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Asia » Indonesia » Komodo July 23rd 2005

Our first stop eastwards was to the island of Lombok where we had planned a stay at one of the Gilis, three tropical islands off Lombok's northwest coast, for swimming and snorkelling. This sounds all very good, but we had to scrap these plans due to lack of time. Leaving Bali turned out to be easier than expected, we caught one bemo after the other until the port of Padangbai. A bemo is a small van where the seating benches are placed lengthwise, and represents the main form of public transport. For foreign tourists this kind of transport has some challenges, the haggling for example. After such along stay in India we had got used to it (at least we thought so) but found the Indonesian levels more extreme than the Indian ones. Indonesians can be ... read more
Enchanting sea
Wonderful beach
Klaudia and the starfish

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo July 7th 1992

1992………..2MTHS-1st CYCLING TRIP-1300kms ACROSS INDONESIA 4/7/92 Labuhanbajo - Rinca I met the others at 8 am for what was meant to be an 8.30 am start except the tide was out and we couldn’t leave till 10.30 when they were able to finally push the boat free. There turned out to be 13 on the boat instead of the max of 12 promised but we fitted on OK lying on the deck- no seats, mattresses stored below to use at night. I was able to put my bike below with the rest of the luggage. We got out to the boat by small dugouts, which were very precarious. It turned out to be an interesting group of adventurers and with the 4 Indonesians there were 9 countries represented- USA, Aust, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Holland, England and ... read more
Low Tide-Pushing off the Boat
Boat from Flores
Cooking on the Boat

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