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Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita January 3rd 2019

‘I’ve booked us a room in a love hotel’ said Steve one day, all casual-like, before moving swiftly on. Oh no, hang on a minute ... ‘You’ve done what? You’ve booked us a room in a BROTHEL???’ I shrieked. ’No, no,’ said Steve, ‘it’s a luuuurve hotel. It’s just for one night, it’s near the airport and it’s relatively cheap, which is what we need.’ Well, the deed was done so not much I could do about it and, the more I thought about it, the more I thought it might be a bit of an, er – experience? So, we were delivered to Perth Airport in the rain and for once I didn’t mind too much, given that we were leaving it behind. The lovely Christmas tree we had seen in the sunshine outside Arrivals ... read more
What is this?  Where's my brothel?!
The garage!
The luuuurve hotel room

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita March 31st 2017

Friday 31st March Just after 0900hrs we were on the train headed for Narita, where we will spend our last 2 nights in Japan before heading home. We have become 'experts' using the train system and after only two transfers we covered about 750kms and arrived at our hotel at about 1500hrs. The Japan Rail Pass has certainly paid for itself over the last 3 weeks and we would recommend it to all travellers coming here. We had a booking at the Hedistar Hotel, the room here not as nice as the one we left in Aomori but ok for what we needed. One thing that was very lacking was the efficiency and pleasantness of the reception staff. There was only one person on duty, she was busy with another couple but didn't even acknowledge that ... read more

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita May 25th 2015

For my last day in Japan I just couldn't spend it all day in the airport. So instead, I got up early (again) to catch a train to Ikebukuro in Tokyo. I had read online about a place called Ice Cream City in the big mall Sunshine City. I got into Tokyo around 9, and it was 9:30 by the time I made to the right area. Since the mall doesn't open until 10am, I hung out at Starbucks looking up where the place was. I found out it was on some gaming area called NamjaTown within the mall. At 10, I heard that way. I was greeted by a long of screaming kids waiting to get in. (Ah the things I will do for ice cream). Finally they let us all in. Turns out this ... read more

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita May 23rd 2015

It turns out CJ and Clara are not morning people. They didn't get up until 10am, and then CJ was still like a zombie. Corey and I had our cereal as they woke up. He was feeling bad thinking I wanted to see a lot more today. I had to tell him I had no more expectations of Korea other than to see them, so already he'd shown plenty. Since I had to catch a bus to the airport at 2pm, we stayed in Gangnam. First we wandered around the rich neighborhood that even the previous president lived in (his house was surrounded by guards). They were pretty impressive houses despite being in the middle of a city. Intermixed with the mansions was a bunch of TV and recording studios. It had become a fad to ... read more

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita September 28th 2014

Thank you so much Japan, had a kick ass time, loved it! Domo arrigato, Gozaimasu!... read more
Choshi, Chiba Prefecture

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita March 31st 2014

I awoke suddenly, I’m normally a light sleeper and I’m able to account for any abstract noises within my general proximity. In the presence of a Ninja however I fear that this skill becomes inept and amateurish, which must have been what the guy was of whom was sat down next to me watching me sleep. The scenario was exactly weird, very exactly weird actually. Obviously the guy had the right to be there, it was a public shelter, but why would he be there? Just…looking. I can only speak for myself here but if I was to see a bum homeless person sleeping rough in a shelter I’d avoid that shelter….because they are homeless and therefore they are stranger danger. In fact I feel it almost natural in everyday life to avoid the homeless, I ... read more
Sawara, Narita
Mt. Tsukuba from Lake Kasumigaura, Ibaraki
Cutesy Narita Shrine

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita March 30th 2014

The rain came earlier than expected, and it really wanted me. I’d read it was due to kick off at around 8am, it was now 2am and I found myself getting wet. I’d not used my tent tonight as it wasn’t an option, I was encamped upon my sleeping map on the concrete base of the shelters floor. Water encroaching from the northern side of the shelter I etched closer to the opposite side of the way. Perfect. Well, the odd speck of the wet stuff here and there, but this was to be expected, I was homeless after all. I actually slept for a full 3 hours, possibly a record since I’ve been on the road. If it wasn’t for the rain I would have steamed into Ibaraki today, alas I did not. It was ... read more

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita March 29th 2014

Narita was a short 20 mile ride from Togane, predominantly along a vicious route 409. Narita of course famed for its International airport, an airport situated just some 40 miles away from downtown Tokyo of which sees roughly 20,000 flights every month, that averages out at around 3 million travellers each and every month. So with a heavy bulk of tourism flowing through the region compacted with heavy commercial and industrial factions the roads around Narita City were a bit like cycling through a mosh pit of motor vehicles, every bit as vulgar as one might imagine. But apart from being a gateway to Japan, central Narita does hold an ambience of touristic antiquities. A place that if you had to while away a bit of time before a flight then one could quite easily do ... read more
Katsu Curry - Narita

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita July 12th 2013

arrived in Narita Japan yesterday around 4:30 pm. I was exhausted since I didn't sleep on the plane except the last 20minutes. (At that time I fell asleep and I was the last one on the plane. The flight attendants had to come by and wake me up). I took a look at the airport terminal and thought about staying 20 hours sleeping stretched out on a bank of seats or the floor and went straight to the hotel reservations information desk and did something that is so uncharacteristic of me. I booked a relatively cheap room in a nearby hotel with free shuttle service for $64/night and came straight to the hotel...Narita Gateway Hotel. I tried to explore the area/neighborhood but we're right on the freeway -- one of those hotels typically near an airport ... read more

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita November 19th 2012

De techniek van Vipassana meditatie is een simpele, praktische manier om echte gemoedsrust te vinden en een gelukkig, nuttig leven te leiden. Vipassana betekent “de dingen zien zoals ze echt zijn.” Het is een logisch proces van mentale verfijning door zelfobservatie. Overtuigd dat dit nou écht iets voor ons is, stortten wij ons in het diepe van ons eigen bewustzijn voor een tiendaagse cursus. Tien dagen mediteren brengt veel inzichten met zich mee. Niets om te lezen, te zien, te luisteren of te doen en bovendien niemand om mee te praten. Er zijn wel andere mensen, maar er is geen enkele vorm van communicatie. Je leeft alsof je helemaal alleen bent. Met zo weinig op de voorgrond komt de achtergrond ineens naar voren. De achtergrond van je eigen geest. Wat een gesprekken ga je eigenlijk met ... read more

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