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Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi May 31st 2015

Hanoi Hanoi! A beautiful city with the old world charm of the French Quarter, the kinetic energy of the barter in the Old Quarter, the cultural diversity of the people, the pungent, sweet, spicy smells of food and sweet aroma of coffee, the frenzied sounds of motorbikes zipping through intersections, the incessant honk of horns, shouts of passersby and drivers alike. It's a captivating city that seizes and repels. Reception at Home of US Ambassador Ted Osius We all arrived in Hanoi at the beginning of the week in anticipation of a reception for all Fulbrighters -- those who are currently serving in Vietnam and those who are on their way to the US to study. The ambassador's residence is a stately home, fitting of a US diplomat and we were graciously received by Ambassador Osius' ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Phú Quốc May 3rd 2015

Cu Chi Tunnel Cu Chi tunnel was a strong base of Party Committee of Saigon, Cho Lon Gia Dinh Zone and Headquarters of SaiGon Cho Lon Gia Dinh Military Zone, preserved at Ben Duc and Ben Dinh about 70 km in the northwest of HCMC. The site today includes the Ben Duoc Temple of Martyr Memorial to show gratitude to the heroes and martyrs who sacrificed themselves to the cause of national liberation: The persistent and unconquerable people of Sai Gon - Cho Lon --Gia Dinh. The Ben Duoc Tunnel was the base of Party committee and headquarters of Sai Gon and was ranked as national relic under Decision No. 54NHQD on 4/29/79. It is a unique architectural structure a system of deeply underground tunnels with several floors and alleys and branches like a spider web ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta April 29th 2015

Landing in Jakarta: the Airport LIA -- Language in Action, hosted their 2nd International Conference in Yogyakartha at the end of April and beginning of May...still Southeast Asia but how different the culture from Vietnam! Landing in Jakarta at the airport I found so many different groups, each wearing distinct clothing to distinguish membership in that clan as distinct from others -- different colors, different head scarves, some with particular embroidery, some wearing the headscarf in a different way, some wearing skull caps, some a kind of fez. quite extraordinary. I wanted to whip out my camera but was a little too stressed with some visa and passport challenges to fully savor those moments and my first impressions. Hotel Aryudata Changing my plans to fix those problems I had to book a hotel in Jakarta and ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Da Nang April 26th 2015

Da Nang! My first visit I stayed within a couple of blocks of the train station -- an older neighborhood with coffee shops and a lot of traffic, nothing very interesting. I thought the city was not that interesting and didn't have any desire to stay much longer than the short time in transit from the plane to the train. But now each time I go to Da Nang, I explore and discover so many dimensions -- it's a rich, modern city with a more contemporary mindset than the small city where I live. There are tall buildings, more modern structures, the traffic is heavy but seems to move in predictable patterns. There are coffee shops with very good coffee along the river, promenades along the river, and a night life...people are out a little later ... read more
Da Nang Cathedral
Han Market, Da Nang

Asia April 17th 2015

Bac Lieu University in the Mekong Delta in south Vietnam is situated down on the very tip of the southern Ca Mau Peninsula. Bac Lieu University is a young university, established in 2006 and opening its doors in January 2007. Like PDU Bac Lieu University's mission is to train highly skilled human resource professionals, conduct scientific research and transferring technology to serve the regionally and nationally socioeconomic development. This colloquium on Action Research was offered by the Office of English Language Program, US Department of State, and co-sponsored by the US Consulate General HCMC. It was an exciting visit to another university in Vietnam to meet faculty and English teachers in different regions of Vietnam! I am continually amazed at the professionalism of these EFL professionals and by their resilience and perseverance in seeking opportunities for ... read more
Jill Kester, Sr. English Language Fellow, US State Dept
Bac Lieu Univ Welcome Vice Rector and Head Fac. for International Cooperation w/ US Consulate & Conference organizers
Lunch at local seafood restaurant Bac Lieu

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ba Ria - Vung Tau April 14th 2015

Thanks to the leadership of Dinh thi Anh Nguyet, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Ba Ria -Vung Tau University and Vice Dean Le Quoc Loi, Faculty of International Programs at BA RIA - VUNG TAU UNIVERSITY, 80 Truong Cong Dinh Str., Ward 3, Vung Tau City, I was invited to conduct a 2-day series of workshops on curriculum design and action research. The Faculty of Foreign Languages at Ba Ria Vung Tau is headed by Rector Lan who is a forward looking leader who has an amazing staff and faculty with their eyes locked on the future and how to grow their institution to meet the demands of the future as Vietnam participates in ASEAN and all that this partnership entails. Vung Tau is situated in the southeast coastal region of Vietnam. It is ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quang Ngai April 4th 2015

English Club What a great group of students at Pham Van Dong! They are so eager to learn English that they come on Saturday morning to a hot classroom to enjoy speaking and reading English! It's a pleasure to see them -- they are so eager! Each Saturday morning we enjoyed reading VietNews, a newspaper out of Ho Chi Minh City full of articles about people, culture, sports, and all those topics that are interesting to young people. We did one of my favorite activities which is a team competition -- each team chooses an article, writes some questions about the article, and then they ask the questions about their article. The team gets a point for each good question and a point for each answer. First person to raise their hand gets to answer! The ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Da Nang March 29th 2015

Like ships passing through -- a glancing stride -- too short but how good and comforting to see good friends and how I missed them before they left. Linda and Maureen came to Quang Ngai to visit for a couple of days. They were met in Da Nang by the fearless tireless and incredibly charming Mr. Lam, one of the profs here at PDU. Mr. Lam is a swimmer and a guitar player and an English and American culture enthusiast. His English is impeccable and he generously took off an entire day and night to go to Da Nang to meet Linda and Maureen who were flying in .. he got tickets on the sleeper car and came by train with them on the 1.23 pm SE3 train...which I was sure would arrive at 4:15 according ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quang Ngai March 7th 2015

The Women's Association of PDU in Quang Ngai organized a celebration for the women faculty at PDU to celebration International Women's Day. It was a day full of fun, food, sightseeing, the beach, games, and enjoyment to celebrate the women in the community and their contribution to the university, to society and to their families. We began the day's events very early with a buffet at Central Hotel's top floor diningroom with a view of Quang Ngai city. The buffet included eggs and bacon for the Western palate but a spread of Vietnamese traditional breakfast fare of course with pho, rice, dumplings, and all sorts of more traditional dishes. There was coffee and I was able to get some fresh milk to boot. After a delicious meal at Central Hotel, we boarded two buses to visit ... read more
Breakfast at Central Hotel, Quang Ngai, International Women's Day
Pham Van Dong Memorial, Former Prime Minister, Vietnam
Pham Van Dong

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh February 23rd 2015

Tuk Tuks & Hotels Arrived in Phnom Penh to find an army of tuk tuk drivers crowding around the entrance to the airport, soliciting fares. I bought a ticket for a tuk tuk at 9US$ -- taxi was $12 so it was a deal! The driver was delighted until after he had put my suitcase in the rear and I had hopped into the back passenger side! Then he discovered that my hotel was near the central part of the city, near Independence Monument at the the Mekong Dragon -- about 8k from the airport. It's a long hot traffic-congested trip, a lot of work for the $9 fare. But things worked out for him...he managed to get me to sign up for an all-day tuk-tuk gig with him the next day -- didn't get his ... read more
The Killing Fields Today
The Killing Field of Cheung Ek
Memorial Stupa Cheung Ek

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