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Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur June 10th 2018

Not having a window, as is the case where I’m staying, is a bit disorienting for waking up. I’m going to avoid rooms without a window in future. I had a bit of a lie in and got up at a leisurely pace. I asked about a taxi direct to Zoo Negara and was told that it would be about RM35 which is too much, so following the advice of the zoo website I got an LRT train to Wangsa Maju station (two trains actually, with one change) which was easy enough and cost RM5.3 and from Wangsa Maju station I got a taxi to the zoo for just under RM7. There is a bus stop just outside the zoo so there is probably a way to get to the zoo by bus with some changes, ... read more
Free-flying Waterbirds
Black Hornbill
Sumatran Laughingthrush

I popped over to the national park very briefly in the morning just to walk around the Swamp Loop a bit, although I couldn't spend very long. I didn't see anything particularly interesting but you never know. The only fairly common target species that I missed was hanging parrot. I missed pittas too but needed to go further to have a decent chance. The bus left from just down the road that turns off at school, by the row of shops. Kuala Tahan has a disproportionately large school because it provides basic education for the Orang Asli children in all the nearby villages. It's about 70km to Jerantut which is about an hour and a half on the bus and and easy direct bus, though only twice a day at 10 and 5 and 8 and ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur May 26th 2018

2:30 AM was quite an early start, but at least it meant that the Bangkok traffic wasn’t too bad. I got to the airport in good time and got through with plenty of time to spare. I had some breakfast at the airport and also got a tea. Unfortunately, this was from a coffee shop where they think it’s appropriate to charge a comparable price for a tea bag in some almost-boiling water as for a fancy coffee from one of their machines. The flight was good, I got an emergency exit row (extra leg room, yay) which again turned out to be completely empty so no one else in the group of three. The plane wasn’t overall super-empty though and there were many other rows with people sitting in the middle seats. Anyway, we landed ... read more
Spotted Wood Owl
Barn Owl
Oriental Bay Owl

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur May 23rd 2018

Dnes som chcel vyliezt na bukit tabur lenze to by som nesmel vstat o 10.00. Nastasti nahradny program mi zabezpecil portal couchsurfing. Rozposlal som ponuky na stretko babam co su prave teraz v kl. Ozvala sa mi indonezka s jogjy. Stretavame sa na pasar seni. Navigujem ju na postu, posiela daku zasielku. Ja zatial vonku ranajkujem roti placky, ktore mi predavac zabalil do novin. Nasadame do free busu GOKL a zacina okruzna jazda po kl. Postupne testujeme vsetky linky, fialovu, modru, zelenu, cervenu. Tour z busu ok ale predsa len pesi je pesi. No to by sa dnes absolvovat nedalo, vkuse prsi. Na niektorych miestach nestaci voda odtekat do kanalu a tvoria sa male jazierka. Cs je zabavna, tak clovek ani nesleduje moc okolie. Na 1.5mesiaca ide pracovat na lombok. Indonezia je pre nu top krajina ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur May 22nd 2018

Po fajn spanku smer obrovska perdana botanicka zahrada kde sa nachadza trebars bird park, motyli park, policajne muzeum atd. Pranie nakoniec riesim o poschodie nizsie. Tetula vravi, ze sa plati pausalne za pranie 15rm, tak prihadzujem este nepremokave nohavice. Povodne som ich nechcel dat prat (stratia nieco z ucinnosti proti vode) ale fakt smrdia. Na ranajky sa zastavujem na parkovisku pri pasar seni. Konecne indicke roti so super omackou a cajom s mliekom. Caj sa po indicky povie rovnako ako u nas caj. Stanica pasar seni je pekne vynovena, i ked upravy este stale pokracuju. V okoli tu polihuje aj dost zebrakov. Skoro vsetci indovia. Pri hlavnej ceste som svedkom mini nahanacky. Chlapik uteka, za nim prenasledovatel. Dobieha ho, bumbum a uz je na zemi. Pribiehaju ludia, security, vsetci to len pozoruju. Neskor to sledujem z ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur May 21st 2018

Na terase pokec so svedom, ktory je na 8mesacnom studijnom pobyte v singapure. Ostava mu posledny tyzden tak sa rozhodol trochu cestovat. Ako fakt nechapem preco vystrcil paty z toho statu az na konci pobytu. Je tu s jednu sikmacku ale vypada to, ze len kamosi. Neskor prichadzaju dalsi dvaja obyvatelia. Jedna baba, co zrejme dost cestuje, rozpravala zazitky z probolinga aka je tam taxi mafia, ktora proste zakazala poziciavat motorky. Jej sa to i tak podarilo (mala tam znameho) a spravila si vylet na bromo. To sa jej dost lubilo. Sved len nechapal ake zazitky sme si vymienali. Do odchodu neexistujuceho busu podla cestovky han travel ostavala hodinka. Tak som si zasiel za dedinu a skusal stopa. Za hodinu sa premlelo dost aut ale nikto nezastavil, len par ludi zakyvalo. Tak sklamnie z malajzie. Bus ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur April 28th 2018

Day 7 Although I felt a little seedy, I couldn't stay in bed, we were flying out at 11.40am and needed to be at the airport 2 hours before so I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and sat in the shower for a bit. A piece of dry bread was all I could stomach. Silly vodka... The flight was uneventful, although the views taking off from Langkawi were stunning. KLIA2 airport is easy to navigate so we made good time, especially as I was keen to rest. We had some issues getting a Grab to our hotel and what should have taken us an hour took us 2, arghhhh. We checked into our new Air BnB, a nice room in Bukit Bintang. We didn't have the stunning view that the Regalia Residences had but ... read more
Lots of pretty light's

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur April 28th 2018

Day 8 Today is the day we wemt to Sunway Lagoon. First we had to quickly move hotels. Booking what we thought was a hotel room through for The Grand Suites Ramada Bukit Bintang, the room was actually a homestay, which is kind of like an air BnB. All of the Airbnb we have stayed at have been private residences within a hotel complex. They let us check in at 930 so we could go to Sunway Lagoon and have our bags in the room. The room was nice with a balcony and an infinity pool on the 9th floor. 40 minutes later we arrived at the amusement park. Not knowing where to start first, after dropping our stuff into a locker we decided to start with the scream attraction that our beautiful and very ... read more
Majestic white Tiger
White or 'blond' lion

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur April 22nd 2018

Day 2 Today's adventure started at the KL Bird Park. We arrived in time for Hornbill feeding and we all got a turn to feed them. They are really gentle and the one we fed was quite big. For those that don't know Zazu from the Lion King is a Hornbill but a lot smaller than the Rhinoceros Hornbill, Malaysia's national bird, that we fed. I was already pretty happy with this highlight and my day got better. A quick bite to eat, Kym chose Nasi Goreng and I went with Char kway teow, Star nibbled on some satays. The bird show was held in an amphitheatre and we watched parrots including macaws perform. I put my hand up to help in one part and had a macaw fly to my arm, rewarding him with a ... read more
The other Rhinoceros Hornbill
Where Stretching
Macaw mid flight over the crowd

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur April 22nd 2018

Day 3 Today's adventure started at the Batu Caves. A Hindu sacred temple set up some 200 plus steps in the middle of the cave. Too be honest I was dreading it. I'm not the most physically fit person and my sciatica was playing up and well stairs are definately not on my keys gets excited list. The weather was warm and by the end of the climb a shiny wet layer of sweat covered is from head to toe. I was surprised I made it, taking a break every 30 to 40 steps. Kym and Star beat me by like ages. But i did it. So I guess I felt somewhat accomplished. The cave itself was being upgraded/renovated so pictures inside probably weren't at the peak for selfies that they should be. Many Hindu people ... read more
One of statues inside Batu Caves
Looking up in the caves

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