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March 28th 2015
Published: March 28th 2015
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Day 6 Thursday 19 March

Day 9 Sunday 22 March


32c very humid

After breakfast we went onto the internet and posted the blog and did some banking.

We went ashore and walked up to the centre of town and did some shopping. We walked back down to the foreshore and had a look at the wave pool but decided to use the public swimming area that they have developed down on the foreshore. Gail had a couple of swims while I made some phone calls.

We went a bar on the foreshore that offered free internet and had a drink. Unfortunately the free wifi didn't work, but the drinks were good. It started to rain and there was some lightning around.

We went up on deck as we sailed out of Darwin and watched the sunset and saw the pilot get off the ship which was interesting. There was some lightning about so it was pretty spectacular.

The entertainment tonight was a another production show based on the music of the 60s. It was quite good.

I finished The Confession by John Grisham an Gail finished Lord John and the Land of the Devils by Diana Galbedon.

Day 10 Monday 23 March

At sea across the Timor Sea seas calm

Patchy cloud 28 c

Gail did another early morning walk. She is now doing 40 laps which is about 3 nautical miles.

I went to another lecture this time on the food and how the passengers amused themselves on the Endeavour on their voyage in 1769-70

Then we had a swim and read. I went to an afternoon lecture on New Zealand during WW2. It concentrated on the personal relationships, war brides, illegitimate births etc and was very interesting. We continue to watch the Downton Abbey episodes. I went for a walk around the deck, but I only did 15 laps, pathetic aren't I?

There was a Captains cocktail party and it was a formal night so we were all dolled up. We caught up with a couple, Sue and Allan, from Eden who we had been on Safari with and sailed back on the Queen Mary with. The entertainer was a singer, Stephen Fisher King who grew up in Canberra and went to the School of Music. He has a fabulous voice.

After the show we went up to the Tahitian Lounge and danced until just before midnight.

Day 11 Tuesday 24 March

At sea across the Timor Sea. Seas calm.

29c clear skies no breeze

Today we passed the southern tip of East Timor.

Gail went to Zumba after breakfast after having walked for about 40 minutes before breakfast.

I went to a second lecture on the food and pastimes of the passengers on the Endeavour. We had a swim and read a bit then had lunch in our cabin and watched Downton Abbey to which we have become addicted.

After lunch we went up to the Tahitian Lounge and watched a trivia about places in the world. Gail went to a stretch class and I watched a movie, The Judge. The entertainment was before dinner so we watched, an Australian comedian magician who was good. After dinner we went up to the Tahitian Lounge where they had a Rock n Roll night but it was not very good so we went to bed. Put the clocks back an hour.

Day 12 Wednesday 25 March

Komodo Island

32c very humid

Up early and watched the sail into Komodo Island through very green hills and islands with the rising sun shining on it.

After breakfast we boarded a tender and went into Komodo Island. Getting off at the jetty was interesting as the tide was out and the ladder up was very steep. After a bit of a briefing we went for a walk through the bush with the guides. We saw one dragon fleetingly through the bush and thought that might be as good as we got. Then we came on two, a huge male and a smaller female lying in an clearing.

They weren't doing much but then third one in a very aggressive mood came marching into the clearing and had a bit of a fight with the female, then he came marching towards us looking very angry. The rangers got very anxious and started to move us down the path quickly only to be confronted by another big male coming the other way. They moved us off to the side and used their pointed sticks to chase him into the bush. These things are huge and their bite is venomous. Evidently there have Been tourists killed before they regulated the tourist movement to only allow walking with rangers. I saw a red deer which are the dragons prey, but Gail missed.

The dragons live the first 3 years of their lives up trees otherwise their parents eat them. The mother even lurks around the nest when she knows they are about to hatch so she can catch them. Charming.

We got into a small boat and sailed for 20 minutes around to the Pink Beach where we swam and snorkelled. There was some nice coral and colourful fish. We were there for nearly 2 hours then went back to the jetty to get back on the tender. The tide had come in which made getting onto the tender tricky as the opening was smaller because the jetty deck was higher. Some people had a great deal of trouble and the crew had to work very hard to get them on board.

The sail away was lovely with the setting sun on the green hills. We watched from our balcony with last of the wine we brought on board.

The entertainment was a John Denver tribute then we went up on the pool deck where they had a deck party with the dancers. We danced until just after 11 then went to bed.

Day 13 Thursday 26 March

At sea through the Lombok Strait where there was a bit of a current and some swell.

31c some cloud

The ship turned north early in the morning and we sailed through the Lombok Strait which is not very wide. Up ahead we could see a volcano which turned out to Bali. We turned west and sailed along the coast of Bali and could see the beaches. Once we got out of the Strait the sea calmed down and later became glassy.

Gail did Zumba and walked while I went to a lecture on William Bligh which covered all of his life except the voyage in the long boat after the mutiny. I went back to the cabin where Gail was watching the Australia v India World Cup semi final so that took up most of the rest of the day. I did go to a lecture on the war in the Pacific and Gail went to choir practice.

We went to the Casino Lounge before dinner and listened to the singers. After dinner we went to another production show this time on the music of the movies. The dancers are very good while the singers are ok.

I finished Killing Lincoln, by Bill O Reilly which covered the Civil War battles leading up to the assassination, the assassination itself and the aftermath.

Day 14 Friday 27 March

At sea sailing westerly & north westerly across the Java Sea. Seas calm

32c cloudy at times, some rain

Gail did Zumba while I watched, then she took part in a walkathon for breast cancer while I went to a lecture Captain Blighs voyage in the longboat.

We had lunch then went to a lecture on famous horses which was a bit disappointing. After that Gail went back to the cabin to do some computer stuff and I went to a talk on the Battle of Saipan. Then we went on line and booked some tours for the voyage home.

We had a cocktail before dinner and after dinner went to see the magicians second show. Very good.


21st April 2015

Komodo Island
Komodo Island sounds amazing! Glad to hear you didn't get bitten. Can't believe the Mums hang around trying to eat their babies! I thought mothers were supposed to have a protective instinct! Crazy animal. Are they a protected species?

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