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Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Batu Caves January 2nd 2016

Even though I woke up pretty early, I had a leisurely morning drinking coffee, before I decided to venture out. My first stop was more coffee and some breakfast. There is an Old Town White Coffee, a Malaysian chain coffee place, in the mall near where I was staying. It was still quite early, so the coffee shop was pretty empty. I ordered the Kaya and Butter Toast set with eggs, and an iced white coffee. The coffee was nice and sweet, I normally don't drink sweet or milky coffees, but this made a nice change. I tried not to slurp down my coffee as I waited for my breakfast. My toast turned up first, followed a minute or two later by the eggs. My breakfast was good, the kaya toast was a bit too sweet ... read more
Kaya Toast and Egg Set
Hanuman Statue
Selfie Time

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Batu Caves June 4th 2012

Thaipusam festival is grandly celebrated in the Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia. It is usually celebrated in the Tamil Month of Thai, the end of January or mid February. Thai and Pusam refer to a star at the highest point during the festival. This is the time when Lord Murugan became enlightened and his mother Lord Parvati came to him with the spear Vel to fight the demon Soorapadman. Hindu devotees will walk 14km from Lord Mariamman Temple in Jalan Bandar, together with the chariot. The journey starts in the morning and reaches Batu Caves in the late afternoon. Most Hindus will walk barefooted, carrying a pot of milk or placing the pot of milk on their heads. The repayment for the vow must be fulfilled when one made a vow the year before. They said, if ... read more
Thaipusam 2
Thaipusam 3
Thaipusam 4

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Batu Caves February 24th 2012

BATU CAVES, SALANGOR, MALAYSIA. Friday 24 February, 2012. We made it to Batu Caves this morning. This series of caves is located in a limestone hill, 13 km north of KL in the Selangor district. The limestone is some 400 million years old. The 3 main caves take their name from the Sungai Batu or Batu River which flows past the hill. The cave entrance is reached by 272 concrete steps. At the bottom of the steps is a gold statue of Lord Murugan. At 42.7 m (140 foot) high, it is the world's tallest statue of Murugan - a Hindu Deity. We were exhausted when we got to the top of the steps. As you climb the steps you are constantly hounded by the local troops of Cynomolgus/Macaque Monkeys. They will snatch anything that is ... read more
Monkey at Batu Caves
Coconut Eating
M at the bottom of the steps up to Batu Caves

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Batu Caves August 1st 2010

Mittlerweile bin ich in Kuala Lumpur angekommen. Ein Eintrag hierzu folgt später, da ich später hierher zurückkehre und dann eine Zusammenfassung posten möchte. Allerdings möchte ich Euch die Bilder der Batu-Höhlen nördlich von KL nicht vorenthalten. In einer riesigen kathedralenähnlichen Höhle befindet sich ein Hindu-Schrein, einer der populärsten außerhalb Indiens. ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Batu Caves March 29th 2010

Geo: 3.23333, 101.667After quite a nice sleep-in we ate breakfast then went straight to the Batu caves. We'd organised to get a taxi last night so it was all ready and waiting. Once there we got out and the taxi driver showed us to the ticket booth. We bought our tickets and went in, little did we know that we'd only brought tickets to an art gallery thing and to see a few snakes. Neither of us were interested in this so we just walked straight past it trying to find the entrance. After walking back and forth many times and asking three different people for help we found the steps.272 steps! After walking ten or so flights of slippery (it was raining) stairs we were both stuffed. We stopped for a minute and looked and ... read more
Batu Caves wristband
Worlds Tallest Golden Statue of Lord Murugan
Batu Caves - check out the stairs

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Batu Caves December 30th 2008

After performing the usual brekkie ritual, I grabbed my rucksack and camera before taking a short wander across to Central Market in order to catch the bus to the Batu Caves. After twenty minutes and having finally figured out that I was waiting in completely the wrong place, I ran about 100 yards up the road and hopped on the Number 11 which was just about to depart. Public transport in KL is so cheap and easy to use, the total cost of my return bus fare to the Batu Caves (which is way out of town) was a mind blowing bank breaking 60 not only was there a bus conductor, but a ticket inspector crazy is that!! Speaking of crazy, I had another of my mad moments when upon arrival, I decided in ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Batu Caves November 25th 2008

Estamos muy sorprendidos de lo amables y ordenados que son los malayos. La verdad no esperaba que esta gente (al menos la gente de Sepang, Kuala Lumpur y Batu) fuera tan cosmopolita y con una tolerancia rara vez observada en un pais musulman. Incluso nos parece haber visto mas mujeres policía en KL que en Madrid. Otra cosa bastante loable es la tolerancia religiosa; mas del 10% de la población es hindi. Tambien hay muchos chinos y una colonia importante de expatriados británicos. Tal es el nivel de respeto y flexibilidad que cuando toca la oración de las 7 de la tarde, muchos musulmanes van a la mezquita, pero muchos otros se quedan afuera trabajando, caminando, comiendo o simplemente tomando una cerveza (si, alcohol!!!) con algun indiano o carapálida mochilero de paso. Chapeau por los ... read more
Inside Batu
Can I have some Gatorape?
Is a long way to the top if you wanna Rock n' Roll...

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Batu Caves November 5th 2008

Hi all, We're back on the mainland now. No more flights until Boxing Day - the flights aren't that bad, its just the waiting around before and the packing, oh and why are airports always so far out of the city (stupid question - we don't need any smart answers thanks). It's just getting a bus is easier cos they can go right into town - where you want to be. We first flew from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu on Sunday then from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur on Monday. We stayed in Akinabalu Hostel again which was fine and the free internet was a bit quicker this time which was a bonus. We had heard a rumour that Pizza Hut were doing a deal where you could get 2 pizzas, 2 soups and 2 drinks ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Batu Caves April 24th 2008

After Wei-Sheng and I have decided just not to mention at USQ administration that we would be abroad for a few days more than officially allowed in our student visa, at short notice we booked a flight with Air Asia for a reasonable price from Colangata to KualaLumpur. At first, arrived at KL airport, I was overwhelmed by the heat and humidity and those friendly bustling people all around the airport in KL. We took the bus to KL city to meet Anthony, with whom we would stay for a few days, - just across "The Pyramids", a huge shopping centre and adventure park. I was very impressed of life on the streets in this mega city. At first I could not cope with this chaotic system, but after 2 weeks I liked it more and ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Batu Caves March 11th 2008

On my second full day in Kuala Lumpur, we started off with a leisurely breakfast before making our way out to the Batu Caves. These are caves about 12km outside of the city which are a limestone formation and the site of a Hindu Temple. Sense a theme we're building here? You must climb 260+ steps in order to enter the cave as it is quite high up in the limestone and once you enter the cavern there are several places to worship inside. The Batu Caves are particularly well visited during the Thaipusam festival which occurs during the first full moon of the calendar year. Thousands visit the temple for blessings, to perform penance, or to pray for miracles. It is rumored that infertility has been cured with a visit to the temple during this ... read more
Entrance to Batu Caves
Stairs Leading to Batu Caves
Inside Batu Caves

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