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Asia » Indonesia » Komodo September 6th 2013

The Journey (6th Sep to 8th Sep) Arrived at Denpasar airport late in the evening coming from Darwin. The immigration officials offer an express service for a bit of extra money and whisk people through the queue... I decided to wait in line. The lady at the X-Ray machine was half asleep and not even paying attention. From there I got a taxi to Kuta and a hotel room, feeling tired as it was 1am Darwin time by now. Kuta is filled with narrow lanes with lots of shops and scooters zooming by. The next day I went for a walk through Kuta - the beach has big waves and I also stopped by the Bali bombing monument. On the way back I ended up booking transport to Gili Air island just off Lombok, there was ... read more
Gili Air
Nemo from Gili Air
Turtle from Gili Air

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo May 15th 2013

After a brief visit to Bali we went by propeller plane to Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores. Labuan Bajo is a special place because it is the harbor giving access to the Unesco protected Komodo national park. We were picked up in the airport and taken straight to our nice hotel, Golo Hilltop. The hotel has a perfect location with an amazing view to the beautiful hilly hinterland and the ocean. We had chosen to save a bit of money and not have air condition. It was a BIG mistake. The heat was excessive and quite a bit warmer than usual. Even a swim in the pool couldn’t cool us off. After our liveaboard we bought air condition, which was a very good idea. Our Komodo chapter was primarily about diving. We dived with ... read more
Dolphin and sharks
Clown trigger fish
View from our hotel

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo March 18th 2013

In this post I'll write about two trips: the 4 day boat ride from Lombok to Lubuan Bajo in Flores Island (including Komodo Island) and then a return car ride from Labuan Bajo to Mt. Kelimutu. I was in Gili Trawangan and I woke up late to get the boat that I had to take in the harbor; but I made it just in time. From what I could tell, this same trip (or very similar) can be booked from Lombok, Gili or Bali. There are different prices for different types of boats and I think the cheapest one is from Gili Trawangan (1.550.000 IDR), whereas there are other options going up to 5.000.000 IDR. I opted for the least luxurious and the cheapest. In Gili, all the agencies sell the same tour, for the same ... read more
Gili Laba, view from the top
Bintang at sunset
Fellow travelers and the crew

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo January 11th 2013

Kampunk Komodo Village The Komodo National Park is a national park in Indonesia located within the Lesser Sunda Islands in the border region between the provinces of East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara. The park includes the three larger islands Komodo, Padar and Rinca, and 26 smaller ones, with a total area of 1,733 km≤ (603 km≤ of it land). The only village here is the coastal village of Kampung Komodo, a fishing Village in an east-coast bay. Kampung Komodo has 1,100 residents and 300 houses where the ethnic Bugis fishermen have managed to coexist with the 2,000 dragons who dominate the island. The remoteness of Kampung Komodo means that it is well behind your every day run of the mill village, especially with regards to the infrastructure, medication and education. The villagers build their ... read more
Celebrity Millennium
Komodo Ranger
Komo Dragons

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo April 28th 2012

Hello dear friends, readers and travelmates!! After leaving Perhentians, I went to see Anne in Kuala Lumpur again, and not to forget, the reunion with Achim took place also. After visiting the butterfly garden and birdpark, we took a plane to Bali with Airasia, my definetly favourite airline in Asia. Because it was very near to the airport, we decided to stay in Kuta - what a shithole, but it doesn't matter, it was just for one night, so we went early in the morning to the airport, bought a ticket with Skyaviation, went to the check-in and flew to Labuanbajo, Westflores - gateway to the Komodo-Nationalpark. There we met Achim again, he had a flight 2 days earlier. After a fantastic Pizza in Madeinitaly, we strolled arround and booked a trip to the park on ... read more
Kelimutu - Flores - Indonesia
Liveaboard in Komodo - Indonesia
Diving in Komodo - Indonesia

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo April 11th 2012

Dragons in the Year of the Dragon…. For many years I’ve tried to plan a trip to Komodo National Park. After several attempts, I discovered that traveling in less developed parts of Indonesia means old style travel. I don’t mean horse-and-buggy-old-style, but I do mean the kind of old style where you can’t rely on the internet, trip advisor, or google searches. Somewhere, deep in my memory, there is a hazy vision of buying a plane ticket and landing in a foreign place with no hotel reservations, no tours booked, no transportation planned out. The only information I had to guide my arrival was what I could find in an out-of-date Lonely Planet (or more likely, Let’s Go!) book. After that, it was all adventure. Sadly, the easy availability of travel reviews and booking options have ... read more
Full Moon over Labuan Bajo Harbor

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo March 11th 2012

Irgendwo in den Weiten des Meeres, zwischen vielen kleinen Inseln haben wir uns auf einem kleinen Boot zu einer kleinen illustren Gruppe zusammengefunden, um ein paar Tage gemeinsam zu reisen. Fischend, essend, schlafend, schnorchelnd verbringen wir unsere Tage. Das satte Brummen der Maschinen schiebt das Boot über das spiegelglatte Meer. Fliegende Fische begleiten uns. Sie springen aus dem Wasser, fitschen ein paar Mal auf und tänzeln anschließend senkrecht auf ihrer Schwanzflosse stehend über das Meer. Sie tauchen wieder unter, um gleich darauf erneut zu erscheinen, ihre Flossen auszubreiten und viele Meter durch die Luft zu fliegen, bevor sie wieder eintauchen und mit dem Spiel erneut beginnen. Die untergehende Sonne lässt unsere Welt langsam verdunkeln, ein Regenschleier verdeckt den Horizont genau dort, wo unser Ziel liegt. Im letzten Abendlicht sitzen wir Passagiere wie an... read more
Eine von tausend kleinen Inseln
Noch eine von tausend kleinen Inseln
Morgendusche im Wasserfall

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo December 24th 2011

So, for the final installment of our Indonesian blogs the theme is dragons. Komodo Dragons to be precise, a prehistoric throwback that bears a passing resemblance to a crocodile on a bad hair day, at least until they move that is, when the Naomi Campbell hips come into play. They are one of the deadliest predators known to man, dominant in their natural habitat to such an extent that animals (food) are bred in the national park to provide enough sustinance. In a single sitting a fully grown adult dragon can eat up to 80% of its bodyweight, around 50kg. Thankfully, I am a shade under 80kg myself and as a result off the menu, but that didn't stop me keeping my distance when we encountered them in the wild. The dragons are spread over a ... read more
Photo 13
Photo 14
Photo 15

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo October 17th 2011

Awaking in Lombok for the last time, we avoided the damage caused by the Bali earthquake, and felt a mild but nevertheless disconcerting tremor. There was a small aftershock, moments after we, and the Senggigi locals, ran out onto the relative safety of the street. We then spent a very interesting and exciting four days and three nights aboard a small boat, with a crew of five Lombok locals and a motley menagerie mainly from some of Europe’s smaller nations and South America. This included an amusingly unhinged Swiss, Ephraim, whose mission it seemed to be to keep everyone entertained, with animal impressions, particularly that of the cockerel, and with general tomfoolery. On the last day he even persuaded the captain to let him pilot the boat. Every day, he wore a different makeshift earring in ... read more
Waterfall, Pulau Moyo
Tour boats on the calm sea
Another day, another volcano

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo September 5th 2011

To recap a little from the last post: in Ruteng I met a French birder called Marc travelling with his girlfriend and her sister, Peggy and Nathalie. They were coincidentally going to Labuanbajo on the same day I was so we decided to team up, especially for the trip to Komodo thereby making it more affordable for us all. First however we went to Golo Lusang for a morning birding session (this was back on the 2nd of September), they after shortwings and myself after parrots. Neither of us found what we were looking for, but we did discover that while the passenger vehicles were constant in the morning they dried up around ten. To cut a long story short, we had a little trouble getting back to Ruteng and didn't make it back to the ... read more
Komodo Island
our boat.....
....not our boat!

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