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Asia » Indonesia » Komodo August 29th 2019

If there was a reason to take this cruise, it was the unique wild life of Komodo Island. The Dawn was quite late leaving Bali due to the late return of one of the tours. The Captain apologised and expected to maybe peg back half of that time but having us a little late at Komodo Island. As it it happened, the southern leg was good sailing and the total time was made up. That was until the ship turned and approached the channel into Komodo Island. There was a huge outbound current as evidenced on my cell phone photo with many upwellings showing the contrary conditions. We lost about half an hour due to this current. Before travelling, I had looked at landscape photos of Komodo Island to gauge if I would be fit enough ... read more
Komodo Island
Komodo Island
Komodo Island

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo May 23rd 2018

I was lucky enough to spend a week in the Komodo National Park. Most people know about the dragons, but visitors (and me!) are usually there for the under-water life. Every sea creature imaginable. And manta rays, lots of manta rays. It didn't disappoint, essentially the perfect week!... read more
Poster illustrating various manta names
View from my room the first night
Snorkeling spot the first day in north Komodo

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo October 29th 2017

We flew from Bali to Labuan Bajo, the closest airport to Komodo, an easy 1 hour 15 min flight. We met with our dive shop Scuba Junkies there and waited for the once a day boat ride to their resort. We were really happy we weren't staying in this town as it had nothing attractive about it whatsoever except as a hopping point for Komodo National Park. Scuba Junkies has one of the closest resorts right outside of Komodo so we could access some of the more remote dive sites easily every day. The accommodations were really basic consisting of bamboo thatched roof huts with a mattress on the floor, resembling more traditional housing than we've been staying in but perfect for a four days where you literally sleep, dive, eat and repeat ($469 pp incl. ... read more
Our hut
Dive boat magic
Scuba Junkie dogs

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo May 13th 2017

Our Komodo National Park trip was a pain to find, but the hours of going through TripAdvisor reviews more than paid off. It turned out to be one of those amazingly perfect days, one that will make it into the top five highlights of our trip (along with the Great Wall). Komodo National Park is the only place in the world where you can see Komodo Dragons and we'd heard that it was easily done in a day. We had two options; a visit to Rinca Island, where the chance of seeing the dragons was better due to the islands smaller size, or Komodo Island which had the most spectacular scenery. We'd got it into our heads that we wanted to go to Komodo Island, that was until we found out it was a four hour ... read more
Sailing out from Labuan Bajo
Manta Point
Batu Balong

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo January 21st 2017

Do dragons really exist? Or are they myth? As far as the Google tells me, they don't. But the Komodo dragons do exist, - well, hardly; they are near extinction. These deadly beasts are the largest living lizards those roam around freely in a handful of islands in Indonesia. Komodo and Rinca in Java Sea are two of those islands. I remember seeing this deadly lizard in the Bond movie, Skyfall. And I wanted to see them in their natural habitat before they totally disappear. What I know is Komodo is not too far from Bali. Probably a boat ride could be arranged from Bali, but it might take a day or so. I am running on a tight schedule. So, I decided to first fly to Labuan Bajo in the Flores Island. And then take ... read more
Flores Island
Performance upon arrival
Near Komodo Island

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo December 7th 2016

Ever since I was a little kid I've always been fascinated with the Island of Komodo and the massive dragons that roam the beaches and forests on its shores. It seemed so exotic and far away from my home growing up in Southern California. My brother and I would go off into our hills and catch all manner of reptile while often talking about Komodo and how cool it would be to catch a dragon of our own. So I set sail from Lombok on a sketchy wooden boat with ten other travelers for four days to have the opportunity to step foot on this remote island and see the great beasts for myself. I was super excited to live on a boat sailing the seas for four days. For a bargain price of $IDR1,400,000 ($140USD) ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo June 1st 2016

Finally, it was time for something we'd been looking forward to for months - a liveaboard scuba diving safari in Komodo National Park. For the next four days we'd be living on board Uber Scuba's beautiful boat Amalia and experiencing some of the best diving in the world. After nine months of backpacking, we're basically just used to living in squalor by this point - cheap rooms, cockroaches and street food. This meant the luxury of being on Amalia came as a welcome shock to the system - a beautiful boat, a clean room, four fantastic meals a day and being waited upon hand and foot! We tried out best to hide our stained clothes and pretend we fit in... After getting settled in, it was time for our first dive, meant mainly as a check ... read more
Amalia, our luxury home for the week
Vibrant corals on our check dive

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo January 13th 2016

As a self-proclaimed nomad, I have had the pleasure of trying many different forms of transportation throughout my years of travel. It is so hard to select a "favorite" anything, but my recent trip to Indonesia will forever stick out in my mind as one of the best adventures. My girlfriend Rochelle and I decided that Bali (aka "Australian Cancun") was the perfect place to start our backpacking excursion around Southeast Asia. After a week of fighting the mindless mobs of Bintang-singlet-clad tourists that flock to Bali each year for the winter holidays, we decided to escape to the less frequented neighboring island of Lombok. While this equally large and beautiful island has a variety of activities to offer, this was not our final destination; Lombok was our starting point an activity-packed the four day/three night ... read more
Boat dorm
Indonesian sunrise
Viewpoint, Laba Island

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo October 27th 2015

Each October we get a week off. This year I went on two smaller trips - One to Komodo and Flores Islands, the other to Bali. Friday night after having the Senior School Athletics Day, we flew to Bali only to fly out early the next morning to Labuhanbajo, Flores. We woke up early on Sat. morning to catch our 6:00 AM flight. Once we arrived at the airport part of our boat crew picked us up and escorted us to the docks where the boat was waiting. Later that morning we went to go see the Komodo Dragons in the National Park. Komodo Dragons are deadly. They are attracted to the smell of blood and anyone with an open wound or women who are menstruating are prohibited to visit because the risks of potentially getting ... read more
Komodo Dragon

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo March 30th 2015

Day four - 1st stop today was going to be Komodo, so after sailing for an hour we had arrived. As soon as we were off the boat we were in komodo national park and deciding to do the long trek - roughly 2 hrs we headed off. 10 minutes into the trek and we saw our first dragon - a female measuring approx 3 metres in length walked straight up to us had a drink in a nearby water hole and led the way for us to follow! After following her for just a couple of minutes she turned off and we carried on. Komodo dragons have been known to attack people ( a Swedish photographer, a young child left on the beach while the parents went swimming and a local picking fruit from the ... read more

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