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Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido December 19th 2007

Four hours by boat over choppy water and we reached the sleepy village of Port Barton. In hindsight, coming here was a mistake. There was very little to see or do. It was a haven for older men and their twenty-something Filipino companions. The men spent their days in the hotel bars getting legless. The men would sit at one table swapping tall stories and drink their beer and whisky chasers. Meanwhile the Filipino women would gather at another table with their orange juices and swap gossip. Finally, when the men could only mumble and barely stand, they would be escorted to bed. It is quite a sight to see a tiny Filipino girl support a swaying man across a bar, especially when the man is twice her size with a beer belly the size of ... read more
too many puppies!
"Little Lagoon"

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido September 6th 2007

The journey to El Nido We were up bright and early for our journey to El Nido, and only worried slightly when we put our backpacks on the jeepney an hour before we were due to leave and the driver promptly drove off with our bags still in the vehicle, leaving us in the street wondering if he was going to come back! Deciding not to worry we headed to Judy's and had some breakfast, and were relieved to see the jeepney drive past us back to it's starting location. We decided to stop off at the local shop to buy some supplies for the journey ahead of us and were introduced to a boy who made strange shrieking monkey noises and liked to stroke our arms! Sadly, it turns out that the boy had been ... read more
Inside the 'Sweety' bus
Seven Commandos sunset
El Nido beach view from our room

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido September 1st 2007

El Nido has to be one of the most beautiful scenic areas that I have ever been to. Its bays and countless islands are amazing. Most are made up of eroding limestone and shoot up from the water. There are hidden beaches everywhere, so finding one to call your own for the day is very, very easy. Shortly after getting to El Nido I teamed up with a mixed crew. There was William (New Zealand), Nadine (Germany), Sisters Bora and Sunmi (Korea), and Andy (England). Every day we did island hopping tours with the great guide Mascardo Villaraza (mobile +639192034199). He made sure that we were never rushed and saw exactly what we wanted. His wife and son helped out on board and would join us during some great snorkeling sessions. During our days out on ... read more
El Nido nights
my room view
sea snake resting on the beach

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido July 30th 2007

Ein Traum wird war - wir sind auf den Philippinen. Knapp 6 Wochen haben wir Zeit dieses Land, bestehend aus unzaehligen Inseln, zu entdecken, zu erforschen und zu geniessen. Der Entschluss gegen eine weitere Grossstadt und fuer die unzaehligen Inseln und Orte war schnell getroffen. Nach nur 2 Tagen Manila sind wir direkt weiter nach Puerto Princessa auf der Insel Palawan im Suedwesten der Philippinen geflogen. Eine nette kleine Stadt, die aber hauptsaechlich nur als Sprungbrett fuer die Weiterreise fungiert. Nichtsdestotrotz haben wir dort ein paar Tage in einem super schoenen Guesthouse (Banwan Guesthouse) verbracht (Der Travelblog Vietnam lag uns im Nacken ;o), das mit einer sehr gemuetlichen Terrasse aufwartet, auf der man tagsueber und nachts gut abhaengen kann. Abends haben wir ein nettes franzoesisches Leherpaaerchen, einen weiteren franzoesischen Leher und einen jungen E... read more
Wieder einmal ein Busbahnhof...
El Nido
Unsere Unterkunft in El Nido

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido July 29th 2007

6 Monate sind schon um. 13 Laender haben wir bis jetzt auf unserer Uhr. Viele verschiedene Kulturen, Menschen, Sprachen, Landschaften... Millionen von verschiedenen Eindruecken und Erlebnissen, die uns fuer immer im Gedaechnis bleiben werden. Drueckt uns die Daumen, dass die naechsten Monate nicht ganz so schnell vergehen wie die letzen. Es gibt noch so viel zu entdecken und zu erleben. Ihr seht, wir sind noch nicht mued vom Reisen. Nur manchmal etwas erschoepft. Und da sind die Philippinen genau der richtige Ort um sichs' gutgehen zu lassen und einfach mal auszuspannen. Denn hier sind wir naemlich im Paradies!!! Morgen gehts auf eine kleine Insel namens Apo Island. Bevoelkert von nur 35 Familien. Und bei einer von denen werden wir uns einnisten und nichts weiter machen als Schnorcheln im tuerkisblauen, kristallklaren Meer ueber uns den azurblauen Himmel ... read more
Schon mal was von Tuerkis gehoert?!
Sonnenuntergang direkt vor unserer Terasse!

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido April 28th 2007

Not a Matt blog this time - rather a blog from Matt’s parents who are visiting a South East Asia country for the first time to see where Matt is living and to take a holiday with him in some parts of the Philippines he has not yet seen. Bit of a travelogue really, so bear with us and hear about our trip, warts and all. Matt met us when we landed in Cebu and as usual a bit of local knowledge goes a long way - instead of taking an ‘expensive’ airport taxi from the rank at the exit, we walked out of Arrivals and found a regular metered taxi to get our ride to the hotel. My impression next morning looking out onto the dilapidation, undisciplined traffic, dust, noise, dogs, goats mixing it with ... read more
El Nido sunset

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido January 17th 2007

After quiet Port Barton, El Nido, on first impression was busy, dirty and noisy. Our accomodation was rank and everything else was full adding to our (slight) despair. However, we finally struck gold and found a wee place outside the town, right on the beach and checked in there. It was newly opened and still quite basic (no sink, no toilet seat/flush) as the owner plans to upgrade as he makes money. We had a great view of the sunset which you can't get in El Nido due to the surrounding islands. All was well again. The town itself turned out to be quite nice. It is surrounded by high cliffs and the bay is full of limestone rock islands jutting out from the sea. We found a restaurant that made the best pizza and had ... read more
Big Lagoon
From our hut!
On the beach

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido January 15th 2007

Wednesday January 12th Together with Oliver, Juliane, and Mike, I left my private paradise of Coco Loco Island today and headed out for the bus station in Roxas for a four hour bus journey to El Nido. Once we stepped foot off the boat in Roxas, a man appeared and offered us a private min-van to El Nido for the bargain price of five-thousand pesos. We eagerly accepted his offer, knowing that riding in a minivan would be like taking a limousine compared to the hot, sweaty and jam packed busses running up and down the dirt island roads. This time, the universe had conspired to make things a little bit easier on all of us and we were thankful for that. Arriving in El Nido, we all decided to stay at a place called the ... read more
Doing my best "Derek Zoolander" Impression
Our Dihngy for the day
Entrance to Big Lagoon

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido July 9th 2006

Thursday July 7th I woke up, took a swim in the ocean, took a shower and went to the cafe to see if there were enough people for the tour. When I got there I realized we were gonna be 8 on the tour: me, the 2 korean guys, a filipino couple and 2 danish girl and their mom. I had some french crepes filled with jam (this place is awesome for food). I went downstairs to get fins and mask but the fins were all too small so I had to take ones size 9 that I could barely enter in. We went on the boat and we started sailing toward an island called Miniloc Island, heading for the Small Lagoon. I really got along well with everyone on the boat. Richard (the filipino guy) ... read more
The crew
Cool rocks
Beach where we ate lunch

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido July 5th 2006

Monday July 3rd For the first time since I've been in the Philippines I woke up really late on Monday. As usual I had made some crazy scheme for the following days. I was to take an overnight 11 hour bus at 17:00 to Lepaszi, arriving early Tuesday where I'd hike and take picture of Mt Mayon, the world's most picture-perfect volcano. I would take another overnight bus back to Manila on the evening coming back in the capital by Wednesday morning. Wednesday I'd do a day-trip to Lake Taal about 2 hours south of Manila to take pictures of that cool volcano and then come back for 18:00 when my boat to El Nido would depart. This meant I had the whole day to have my laundry done, relax, update my blog and walk around. ... read more
Inside of the boat
Sunset from my cottage
Sunset from my cottage 2

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