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Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Kobe May 25th 2019

Kobe was a safe haven for Jews fleeing Europe in 1940 and 1941. Jews started coming to Japan in the 1860s, when Japan was opened to trade. There quickly became a small population of Jewish businessmen in Kobe, along with the other port cities of Yokohama and Nagasaki. By the early 1900s there existed a Zionist organization and well established Jewish community in Kobe, and its first synagogue, Ohel Shelemo, was constructed in 1912. When trade with Russia declined in Nagasaki prior to the Russo-Japanese War and the great Kanto earthquake struck Yokohama in 1923, the majority of the Jewish population in Japan ended up in Kobe. As the Jews fled Europe and settled in Kobe, there was a well-off Jewish community of about 1000 people and 50 families. The community was composed primarily of Sephardim ... read more
Ohel Shlomo synagogue in Kobe Kitano

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Kobe May 24th 2019

Our last touring day in Japan! We went down to breakfast. We had told the hotel that we were vegetarian, and that we ate no meat but we would eat fruit and salad. Our breakfast arrived. We were each given a huge tray on which were five different fruit juices, a bowl of coconut milk with semolina, a small bowl of yoghurt, a big bowl of fruit. Then a third tray arrived and was placed between our trays on the table. On that tray was a box of bread, a tray of baguettes, a pot of coffee, a saucer with three different butters and preserves. We are not takers of food pictures, but we had to take pictures of this breakfast!! See it pictured on Day 21, our last monring in Kobe. . Sated, at 9 ... read more
Weathercock House from original European settlers
Starbucks now in an old European house
Kitano Tenjin shrine with Plum symbol

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Kobe October 29th 2016

Last night (Friday) I met some few people for drink at an "Inter-nation" party. It was really bad and we (me and my flatmates) stayed only 30 min before going to another bar. However, I had the chance to meet there Fumi-chan (from the sake tasting tour) and as she lives in Kobe, we planned that I would visit her the next day and she would be my Kobe tour guide :D On Saturday morning, it was hard to wake up... as I drunk with Bon-chan in a hookah (chicha) bar until 3 am ;) But I was really motivated to go to Kobe so I texted Fumi-chan to see if she was still up for it, and around what time we should meet. The weather was beautiful and we planned to meet in Kobe station ... read more
Ikuta shrine
Panorama of Kobe
Nunobiki water fall

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Kobe October 8th 2016

Today, it was Kobe Sake tasting tour! YAY When Rebecca arrived, she joined an International group which is organising events in Osaka and in the region nearby. This group was organising a Sake tasting tour on Saturday and she asked if I could join as a guest. I had then to wake up early on Saturday morning (9.30 am lol) in order to take the train to go to Kobe. We had to meet the others at 12 in Kobe station. Rebecca joined me at the Kujo station and after purchasing ticket we were on our way for 1h ride with one change. I have to say that compared to the train from the airport, this one was fully in Japanese and we had to ask our way for the change as we couldn't find the ... read more
Sake factory
Sake museum
Entrance sign

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Kobe May 22nd 2016

Prebratie do noveho dna, holenie v mini kupelke, kuchynka tiez uplne mini, izba cca 2,5x4m. Ranajky a hor sa do mesta. Z bytu smerujeme do hotela Portopia . Premava odtialto free shutle bus na stanicu Sannomiya . Samozrejme bus je len pre hotelovych hosti ale to ,ze my niesme je prakticky nemozne zisiti, to by sa nas niekto musel spytat a podla CS personal moc ang nevie. Soferovi busu je to u prdele kto nastupi. Vodic dava pred schodiky do busu este mini schodik aby sa ludom lahsie nastupovalo. Kazdemu cestujucemu sa ukloni a moze sa ist. Vau ake sluzby. CS ma sprevadza rovnakou pesou zonou ako som siel vcera. Postupne sa dostavame az do harbolandu. Mam statie nieco sa tu deje. Kopa stankov s jedlom, podium kde skrieka nicmoc japonka. Kotvi tu dokonca najvacsia japonska ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Kobe May 21st 2016

Po ranajkach ma CS odprevadza na stanicu Minamikata (hankyu line), rozlucka a smer kobe. Jeden prestup na stanici juso na expres vlak a uz sa veziem na stanicu kobe Sannomiya. Vlak v pohode, hankya line je lacnejsia ako jr line (cca o euro). Co mi CS vravela tak nahubky zvacsia nosia mlade baby vraj kvoli slnku, no nevim ja som myslel, ze kvoli ovzdusiu. Cca za pol hodinku vystupujem uz v kobe sannomiya. Po mensom rozkukany,hladam skrinky na batozinu. Nakoniec vdaka stanicnej navigacii ich nachadzam pri vychodnej brane. Batoh som v pohode narval do najmensej skrinky za 300y, su tu aj vacsie skrinky za 500y. Poslusne si fotim umiestnenie skrinky nech to po futbale zbytocne nehladam. System skriniek je jednoduchy, vlozi sa batoh, hodia sa peniaze (kovove), zavre sa a zamkne. Klucik sa uskova na bezpecne ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Kobe April 4th 2015

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Kobe March 30th 2015

Kobe Spaziergang auf den Mt. Rokko und den Kräutergarten Maritime Museum und Kawasaki Good-Times Museum Kobe Port Tower Chinatown Kobe Beef :-) ... read more
Fake Wood Geländer
Fake Wood Geländer
Fake Wood Stiege

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Kobe October 28th 2014

Hallo Freunde! Nachdem Robert die letzten Blogs geschrieben hat (auch in Deutsch!) darf ich wieder mal ;-) Sonntag war für mich ein aufregender Tag. Denn Sonntag fuhren wir nach Osaka um Maeno Sensei zu treffen wie Robert euch schon erzählt hat. Während Robsi im Training war, habe ich mich nach ca. 1 Stunde davongestohlen und bin GANZ ALLEINE mit dem Zug ein Stückchen weiter nach Kobe gefahren und habe mir das "Harborland" angeschaut (FOTO!). Keine Sorge, ich habe wohl auf zu Roberts Training zurückgefunden. Als das Training dann um 14 Uhr vorbei war, sind wir dann gemeinsam mit Maeno Seinsei und Okamoto in das Onsen in Kobe gefahren. Anfangs war ich mit der Situation leicht überfordert, denn ich hatte ja keine Ahnung, dass wir das heute machen würden und ich hatte auch keinen blassen Schimmer wie ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Kobe October 27th 2014

I needed to get my kote (kendo arm protectors) repaired before Sunday. I got some help at the tourist information and made my way for Tozando shop. After some begging they agreed on repairing the kote within one day. The plan for the 26th was to train for two hours in Osaka, visit the aquarium, have a harbor cruise and then have dinner. My guides were Maeno-sensei and Okamoto-sensei. Maeno-sensei picked us up at the Shin-Osaka Hotel (there is also a Hotel Shin-Osaka) and told us straight away he has changed his mind. He wanted me to concentrate on kendo, so we would train the whole day, visit an Onsen and then go on a Cruise. He didn’t tell us where we were going so I expected 6 hours of brutal Kakarigeiko. I was preparing myself ... read more

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