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Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Butterworth January 7th 2016

How things change! On coming away travelling I was quite set on this idea of only ever taking short bus and train journeys - why go longer when I can stop and see somewhere, and (perhaps the bigger reasoning!) I badly misjudged what such long journeys would be like. Whilst I was also, honestly, not too hot on the idea of those sleeper trains.. no thanks! I will keep to short movements across the country, said I. The beauty of our time in Malaysia was that we didn't much think about next places (unless it was for food or sunset spots or live music). But finally I was indeed back on a next step, and I decided to get back up to north Thailand, above Sukhothai again. So here's how it went! - A) Georgetown, Penang ... read more
Ferry to Butterworth
Butterworth to Bangkok
All was quiet..

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Butterworth August 9th 2011

We both forgot to set alarms and we had tickets for at bus at 10 a.m. I woke up at 9:45 and freaked out since there was no way we could get our things together, pay for the room, get to the jetty, take the ferry to the mainland and get to the bus terminal in time. Luckily Joel remembered the hour time difference. It was still a close call though. Because we were running to make this bus we didn’t get any breakfast and we didn’t get in to Kota Bharu until almost 5 p.m. Luckily I had some almonds in my bag, but we were still starving. As soon as we got to Kota Bharu, Joel wanted to see if we could get to the Perhentian Islands right away instead of spending the night ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Butterworth December 22nd 2010

We'd done some homework for the next leg of our trip. The target being to try & make the 440 or so miles overland from KL to Surat Thani up in Thailand in the most adventurous way possible but within a reasonable timescale. Doing it in a day seemed unlikely as the only direct rail link involved an eight hour wait to change trains & getting to Surat Thani at exactly the same time as the night boat left for Ko Phangan. We liked to think that with a little cunning we could cheat the system & find a few shortcuts although the timetables didn't look promising. However when travelling On The Hoof there's always that glimmer of hope in the back of your mind that wants to believe that it all actually will fit together. ... read more
From Here To Eternity
Bus Station

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Butterworth July 12th 2010

Na de teleurstellende voetbalfinale, voor Nederland maar ook qua voetbalspel, is ook voor het team Jan en Guido een tijd aangebroken om in te pakken en naar huis te vliegen. Gelukkig voelen pa en ik ons wereldkampioen vanwege een meer dan geslaagde reis. Geen teleurstellingen alleen vreugde. Het was inderdaad een reis vol verassingen zoals pa voor het begin al vermoedde. Positieve vooral. De herinneringen die bij pa loskwamen zijn fantastisch geweest en konden ook alleen maar door de fysieke aanwezigheid ter plekke ontstaan. Een geweldig waardevolle ervaring voor pa maar ook voor mij. Een lang gekoesterde wens is in vervulling gegaan en wie kan dat zeggen in deze context! Vandaag hebben we vooral een reistijd dilemma om te overwinnen maar de paarden ruiken de stal en dat is ook aan ons te merken. We zijn ... read more
the end

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Butterworth July 10th 2010

Met een gedreven chauffeur (lijkt een rare uitdrukking zo) die ook als gids veel info geeft hebben we een rondrit geboekt dat ons naar het oorlogsmuseum brengt en naar de slangentempel. Rijdende naar het oorlogsmuseum op Penang krijgt pa toch weer de herinneringskriebels. Kijkende naar de vorm van de bergen herkent hij de geografische ligging van het 2e Nederlandse kamp Green Lane waar vrienden van hem gelegerd waren. Vanaf de heuvel van het oorlogsmuseum herkent hij de bergen als de slapende vrouw. Op oefening die bergen op met volle bepakking was de opdracht van de legerleiding; “Maak de vrouw maar wakker!” Het oorlogsmuseum omvat de verdedigingsstellingen van de Britten tijdens de WOII. Alle gebouwen, bunkers, kazematten en de luchtafweerstellingen staan op het terrein, zoals deze destijds werden geïnstalleerd. Ook het ondergrondse gangenstelsel is intact gehouden en ... read more
War Museum
Snake Temple
Come on than. try and jump me!

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Butterworth April 29th 2010

So we got to the train station on a hope and a prayer and also relying heavily on the travelers mantra - everyone is trying to make money out of you. Not surprisingly it turned out to be right and we had no problems walking up to the desk and ordering tickets for 2 hours later straight through to Butterworth in Malaysia where we could then connect with Singapore. Tickets booked we went over the road for a meal and to stock up on supplies. We were on the edge of Chinatown and the food is something I definitely want to go back and sample more of. It's mainly boiled pork and duck but at reasonable prices and tastier sauces that's not something to sniff at. After our meal we went to the 711 and grabbed ... read more
2 - Bored already
3 - Oh yeah I shaved all my hair off with Bowe
4 - Ready for bed

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Butterworth December 23rd 2009

A late start again and we were in no hurry to rush out into the streets again. We had to re-pack our back packs and that takes around ½ hour just to organise what you need to get you through the night train. It made was made worse by the room being so small and we really couldn’t spread things out. Off to Kapitan’s for breaky at 11:30 and we had some prathra bread and curry dipping sauce. A quick bus trip to the ferry jetty and back to Butterworth train station only 100m from the jetty. The tickets for second class from Butterworth to Bangkok only cost us 104 ringits each around $30 Aus. They had an old retired steam locomotive parked out the side that I was more than happy to climb in, over ... read more
Looking back at Penang
Photo 5
old Steam train at station

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Butterworth December 21st 2009

The sign in big print told me we had arrived in Butterworth but it was still dark with not many people around to tell us where we need to go. Sitting down at the train station and putting my head in my hands I could have easily fallen asleep. Dan discovered that we should catch the ferry across to Penang and once we were there we could catch a free bus. We grabbed our packs and walked over to the ferry. We waited about ten minutes for the ferry to arrive. We jumped on and headed for Penang. When we arrived the sun was beginning to poke its head into the sky. We found the bus got on and drove until we thought we were close to where we could stay. We got off and found ... read more
So tired....
Finding our way around Penang
Best food in Malaysia - Kapitans

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Butterworth May 21st 2009

Malaysia, Penang, 14-02-2009, night time. It's already dark though still stifling hot when I get off at the Butterworth's bus terminal walking with stiff legs and a weary body from sitting in an uncomfortable local bus all day, a local Malaysian bus built for the avarage Malasian person whose frame is quite a few inches shorter than mine, whose legs not reaching anywhere near the lenght mine have. Clammed tightly under my metal seat al day my legs have a hard time becoming unbuckeled. My *ss feels like the metal of the seat has quite literally been imprinted on it!!! A short but typical heavy Asian downpour earlier during the day has made the dusty streets a muddy and slippery affair where my progress is slowed down even more by the constant approach of trishaw riders ... read more
market scêne
street scêne

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Butterworth April 20th 2009

3/16/2009 (Monday) So after nearly a week in Siem Reap, Cambodia I headed to Malaysia where I would first visit my friend Yee Chea and her family in Pulau Penang which is an island just off the Northeast coast of Malaysia. I booked my ticket on as it was the cheapest airline to fly out of Cambodia. If you ever fly out of Cambodia beware though! Every entry and exit requires visitors to pay a $25 fee to leave and enter the country. There is no fee to enter or leave the country by bus (not sure by boat) but there is a visa fee of course which is $25 also. The flight itself cost around $70 and I booked it online while I was in Thailand about a week before perhaps. The flight was ... read more
Snake Temple
Snake Temple
Snake Temple

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