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Asia » Indonesia » Komodo June 20th 2010

June 13th, 2010: Sailing to Flores Island through Komodo National Park Day Three On the third day, the real diving began, and the first two were amazing. We were all rather relaxed from the dives and simply lounging about waiting for the current to change so we could do a final, third dive. This dive would end up being more of an adventure than anyone had counted on. My ears were being little buggers from a sinus infection (which makes diving not so pleasant because it’s harder to equalize), so I decided to sit out and take pictures from the boat instead. A sunset was on the make and looking to be a good one. The sun was hanging low—which was making everyone rush to get in the water. If divers come up after dark, the ... read more
Adam Getting Ready to Dive
The Last Group to Go Down
Happy Diver Adam

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo June 20th 2010

June 12, 2010 Boating to Flores Island through Komodo National Park Day Two This is night number three of the live-aboard experience. We set sail from Gili Trawangan and are taking this sail boat one way to Labuanbajo on Flores. Seventeen dives, eleven passengers, eight nights (since we are one-way it will be five nights), four crewmen, and three dive instructors. We are passing by unpopulated islands, an occasional volcano, and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. A school of dolphins just swam along the boat, leaping into the air as we cheered them on. We are loving this experience! I have never even spent one night on a boat, so it is all new to me. The highlight of the trip is supposed to be tomorrow when we explore Komodo National Park, home to the monitor lizard ... read more
Fellow Passengers
View from the Boat
Charlotte Playing Up on the Deck

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo April 4th 2010

KOMODO ISLAND - EASTER SUNDAY If I’m not home for Easter, this is a cool (not very) place to be. After two sea days we arrived at Komodo and anchored at six a.m. I had been up for an hour at this point, so excited and a little nervous that I might be seeing the largest lizard on earth today. At six, the temperature was 86 degrees and the humidity was 85%. Slawi Bay was a calm as a mirror and there were a few clouds in the sky. My tour left at 7:30 and we tendered to the dock. When we walked down the dock a medium size Komodo Dragon was on the beach to meet us. It would have been a successful day right then. These animals are large, this one about five feet ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo March 4th 2010

After saying our goodbyes to Lucy, we were dropped off at a coach station where they packed all of our bags into a decrepit bus and told us to return by 1.30pm, when the bus was due to leave. After finding ourselves at a loose end, we decided to go and wait in Pizza Hut for the next three hours, figuring that they were unlikely to kick us out, had air con and a nice toilet. At 1.15 we arrived back at the coach station only to be told that we had missed the bus! A man offered to drive us there if we sat in the back of his pick up with some boxes he was transporting. This was fine, but the decrepit bus was still there and we were positive that our bags were ... read more
Our Boat

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo February 18th 2010

Today, Regent Seven Seas Cruises had a special event for the World Cruisers in the port of Komodo, Indonesia…The Komodo Dragons. On the approach to Pulau Komodo, a tiny island 22 miles long and 9 miles across at its widest point, it’s hard to imagine that this island is the home of the fearsome dragons described by late-19th century explorers. The Komodo dragon is a dinosaur-like reptile believed to date back to the Jurassic Age, and thought to be extinct until rediscovered in 1912. The island is located in the Indonesian region of Nusa Tengarra, and at first glance it looks like a tranquil island with the trees and grasses sloping down to the bays of clear-glass waters, and white-sand beaches with quiet shorelines. But then you realize that this is the island inhabited by 13-foot ... read more
Beautiful Water
Fabulous Coastline
Boat in the Harbor

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo February 18th 2010

Dragons….. Furious species that lived in the past but was surprising to find an Island in Bali dedicated to their version of a dragon an ferocious animal living on bloody prey. the Komodo is an Indonesian island home to approximately 2,000 people who are mostly descendants of former convicts once exiled here. The island which covers an area of 390km² is part of Komodo National Park and is especially known for its native Komodo Dragon - the world's largest living lizard! They could grow as long as 3 to 4 meters. This is a UNESCO world heritage site having the Dutch’s contribution in the past to preserve the creatures. Its unique dragons are the major attraction point as The park is only accessible with guidance of forest rangers. These Dragons are hunters who attack their prey ... read more
Get a Drink
Weird Vegetation
Welcome Our Cruiseliner

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo December 4th 2009

This is my trip report to see Komodo Dragons in their habitat, the Komodo National Park. I have been to Komodo National Park many times… but I am still excited to go there again and again.. Actually our plan to explore two main islands of Komodo National Park, Rinca Island and Komodo Island. On the first day we will go to Rinca Island, next day to Komodo Island… But we changed it, after see Komodo dragons in Rinca we though it was enough and better explore villages and some places around Labuanbajo - Flores island. I am glad that we had right decision so, we had opportunity to stop an a market, a traditional market where people selling their daily needs. Walk around a nice village with head of village, see house, people activities, meet and ... read more
Bintang Flores Hotels
Komodo Dragon

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo November 25th 2009

November 22 2009 - November 24 2009 TOUR--3 days / 2 nights, Perama tour, deck--Rp2,000,000 Senggigi was to put it into non-expletives, c**p! This is supposedly Lombok's primary resort but is actually overly expensive (considering the beach isn't great) and extremely noisy at night (having being kept awake all night by the lousy live band in the club next door). Luckily this was only a one-night transit before hopping aboard Perama Tour's 3-day boat trip to Flores via Komodo Island. This is how it went: DAY 1 We set off with our tour bus from Senggigi at 9am for a half day tour of some of Lombok's villages. First up was the tiny village of Loyok where we visited a small home-run bamboo "factory". Here they made handicrafts from bamboo such as bracelets, instruments and handbags. ... read more
Somewhere in Lombok...
Somewhere else in Lombok
Loyok, Lombok

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo October 18th 2009

oftewel : "Toe kom mee naar snorkelland" voor onze allerliefste Belgskes! For some memories of good old times, click the video at the bottom. Its a hint at what we have been doing the last weeks and We have been humming this song quite a lot :-) We are now back in Asia and more precisely Indonesia. Yes, again Indonesia! We allready visited Java, Sulawesi and Papua earlier on our trip. Now we explored some smaller islands. Our quest after two months travelling on a tight shedule: relaxing, doing absolutely nothing worth mentioning here, island hopping, snorkelling and beach spotting. The result: succeeded! If you want to go island hopping, there is probably no better place then Indonesia. Indonesians like to refer to their country as "the land of a thousand islands" and yes, they even ... read more
Flores - view from hotel
Flores - view from hotel3

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo October 5th 2009

By Sam: In order to go see the dragons out on the Komodo islands, our only realistic option was a four day boat cruise. I think we were all a bit wary about being on a relatively small boat out on the open ocean for four days, but in the end we figured the ends justified the means. I mean, dragons, we were going to see dragons. Enormous lizards that hunt and eat water buffalo. Nine feet long, over 200 pounds. Our first day on the boat did little to reassure us that it our decision to go was the right one. We cruised along in our little modified fishing boat pitching and rolling massively for five hours. No one got sick but we were definitely clutching at the railings to prevent ourselves from flopping all ... read more
Glad this Komodo is sleepy
SamF and Komodo

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