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Asia » Indonesia » Komodo March 28th 2015

Day 6 Thursday 19 March Day 9 Sunday 22 March Darwin 32c very humid After breakfast we went onto the internet and posted the blog and did some banking. We went ashore and walked up to the centre of town and did some shopping. We walked back down to the foreshore and had a look at the wave pool but decided to use the public swimming area that they have developed down on the foreshore. Gail had a couple of swims while I made some phone calls. We went a bar on the foreshore that offered free internet and had a drink. Unfortunately the free wifi didn't work, but the drinks were good. It started to rain and there was some lightning around. We went up on deck as we sailed out of Darwin and watched ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo March 11th 2015

Komodo Ich war sozusagen Inselhüpfen in Indonesien (es gibt da ja auch so viele...): Zuletzt flog ich nach Labuan Bajo, Flores, um von dort aus mit einem Schifferl nach Komodo zu fahren um die berühmten Komodo Dragons (auf deutsch: Warane) zu sehen. Der Trip dauerte 2 Tage. Am ersten Tag stoppten wir zum schnorcheln, und konnten Manta-Rochen hautnah erleben. Meine wasserdichte Kamera war ab diesem Zeitpunkt nicht mehr wasserdicht... Somit gibts auch keine Fotos vom nächsten Schnorchelstopp, mit Korallen und einem Nemo-Clownfisch. Beim nächsten Halt störten wir "Flying Foxes" (Flughunde) bei ihrem Mittagsschlaf. Und am späten Nachmittag erreichten wir die Siedlung auf Komodo Island (Komodo Village oder Komodo City), ein kleines Fischerdorf mit ca. 1000 Einwohnern (...die meisten davon Kinder). Bei meinem abendlichen Rundgang durch da... read more
Garuda Indonesia
Labuan Bajo
vor Labuan Bajo

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo September 10th 2014

The next day (6th Sept) in the bay Lehok Ginggho we took Luna Ray up the northern branch and explored behind a small island, making for a very well protected anchorage. S8 41.022 E119 38.897 In the western gap between the island and Rinca was a large expanse of shallow turquoise next to a lovely beach… a little spot of paradise. We explored another inlet and Naomi caught some bait fish off the dinghy with the cast net. Then at the next little headland we ducked our heads as we entered a remarkable little cave and landed the dinghy on the tiny beach inside. There was another entrance from the water from the next beach along and also from land, a small area of flat ground with cliffs enclosing it. We had found an amazing spot ... read more
another gorgeous beach
Dragons on Komodo
not so Pink Beach

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo September 5th 2014

Early on the 5th September we tied the dinghy to the wooden pier at 7am and met our guide, Adi, who had come down to meet us. As we returned to the office there were several dragons lying around. Alex is a big fan of the “How to Train your Dragon” series and I think disappointed these dragons didn’t fly nor breath fire. We spotted one dragon walking, lumbered along and upset another that was minding its own business, in a small confrontation that caused a bit of excitement as the ranger was worried it might dart off in our direction - hard to imagine them moving at any speed. We then went for our walk, passed a dragon guarding its eggs in a huge nest (depressions in the dry mud ground), through woods, over dried ... read more
what a whopper!
Luna Ray at our first bay in Lehok Ginggho
On our dragon hike

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo September 4th 2014

28th August - We left our little coral spits and headed west again. This day we had a 20-25 mile hop and with a light breeze that developed in the day we were actually able to switch the motor off and sail slowly at 3 knots for a few hours - we are learning to be grateful for small mercies in Indonesia. We were heading towards a town called Riung but actually aiming to anchor behind a small island about 2 miles out to its northeast. I was hoping to sail almost all the way but as we turned toward land there was a visible strip of reef/shallow water to cross and so the engine went on incase there was any urgent reversing to be done. We crossed this with sounder never less than 12m and ... read more
coming into anchor off a village
fisherman paying out his net
reef spotting from the boom

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo August 23rd 2014

The two islands of Komodo Island and Rinca Island are home to over 2000 Komodo dragons. The two islands are quite far away from Bali, but can be reached from the town of Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores. I joined a tour which left from the dust swept fishing/tourist town of Labuan Bajo at around 8am. I paid around $125 with an extra $10 for renting snorkel equipment. I boarded a boat with three other Italian women. The boat had a three person crew who had a deep love of loud thumping club music and Indonesian ballads. The first part of the journey consisted of a two hour cruise on the emerald green and blue waters. Our first stop was Rinca Island. At the entrance to the park we were greeted by a female ... read more
Lady dragon
Dragons lying in the sun
View of the bay from Rinca Island

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo August 9th 2014

Or is it maybe dive and dive and no connection to internet for a few days... There are places in the world that all divers should try to dive once, and Komodo is one of them. I have dived before few times in Indonesia....Bali for the Mola Mola, Pulau Weh as well as the Gilis next to Lombok. But this time it's serious diving, and my first liveaboard in Indonesia. Bear in mind, I know I still have to do a liveaboard in Raja well as diving Lembeh/Bunaken/Bangka and Sangalaki to have done the full list. Lembeh will come, with Leslie and of these years during the April holidays, when I will be convinced that they are happy with hunting macro while diving. For the none-divers...macro is all those tiny little creatures that you ... read more
Coleman shrimps on a fire sea urchin
The Mermaid 2
Manta Alley

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo July 24th 2014

July 21 - To Flores I woke up and caught a taxi for 60000 rp to the airport. And soon enough I was flying to Labuan Bajo via Ende. I arrived into the brand new airport. I had been in Labuan Bajo 6 years and wow has it changed. The airport used to be a 2 part room with windows. Now it's a modern airport with escalators and the like. The taxi into town was even more shocking. The entire village on stilts was gone, replaced by hotels, travel agents, restaurants and dive shops. The transformation was incredible. I'll see if I can get any before and after photos. I got to the dive shop, set things up, got a SIM card (I forgot how gloriously cheap Indonesian cell phone plans are). For about $5 you ... read more
Indonesia 2
Indonesia 3
Indonesia 4

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo July 16th 2014

I went for a dive trip to Komodo NP between July 10 and July 15. Amazing dives, beautiful corals and fishes and animals. Really fantastic. Some sites with strong currents. The most amazing drift dive of these was the cauldron / the shotgun. A very strong current up to 5-6kt blows you throug a channel... The greatest dive was perhaps the dive around Mawan Island, a cleaning station for Mantas. One dive we didnt see any mantas, but on the second dive we were lucky and three mantas were visiting, and a turtle and a cuttlefish. Mantas at Mawan island! funny: a manta diving nosedown into the sand-I have never seen this before who is watching who? ... read more
sea lily
sunset at Kuta beach
evening near Kuta beach

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo September 6th 2013

The Journey (6th Sep to 8th Sep) Arrived at Denpasar airport late in the evening coming from Darwin. The immigration officials offer an express service for a bit of extra money and whisk people through the queue... I decided to wait in line. The lady at the X-Ray machine was half asleep and not even paying attention. From there I got a taxi to Kuta and a hotel room, feeling tired as it was 1am Darwin time by now. Kuta is filled with narrow lanes with lots of shops and scooters zooming by. The next day I went for a walk through Kuta - the beach has big waves and I also stopped by the Bali bombing monument. On the way back I ended up booking transport to Gili Air island just off Lombok, there was ... read more
Gili Air
Nemo from Gili Air
Turtle from Gili Air

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