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Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita March 18th 2007

On our last day in Tokyo, I commented that I loved Tokyo and I didn't feel like leaving. It seemed the heaven heard me, and it "granted" my wish by giving me a 7-hour flight delay!!! (It was a casual remark when I said I didn't feel like leaving. I never expect the heaven to be so serious. Next time I'm not going to say anything when I leave a place...) Leaving our inn in Otsuka at 7am, we took a train to Nippori Station to transfer to the Keisei Line. (This time we took a "limited" train. We didn't dare to take the "local" train again, after spending more than 2 hours on the trip from Narita Airport to Ueno.) We arrived at Narita Airport Terminal 2 at around 9am. When we reached the ... read more
Terminal 2 Departure Hall
Horrible queues
Confused passengers

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita March 13th 2007

not sure how to start this one - good morning?? it is very weird to travel back in time for 16 hours only for it to be the next day where you arrive... now I understand something from a Ray Bradbury book that I read ages ago about getting younger going west around the world (or not aging, I guess)... Well, we are in Tokyo, and I am at a computer you can use for 100yen for 10 minutes (about 80 cents American) It is 4:30 pm here, I think maybe 12:30 am march 14th in Colorado. We are headed on to Bangkok in a couple of hours, but are relishing being able to walk around after the 10 hour flight from San Fran. Will write again when I can, just a bit tired, but doing ... read more

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita March 10th 2007

I am currently in the Narita Airport in Tokyo, about 1/4 into my journey home. Luckily I had to get up at 3 am this morning to get to the airport for my flight, and after staying out later last night I was dead tired and slept through most of the 6 hour flight to get me here. Next is the really long segment to San Francisco, then an 8 hour stop-over (luckily during the day so I will be able to go out and explore) and then another few hours to get me home to Edmonton. My final day in Thailand was a good one. The tailor came to the hotel in the morning to bring me my clothes, none of which fit so they then had to scramble and alter them twice more during ... read more

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita February 6th 2007

Hey guys, After lots of deliberation (well about a day) and realising our bank balance was the grand sum of £14 we decided to head home and surprise our folks!. We have had a really amazing time and met some great people - we will keep in touch with you all, and you are all welcome to come and stay in England! When we get another house!!! We hope you have enjoyed following our adventures on the blog as much as we have enjoyed keeping it! Thanks for all your lovely comments it was really great to have contact with everyone back home. We are now at Rich's in Claygate and are extremely jetlagged after flying 8 hours to Tokyo and the 12 hours yest to London. We can not believe how cold it is. Is ... read more
Rich enjoying our room service
MMMMmmm these noodles are so nice!!!

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita January 9th 2007

After my tiring 10 hour flight I arrived in Toyko. I had a two hour layover so I did nothing. I found a quiet corner and sat down. I was so exhausted because I was so uncomfortable where I was sitting. After I boarded the plane headed for Bangkok, we all just sat there. We sat there for about 2 hours because the plane machinery was out of wack. I watched some crappy movies on my little screen and tired to pass the time by zoning out. The pilot then announced that the part missing for the plane wasn't going to show up so the flight was cancelled. I was freaking out in my head because I didn't know what to do. It ended up that the airlines took care of everything for me. They helped ... read more

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita January 3rd 2007

A new day in a new country Tokyo, Asakusa and some exploring for me to do. I headed to the temple (Senso-ji) armed with my camera let off a few shots. The place was pretty busy (being last day of New Year holidays) as people went in to prey and light incense. Many markets were to be found and I bought some cookies from one of the more famous stalls there. After finishing a walking tour of Asakusa I then went to a restaurant with a guy I met at the hostel named Donald from Hong Kong but studying in the states for the past few years, Donald was on a mission to eat as much Japanese food as he could, armed with his guide book we found what was supposed to be one of the ... read more
the temple (Senso-ji)
the temple (Senso-ji)
A small word

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita January 3rd 2007

That love/hate relationship I was speaking about? Well, I just bought Space-A a diamond ring and asked it to marry me forever... We arrived at Travis AF Base at around 9AM and a thick fog greated us... I was a little worried about this at first but my nerves were settled when 1. - I heard that this would not affect any flights and 2. -the airport itself was dead... We knew pretty much off the bat that we'd make it on the Yokota hop. Sure enough, the time came and we (along with 30 other active duty, dependents, and retirees) boarded our c-10 AF cargo plane. I ended up getting two seats to myself and found many semi-comfortable positions to fall asleep in... The take-off was one of the smoothest I've ever felt (commercial or ... read more

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita January 3rd 2007

I'm writing from Yokota AF Base... We're hoping to catch a small chartered jet to Singapore in a couple hours... In the meantime I thought I'd try and upload a few photos... Mom, tell people about this... Though I love you, it's a bit much to be putting this online without anyone viewing it.. Ah, maybe they will come when the sites get more interesting... Anyone with access to a military base should consider the Kato lodge... For around $40 a night, you'll recieve a room, a living room with a pullout, and a small kitchen atached. Laundry services are also provided, a trend I'm hoping will continue as we venture into the less American parts of the world. It's still bloody cold here... I'm pretty happy I brought two zip up jackets cause I'm wearing ... read more
Sushi bar...
Head room...
No snoring zone...

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita January 2nd 2007

Touchdown Asia! Ok, So I'm in the Tokyo Narita Airport after 13 hours of lovely flight... but the truth of the matter is I dont remember a minute of it. This is really a plug for NyQuil. I drank a few swigs from the bottle as my row mate watched in disgust and then 15 minutes latter, lights out. So I woke-up in Tokyo and I was so groggy everything appeared to be written in stick letters. I grabbed a bottle of what I thought was cranberry juice and then sat and tried to figure out their money. Turns out - Its Tea, and I still have no clue about the money. Nothing really exciting, just that I'm here and I'm alive!... read more

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita December 19th 2006

We just are passing through Tokyo on our way to North America. HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!! We spent our 6 hour layover eating and sleeping. I found these great massage chairs facing the windows. The sun was shining on them. I put my money and had my 10 minute massage and then promptly fell asleep for hours. Scott curled up on the window ledge for his nap. I think we need this type of massage chair. It was awesome. It did shiatsu massage using rollers…..ah it felt great. ... read more

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