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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan December 2nd 2016

As my window of time closed on Bali, another was to inevitably open for me to go through on Lombok, the next island east in the archipelago. I made my way to Lombok via the four hour public ferry ($IDR36,0000) which called at Lembar harbour some 22km south of the capitol Mataram. Here I once again had to deal with the transport mob trying to rip me off so I again just started to walk. It worked in Bali and I had nothing to lose. Turns out it worked here as well as the crazy white guy walking down the main road to town got a fair price for the thirty minute journey north. Most people show up in Lombok and make a beeline for the Gili Islands. Once in Mataram I transferred to a public ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan November 21st 2016

Für die Erholung nach dem Wandern hätten wir uns kein schöneres Fleckchen Erde aussuchen können. Die drei Gilis (Inseln) nur 15 Fährminuten vor der Nordwestküste Lomboks sind der neue Hotspot Indonesiens und bieten für jeden das Passende. Gili Meno ist die Honeymoon-Insel, Gili Terawangan die Action- und Partyinsel und Gili Air ist irgendwas dazwischen. Wir haben uns für Terawangan (das erste e ist stumm) entschieden, einfach weil es am meisten Möglichkeiten bietet, etwas zu unternehmen und man der "Party" wohl auch ganz gut aus dem Weg gehen kann, indem man nicht an der Promenade eine Unterkunft bucht, sondern etwas weiter aus dem Ort heraus. Mit gerade mal 800 Einwohnern ist "Gili T." wie die Einheimischen sagen, die größte der drei Inseln und kann dennoch zu Fuß in zwei Stunden locker umrundet werden. Wir wohnen in einem ... read more
Boote am Strand
Das göttliche Frühstück in unserer Unterkunft
wohin geht's?

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan October 30th 2016

David here... We got up early and packed our things before a light breakfast and heading to the harbor to catch the 08:50 island hopper boat. We had thoroughly enjoyed our stay on Gili Meno. It helped that our room at Putri Bungalows was nice and had good facilities, mainly aircon I'll admit, and we left feeling relaxed and happy. Gili Meno feels like a small village where everyone knows each other and is very different to Gili Air which is laid back and relaxed but still caters much more to the tourist trade than Meno. So, onto Gili Trawangan, the party island, described as a backpackers paradise. The island hopper boat arrived and we set off on our way to Gili T, as it is known. All the boats when embarking and disembarking are done ... read more
Gili Trawangan - Kid feeding
Gili Trawangan - White Sangria's
Gili Trawangan - Drinks by the beach

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan May 24th 2016

24th May Up soooo early today.. Waaaa!! 6.30am pick up as we wanted to make the most of our two nights back on Gili T. At the harbour waiting for the boat, i sat chatting to this Indonesian lady Maday, so sweet, she was selling sarongs, so bought one for my Mum, 50,000, that's like £2.50, so didn't want to knock her down, got Zoe over to buy one too :) It was 9.30am and the boat arrived, i wanted to sit at the back by the door as the last time it was soo stuffy inside, Zoe went up on the top deck to sunbath. Fuck that, i'd fry!!!! Two hours later we arrived back on Gili T.... Oh Heeeey :) :) Booked into Gili Castle, have wanted to stay here a couple times ... read more
Doesn't even need a filter
Our little chill spot

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan May 19th 2016

Our adventure continues as we leave Bali for the Gili Islands.... read more
Bartering at the boat dock
Our boat to Gili T
Welcome Sign at Gili T

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan May 10th 2016

9th May Checked out, had our last breakfast by the pool. Pick up was 10.30 to Padang Bay.. And it was on time too.. One things I've found with Indonesia is their pickups are always on time, unlike anywhere else in South East Asia, you can be waiting around for a couple hours.. No joke!! All loaded into the minivan and off we drove, matey driving like he was in the formula one, whizzing, over taking everything in front, it was very bumpy. Classic Asia driving.. Sort of use to it driving now.. hahaha :p After a couple hours we arrived at Padang Bay, the main harbour place to go over to the Gili Islands, dumped our bags down, went to get our boat ticket, had a beer in this place along the beachfront, then off ... read more
How cute :)
Under da sea
Fish market

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan March 10th 2016

I have a really bad story and a really good story. I'm going to start with the really bad one. I have had an easy go of things on this trip. I've gotten lucky with the weather and with people and, although I've had cranky days, nothing horrible has happened to me. It still hasn't, but Kuta was pretty close. So my flight was delayed an hour, which pushed it from an 8:40pm flight to a 9:40pm flight. I got on the plane and was seated in a middle seat (which I knew) in the row IN FRONT OF THE EXIT ROW (so the seats don't recline. UGH) and in between two guys with really bad breath. The flight was spent attempting to sleep even though the lights were on in the plane the whole time ... read more
Gili T Sunset
View to Gili Meno

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan March 8th 2016

Tuesday 8th March 2016 After a quick breakfast we headed to the mini bus with Nicole and after 30 minutes we arrived at a small restaurant by the port and were told to wait for 1 hour as the boat didn't leave until 10am. At 9:55am we were told to get into a horse drawn cart which would take us 100 metres to the port. As we were about to climb in I asked whether we had to pay for this and the driver said 'yes'. My South East Asia conning radar was now switched back on having been turned off in Malaysia. I told Nicole who was climbing into her own cart and 2 other girls getting into their cart. I told them that we should walk, but the sneaky horse men had left our ... read more
Underwater shot
Chris and his turtle
Our turtle friend

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan February 9th 2016

18th October Had my last breakfast at the hotel, all the staff are so friendly, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is coming to Ubud. Checked out and got my pick up at 10.30am. One hour drive to Padang Bai. I'm like on my own, didn't have a clue where I was going, went into this restaurant and got a ticket for the boat and sat and ate food.. Chicken satay, rice and a mango shake (can't get enough of them..haha) a couple sat on the table with me, was talking about where we've been, general traveling talk, then a little rat ran across the beam of the restaurant and went into the little offering baskets that were up high and took the food.. Haha. Some people would freak out and scream, but it's ... read more
bintang on the beach
Padang Bai
Chicken satay

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan October 30th 2015

Après une bonne heure de bateau à chiquer avec un vieux marin, me voilà arrivé au beau milieu d'une carte postale. Les Gilis sont trois îles minuscules séparant Bali de Lombok, l'île adjacente. À peine arrivé à Gili Tranwangan, ou Gili T comme ils l'appellent ici, le rêve commence. L'eau est d'un turquoise presque fluo et les palmiers ombragent les bars et villas sur la plage. Ici pas de voiture, pas de soucis, et pas de police. Ce qui signifie que la drogue, condamnable de la peine de mort en Indonésie, y circule à flot. J'arrive dans mon hostel, où trois blancs et deux indonésiens discutent dans la rue en buvant des bières (il est 10:30 du mat). Deux suédois et un anglais, les deux autres sont les réceptionnistes. Le white crew m'invite à les accompagner ... read more
À peine un souffle de vent
Fishing boat

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