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Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur March 6th 2020

What a surprise! I never expected such a modern city filled with skyscrapers and air conditioned mega malls! Thankfully it is juxtaposed against the narrow winding streets populated with little shops, tiny houses and street food markets everywhere. It has a big city feel with wonderful modern and old architecture sitting side by side, with many featuring viewpoints of the city from the higher levels of the towers. The Menara Kuala Lumpur and the Petronas Towers being 2 of the most famous and iconic. The subway is very modern and extensive. Easy to navigate and connecting with some of the older train lines and destinations. A highlight for us was taking the subway from the Petronas towers (we were staying nearby in a lovely high rise apartment building that only took us 3 hours to check ... read more
Girl with greedy monkey
Monkey King with Ron
Sky Bar Lounge

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur February 28th 2020

The Aloft Hotel, which we’d stayed at before, is super convenient for KL Sentral as you can access it from inside the shopping centre. Go up the escalators and look for the little sign pointing to the right and follow the walkway round. Reception is on the ground floor but this way you arrive on the first. We could have our room straight away and it was on the 26th floor with a view over Brickfields, the Indian area. The last time the rooftop infinity pool had been full of Aussie schoolgirls with all their hand luggage and clothing so we couldn’t get near it. This time we had it to ourselves for a while and the views are so nice from up there. We relaxed for a while and had some overpriced coffees. Our reason ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur January 21st 2020

It was another amazing 3 hours flight over beautiful Indonesia. We spotted Mount Agung on Bali, the crater lake of Mount Ijen and Mount Merapi on Java. There were no clouds, no wind just sunshine when we touched down in Kuala Lumpur at 10 am. It was the 6th (or 7th - we lost the overview) time touching down in our favourite city in Asia - but never before it was that smooth. Normally due to weather conditions, rains and thunderstorms touching down in Kuala Lumpur has a bit of a rollercoaster feeling. But this time: perfectly calm. We could exchange our remaining indonesia rupiahs in malaysian ringits, bought some fresh fruits for breakfast at a little store and went down on the ground floor to catch the bus to KL Sentral. It is by far ... read more
Sri Ranganath Temple in Kajang - attending evening prayers
in front of Lord Murugan in the Batu Caves
delicious indian paper dosa

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur January 12th 2020

December 14, 2019. Moving on from George Town, we had one last delicious breakfast of French Toast and ice cream before heading to the airport for our short and cheap Air Asia flight to Kuala Lumpur. The airport is about 55km from the city center and it was significantly cheaper to get a GRAB taxi rather than take the train. Plus we got delivered right to door of the Verdant Hill Hotel in the Bukit Bintang district. The weather gods had finally deserted us. The further south we travel in Malaysia, the worse the weather forecasts seem to be with thunderstorms and heavy rain predicted for every afternoon. So far we have mostly experienced (only) short lived monsoonal downpours, but today the rain appears ready to stay a while. One of the reasons we chose the ... read more
Jalan Alor - food street
street food
Merdeka Square

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur December 19th 2019

After 3 years finally we were on the way to our absolutely favourite city in Asia: Kuala Lumpur. For those of you who follow us since quite a while, it is nothing new that we really like Malaysia, its people, nature and: Kuala Lumpur. It was already our 4th visit to this town. But let's start from the beginning. From Istanbul we flew Fly Dubai to Dubai - if you can avoid to fly with this airline - avoid it! You will get nothing but water on this 5 hour flight and it is more than cramped and unpleasant. So it was such an amazing surprise when we entered the A380 of Emirates. The flight was completely booked but we were lucky enough to get the ermergency seats. So, lots of leg space and no neighbours, ... read more
Markus having a superbe dental treatment at Dentalpro
the view at night when we arrived
our amazing appartment in Bangsar

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur September 30th 2019

Kulua Lumpur 9-28-2019 Kulua Lumpur, Malaysia. Toi thuc day luc 3:30Am de chuan bi ra ben xe bus tai Pattaya vi hom qua toi co den ben xe bus de hoi chuyen dau tien roi ben la 4:30Am de di den Mochit station noi ma toi toi da den de di den Pattaya cach day 4 ngay. Bus station cach trung tam Pattaya khoang 20’ . Toi di chuyen dau tien ve lai Mochit station o Bangkok. Va den Mochit station luc 6;45Am, mat 2hr30. Den day toi moi biet day la Mochit 2 thay vi Mochit 1 ma toi khoi hanh lan dau. Do do toi phai di xe bus so 138 den bus stop cua bus A1 hay A2 de tu day toi den phi truong Don Meuang. Toi co the di bus 77 ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur July 27th 2019

Apart from a couple of trips to Turkey and six confusing hours in Bangkok - about which I remember very little other than getting hopelessly lost and tasting some sort of unidentifiable fruit - I'd never spent any time in Asia, much less the classic backpacker destination of Southeast Asia. But since Linda and I were in desperate need of a travel fix without wanting to spend too much money, we decided to split the difference between the two great backpacking meccas of Bali and Thailand and instead go somewhere ever-so-slightly off the beaten track: Malaysia. And since we would be flying into the country's capital city, Kuala Lumpur, and I had always wanted to see the Petronas Towers close-up since first seeing a picture of them twenty-odd years ago, it was only natural that we ... read more
Muddy Confluence
Flagpoles & Cricket Pitches
Hawker Food Heaven

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur May 22nd 2019

V noci a nadranom ma zobudili trtkajuci ludia. Nieco po 930 vykopanie sa z ubytka a tak ako vzdy ranajky v zapadnutej ulicke, masaz noh pod komixovym muzeom a oddych v bambusovom domceku. To posledne sa vsak nekonalo. V parku kopa ludi s detmi. Vacsinu cinania. Vsetky 4domceky obsadene. Koncim teda v jednom altanku. Free wifi uz neni, uz je spoplatnene, co mi skrizilo trochu plany. Co som sledoval tak par parov s detmi tu malo najatene zvacsa cinske opatrovatelky deti. Po relaxe, obed vyrieseny v cinskom food courte oproti mhd bus stanici. V beef polievke bolo minimum masa, som cakal viacej. Ubytko vyprazdnene. Trochu spanku, po ktorom pada rozhodnutie, ze kupim novy telefon. Smer western union v kotaraya mall. Odtial este pomotanie sa po okoli. V jednej ulicke zdarma rozdavali oblecenie. Takze v kl sa ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur May 21st 2019

Povodne som chcel ist na letisko kombi bus a pesibus, no lenze sa mi nechcelo vstavat tak objednavam graba. Na letisku nic zaujimave akurat som musel vypisat karticku s menom, datumom a cislom letom. Na nu mi na pasovom dali vystupnu peciatku. Tuto karticku nikto nikde neskor nekontroloval. V cakarni pokus o nabijanie mobilu. Markoff mi poslal par tipov na mobil. Zrejme zoberem redmi note 7. Let v pohode, vratane pristatia. Opat idem busom na kl sentral a free busom k mesite. Cestou je posta, posielam pohladnice. Zajtra je zas volaky svatek, tak by bola zavreta. Oproti bus stanici odkial odchadzaju free busy v cinskom food courte davam obed. Zastavka u inda, pivo za 7 nemal tak kupujem indickeho kingfishera za 8 (silne ale nic moc) Staff na ubytku rovnaky ale hostia len traja. Po check ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur May 14th 2019

V noci som si musel zvysit teplotu na ac z 21 na 22 bo mi bola zima. Rano pokus o ranajky na miestnom trhu. Tu vsak ziadne hotove jedlo. Len surove ryby, kurata, zelenina a banany. Nakonec kupujem v indomarte plnene buchty. Docapovanie vody na ubytku do malej nadoby a objednavka grabu na letisko. Gojek stal dvojnasobok 21k. Prichadza motorka avsak s inou spztkou ale pohoda. Nasadam a uz ideme smer letisko. Mlady sofer ide tuto trasu asi prvykrat, bo nevedel ako sa berie parkovaci listok. Vyhadzuje ma na parkovisku pre motorky, ukazuje na parkovaci listok, no davam mu len prachy podla appky. Okolie letiska sa preraba, robia tu novu cestu a zacali stavat daku budovu. Pred mesiacom tomu nic nenasvedcovalo. Tentoraz neni problem s mobilnym listkom. Aj s vodou prechadzam sekurity a uz som na ... read more

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