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Asia » Laos » West » Ban Houayxay January 19th 2016

VEN 20 HOUASEI Je prend mon petit déjeuner sur la terrasse du Riverside Hotel, donnant sur le Mékong img= left Je vais acheter un chargeur de téléphone, ayant oublié le mien à chiang raï. Je ne sais pas encore si je descends le Mékong (vers pakbeng / luang prabang) ou si je remonte vers Xien Kok. Sur la foi d'un récit de voyage qui datait de 2013 je pars pour vers xien kok. J'ai du prendre 2 taxi, pour Teunphong (30.000 kip, 3€) puis pour ban ma (500b). ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Ban Houayxay April 18th 2010

Und wieder bin ich am Mekong, diesmal in der laotischen Grenzstadt Huay Xai. Das thailändische Chiang Kong liegt nur einen Steinwurf entfernt am anderen Ufer. Länger als normalerweise bleibe ich in dieser Grenzstadt. Ich habe noch ein paar Tage auf meinem Visum übrig und da ich erst am 20. April mit einem Couchsurfer in Thailand verabredet bin, würde ein früherer Übertritt bedeuten, dass ich unnötigerweise mein Thai-Visum anbreche, um zwei Tage in der thailändischen Grenzstadt zu bleiben. Außerdem ist gerade Wochenende und die laotischen Grenzbeamten verlangen für Grenzübertritte am Wochenende Extra-"Gebühren". Nach fast zwei Monaten Reisen nach dem Motto "Lao P.D.R. - Please don't rush!" kann ich nur sagen: "Kommt nach Laos bevor es zu spät ist." Vor dreieinhalb Jahren habe ich das schon einmal zu einigen Leuten gesagt und teilweise bekomme ich das Gefühl, dass ... read more
Lila Hirsche???
Huay Xai
Huay Xai

Asia » Laos » West » Ban Houayxay February 22nd 2010

fEB 22ND So we've decided to spend another night in huay xai because i'm pretty sick. I don't really want to be more than 2 minutes from a bathroom at any point. If my condition doesn't improve by tomorrow, I'll go see a doctor. We've spent the last day bumming around our hotel room watching asian HBO. Its been Fatal Attraction followed by the house bunny. Between the bad movies and the diarhea I'm ready to throw myself off the balcony.. I guess I shouldnt be so suprised, I've broken pretty much every rule about eating unrefridgerated street food and undercooked meat, it was only a matter of time before it caught up with me. Pooping aside, I'm really excited for northern thailand. Sounds like a really great place. For now, i'm going to go eat ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Ban Houayxay February 14th 2010

A nice little village a the laos-thai boarder ..... read more
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Asia » Laos » West » Ban Houayxay November 11th 2009

Annelien and I left pai taking a minibus to chiang krong and what a ride that was! The driver was a complete lunatic weaving round twisting mountain roads at a fenominal speed, over taking on blind bends, the g forces on your body going from hard left to hard right literally every 20 seconds for a good 2 hours before stopping for a toilet/sick break. Everyone kinda flopped off the 15 seater and fell to the ground still spinning. A kind german girl went around handing out travel sickness tablets which I've never needed before but felt unable to decline on this occasion. 3 hours later at we arrived at a guesthouse near the river boarder with Laos, the next country I'm visiting. Got up and headed down to the boarder pier with some other ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Ban Houayxay August 1st 2009

The night bus that we took from Pai to Chiang Khong was pretty harsh on our stomachs, partly down to the Sangsom we'd drunk the night before with Greg, and worsened by the bus constantly flying up and down hills and lurching around corners. As soon as we did arrive, we were ushered to some rooms for 3 hours sleep, before being woken abruptly and quickly ushered to the immigration point. We had to have our visas for Thailand stamped to say we'd left the country, and we were then ferried across the river to obtain visas for Laos. It was a little confusing but must have been organised as it all seemed to somehow go to plan. As soon as we were across the river at Hoayxai, the people on that side of the Mekong ... read more
river barge
kids on the riverbank

Asia » Laos » West » Ban Houayxay November 27th 2008

Here's some photos from our two day voyage down the Mekong River from the Thai/Lao border at Huay Xai to Luong Prabang! Our boat was a rollicking, overcrowded vessel full of good-natured partiers. There was a young Dane playing Johnny Cash favorites to drunken applause, people perched on rice bags, car seats, and cushions, and amazing scenes of untouched jungle. We made some friends on this boat that we have continued to run into throughout our travels since, an Australian and a bunch of Canadians. We purchased our first street food that we couldn't finish in PakBeng (purportedly fish in banana leaves but actually raw baby shrimp and fish tails and heads, bones and all!) and ate a lot of Lao baguette sandwiches (usually chicken or tuna, lettuce, tomater, cukes, onions, mayo, and chili sauce-Lao has ... read more
Slow boats snugly nestled at the pier
human sardines

Asia » Laos » West » Ban Houayxay November 6th 2008

We said our goodbyes to Pai as Jess, Josh and I headed to the Laos boarder via Chiang Mai where we dropped off Nancy as she was heading to Cambodia with a friend from back home. The day was spent in a minivan but thanks to Jess' drunken state the night before we kept ourselves amused with her hysterical antics. Don't worry girl, it happens to the best of us! 7 hours and one dodgy Pad Thai later, my stomach had finally caved in and I spent the night cuddling the loo. Oh the fun. There you go Jess...karma for laughing at ya! Weak tired and emotional we trudged across the boarder where we all parted as our plans no longer matched. I was excited by the prospect of my upcoming jungle trek but was seriously ... read more
Thai - Loas boarder
Flights of the Gibbon

Asia » Laos » West » Ban Houayxay August 24th 2008

EN FRANCAIS PLUS BAS MORE PHOTOS HERE Mud here is a way of life. It is everywhere and anywhere, red, brown, greenish, grey, and it is as much part of life as the river, the pace of which determines Lao's livelihoods. At first, like when I arrived in Don Det, you try to avoid it, jumping from one seemingly hard dry spot to the next. Then, after missing a few times and splashing mud all over your nearby friends, clothes and shoes, you realize there is no escaping it, and then it begins growing on you, you forget about wearing shoes which get wet and nasty anyways, and you start to enjoy when it seeps between your bare toes, the cool feeling under your soles, the alternately patting or sloshing noise your walking makes, the slipping, ... read more
Ready? 1-2-3 PUUUULLL!!
Masterizing :-)
Explorators looking for the Svannakhomkham ruins...

Asia » Laos » West » Ban Houayxay May 7th 2008

i am now in the Laos town of hoay xai, in the banks of the mekong river, opposite chiang khong in Thailand, to where i shall be taking the cross river ferry to tommorrow. since my last blog, i spent a few more days in the laos capital, vientiane, before making my way through northern laos to here, via vang viang, luang prabang and luang namtha. it cooled down in vientiane after some really bad thunderstorms, so that was a relief, remaining refreshingly cooler up until yesterday in luang namtha. i think that was something to do with cyclone Nargis. i had a pretty lazy time there, as its such a relaxing capital. spent a lot of time thinking about everything that has happened since i arrived in the region 6 months ago. i was looking ... read more

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