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March 30th 2015
Published: March 30th 2015
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Day four - 1st stop today was going to be Komodo, so after sailing for an hour we had arrived. As soon as we were off the boat we were in komodo national park and deciding to do the long trek - roughly 2 hrs we headed off. 10 minutes into the trek and we saw our first dragon - a female measuring approx 3 metres in length walked straight up to us had a drink in a nearby water hole and led the way for us to follow! After following her for just a couple of minutes she turned off and we carried on. Komodo dragons have been known to attack people ( a Swedish photographer, a young child left on the beach while the parents went swimming and a local picking fruit from the trees!.) So on our trek we had 2 guides each carrying a large stick with a pointy end - just in case! It was very hard to imagine one of these animals actually mustering up the energy to do anything - let alone attack something! Further on we saw one of their nests ( when a female lays her eggs she'll build 2 nests to try and confuse any predators - but once the babies are hatched they are under threat from a lot of animals - even their own mothers!) Walking on we saw a further 5-6 dragons all of similar size - they are completely solitary animals so only seen in groups if there is any chance of food around. After a very hot and sweaty trek we were back on the boat heading off to Rinca island. The dragons are only found on komodo, Rinca and Flores islands in Indonesia. 2 hrs later and after a spot of lunch we made it, this time opting to do a shorter trek because of the heat. Exactly the same process as with komodo island ( 2 English speaking guides full of information and walking through a national park.) Just around the back of the visitor centre we saw 4-5 dragons lazing in the afternoon sun - they're quite happy with hanging around hoping for the off chance of any food, and generally being quite lazy animals its an easy option. Walking on we saw some deer and about 3-4 other dragons, it was great to see them and to learn some interesting facts on how they live. Heading off for the last time - this time to the island of Flores, i was feeling pretty tired so had a snooze on the journey, waking up only to the sounds of the others shuffling off the boat. We had arrived! Heading off with Patrick - from Belgium, Gui and Dominique from France to find a hotel for the night, we found one pretty close to everything and only 250,000 rupiah. We all had the option of staying a further night on the boat for no extra charge, but the thought of going another day without having a shower was too much to bear - so everyone ended up opting for a hotel instead. The 4 of us headed out for pizza after first having a lovely hot shower and then headed back for an early night.
Was really nice to be back on solid ground after being at sea for 4 days and I had generally quite enjoyed the trip - never having been on a boat for that long before.


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