rain. Katrin managed to lose her jacket she is going to through away after the trip the day before so when the rain stopped we went to the bar we thought she forgot it at. And guess what it was still there and the staff was waiting for us to come back to get it. So we had a few coronas before going back ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido » Miniloc February 28th 2013

Having been to the Philippines last year in March, I knew that I needed to go back. The beaches, weather, people are what make this country as spectacular as it is...I could really see myself living there! I started off in Cebu city...played some poker and toured around a bit but my real intention was to get to the beaches. So, a 4 hour bus ride and hour by....I guess it would be called a ferry....I arrived on Bantayan Island. It was really laid back with a few tourists but not many. I booked a boat tour through the owner of my bungalow to Virgin Island and rented a motorbike one day to cruise around the island to see some other beaches, a cool old church and a bunch more. I even busted out some karaoke ... read more
Out my front door
Ready for a scrap
Bantayan Church

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido February 20th 2013

After getting checked into our hotel, dowing a couple San Miguel's, and showering all the dirt and grime off our bodies we grabbed some dinner along the beach and toasted to a great day of riding. We witnessed a beautiful sunset and were really looking forward to island hopping the next day. We had seen too many pictures and videos of some of the beaches that we were going to experience and now it was time for us to see them for ourselves. Breakfast eaten, bags packed, we then waited in the hammock for everyone to get down to the banca boat and head out island hopping. We were bummed at first with the morning clouds hovering over us but were hopeful for the afternoon that the sun would pop out of the couds. After everyone ... read more
Beautiful view
El Nido

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido February 2nd 2013

After a five hours ride in a packed minivan with our wedding cloths/bags on our laps, a couple of tourists with the rest locals we finally arrived to our honeymoon destination. The road getting to El Nido is half sealed and the minivan fly’s along stopping occasionally along the road to drop off and pick up more people. When we finally arrived it was a pitch black village where we could hardly see each other and the driver informed us that it is our last stop. The locals just disappeared into the darkness on the small village paths leaving us wondering what to do. Our eyes finally adjusted to the candle light when we saw some tricycles and the friendly drivers offering us a ride to our hotel which was a big relief for us and ... read more
What are you looking at...
Heading into a hidden lagoon
Beach in the jungle

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido January 21st 2013

Rano ako obvykle smer 2km do mestecka a pekaren. Zas tam bol ten skurveny zobrek,asi sa nad nim volado zlutoval,tlacil do hlavy kolace,ktore zapijal dzusom. Nasral by som mu,kurve. Z pekarne smer nazad ubytko,zbalenie batohu a smer moja plaz. Prekonal som par skla a uz aj bol na plazi. Okolo 10/30 tu bolo dokopy 6 ludi. Neskor dosli aj dalsi ale ziadna tlacenica. Pohoda,klidek,tabacek. Neaky chalani tu brnkali na gitare,dobre sa pri tom zaspavalo. Jeden chalan sa vysplhal na plamu a zhodil kokosi. Na plame boli zarezi tak sa mu tam slo v pohode. Z batohu vytiahlo svajciara a dal sa do otvarania kokosu. Spomenul som si na sobotu,jeden talian tu rozbijal tiez kokos ale taky stary,co predavaju u nas na vianoce,s dvojnasobnym nozom a mal dost problemov s tymLenze tento chalan mal asi prax,po 10.min ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido January 20th 2013

V pohode vstanie ,oholenie a smer tour B. Na vodostanici nik nebol,tak som siel na vylet len s 1l vody. Klasika v pekarni ,nakup kopca kolacov. Francuzskam som odporucil fajnove kolaciky a potom nastal problem so zebrakom. 2x ma chytil za ruku a furt knucal za peniaze,tak som tu spinu odsotil a debil sa smal jak splaseny. Uplne nervi do mna. Takehoto otravneho zebraka som este nezazil. V cestovke som bol opat skoro a zas cakanie na meskajucich ludi. Guide aj kormidelnik ten isty ako minule. Nakoniec sa nas nazbieralo az 9 ludi,ja, 3 rusi,3 taliani a 2 rakusania. Vsetko starsie rocniky. Zobral som snorchel vybavu a o 9/30 sme vyrazili na rozburene pole. Riadne fukalo,z toho boli aj velke vlny.No velke,ked to porovnam s nasou mini lodkou tak boli velke. Guide neoporucal v tomto pocasi ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido January 19th 2013

V noci som nakonec nemohol ani za boha zaspat,dost tomu pomohol generator a debilna alternativna hudba. Po zobudeni som sa vybral odpat do dedniy. Vodu uz nekupujem ale chodim si ju davat capovat na vodostanicu. Nieco na sposob vodomatov v thajsku/malajzii len tu je na to budova a obsluhuje ju chlapik. Cena 1l = 2,5p. V pekarni opat nakup kolacov,predavacka sa pomylila vo vydavani,tak som zarobil 10p. Vyteseni z lahkeho vydelku som siel na ryzu s kur.masom. Chlapik,ze 50p,ok teda. No len ten debil by ukazoval len na maso,som automaticky bral ryzu gratis.Hovno,chuj si vypytal aj za ryzu. Poucenie,nespekulovat zbytocne s restikami. Na bus stanici zistene ceny a odchody busov do puerta princesa,4/00 nac za 250p, 6/00 ac za 480p, 8/00 nac 250p. Pojdem hned na ten prvy bus,bo ktovie kolo budem cakat na pripoj do ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido January 18th 2013

Zobudil som sa skoro rano,zistene,ze elektina uz neni. Podla papieru ju vypinaju o 2 rano. Noc bola v pohode,opilcov vedla som si moc nevsimal nakolko som okamzite po lahnuty do postele zalomil. Cestou do cestovky som sa zastavil v pekarni,nakupil kopu kolacikov,kupil 2 vody a dal si vyprat veci. Tie by mali byt vyprate zajtra poobede. Som zvedavy ako to dopadne,zatial som nemal ziadne problemy s pranim. Pre hotelom alternativ ma uz cakal chlapik,dal mi snorchlovaciu supravu a poslal ma cakat oproti do pozicovne. Bol som tu 8/45,vyrazat sa malo o 9/00,nakoniec sa slo o 9/30,bo sme cakali na jeden filipinsky par. Na lodi sme nakonec boli 5 turisti,ja a 4 filipinci plus dvaja filipinci co tvorili posadku. Guide bol fajn,mal stylove tricko,oblek s motylikom. Najskor sme zavitali do skrytej laguny. Tu uz kopa ludi. Zoskakali ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido January 16th 2013

In El Nido, we combined Tours A & B Island-Hopping Tours to free up a day to visit the twin beaches of Nacpan and Calitang. Not within tourism radar. YET. The day we visited, we shared the beach with only 3 pairs of tourists who motorbiked for nearly an hour from El Nido Town Proper. Must have been a bumpy ride for them, as it was for us. TWIN BEACHES OF NACPAN AND CALITANG We arranged for a private van to take us here. Just under an hour's drive from town. Frankly, it's so remote I wouldn't know how to get here a second time. Unpaved, dusty roads. We felt "lost" even though our driver seemed to know his way around. Just a lone stone house in the area. Two beaches side by side! Except for ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido January 12th 2013

At the outset, I thought it would be a nightmare of a holiday. We booked cheap airline tickets for our family (and friends) of 9 pax early on. Then I spent a whole week scouring for lodgings. I was on my 10th already as the previous 9 hotels, B&Bs, hostels, inns were all fully booked! Finally found 3 beachfront cottages but they didn't come cheap for an otherwise unremarkable beach hotel. Well, it's that time of the year when everyone's on a holiday mood and have Christmas bonuses to burn! Then when all's set, a typhoon threatened to hit Palawan. In fact it did, on the eve of our arrival. That day weather authorities announced the typhoon is moving out of Palawan and Philippine territory, we were at the airport waiting for our flight. Nine souls ... read more
From our beachfront cottage.....
Fish Feeding
The Limestone Cliffs of El Nido

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