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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 12th 2014

We reached the homestay just as the sun was beginning to set which made all the beautiful Balinese buildings look even more magical. I quickly put my stuff down in the room, freshened up and was out the door so I could catch a glimpse of the town before the sun set. I walked up Hanoman street, where our homestay Tu Eka is located, and then down Monkey Forest Street where I found a nice little place to eat a light dinner. My cold was really starting to kick in by now so I enjoyed a large cup of jasmine tea after dinner and went home early to get a good night rest. Victoria was on the same flight as me, just a day later, so Nyomen and his wife picked her up from the airport ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 10th 2014

We finally made it to Bali and we have found a gem of a city! The fast boat from Gili Air worked out great and a minibus was waiting on the other side to take us to Ubud, the cultural centre of Bali. Ubud is inland so no beaches but this is one of the main spots to experience Balinese culture. We pulled into town and found a little homestay to rest our heads. The first thing we noticed in Ubud was the number of expats that live here, there are loads of tourists obviously but there are also tons of foreigners that have set up shop here with restaurants, hotels or are just hanging out here to live a simpler lifestyle. The city is super laid back for an Asian city. We wandered up a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud June 1st 2014

If we had been a little bit ­­on a waiting mood during our last days in Melbourne, not having real motivation to get out of the apartment until afternoon and just taking things at a leisurely pace, our trip definitely gained some fresh excitement as soon as we landed on Denpasar airport on Bali in the evening of May 24th. Suddenly being in totally different kind of environment, where hundreds of motorbikes occupy the streets (sometimes carrying entire families), and landscapes are dotted with Hindu temples, was exciting. Not to mention how nice it was to be in tropical heath again. Our first stop on Bali was the town of Ubud. We were met by the driver of our hostel at the airport, and he drove us the 1,5 hour trip there. Ubud was quite busy ... read more
what a cute baby :)
Balinese dance performance
at the rice paddies

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 26th 2014

It's taken a while for me to write this entry. Truth be told I'd left Ubud and Bali weeks ago, and returned to my home country of Singapore. I'd been retrospectively updating the blog entries for my Balinese escapade, until this one. And it's taking a while because it's been dawning on me that this could be the last entry of my two-year Southeast Asian/Southern China adventure. Yes, from 14 May 2012 to 22 Apr 2014, from the first nervy flight I took to Surabaya in East Java, Indonesia, absolutely clueless as to what the immediate (and distant) future would present, to the last one I took back to Singapore, it's been quite a trip. I guess it's kinda fitting that very early on in my adventure (Day 5 to be precise), I'd arrived in Bali, ... read more
Ubud Palace
Ibu Oka Babi Guling
Balinese Baller Wedding

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 25th 2014

The Continuing Adventures of The Dreamchasers 2014 followed the Dreamchasers Great Adventure of 2013, which we had agreed was amazing on a number of levels. It wasn't a major worry keeping us up at night, but it did give us a moment of pause when we began this adventure last January, as we wondered how we might follow up "amazing". Our 2014 Adventure has now come to an end. We soon fly west into the never ending sunset, so it is time to once again reflect upon the fifteen highlights of this year's adventure. Then we can better access how we have followed up "amazing". The events are not listed in any order of preference, as that would be just too difficult. They are listed in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent experiences, as ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 24th 2014

I alluded in the previous entry to spending a lifetime looking for my yoga teacher, my guru, and having finally found what I was looking for. This was not an exaggeration, as I was first introduced to yoga in the early 70's, and Yoga has been a part of my life ever since. In the process I have been exposed to a variety of yoga forms have studied with a number of yoga teachers. However, I have never felt I had found "my guru". I have for years wanted to immerse myself in a yoga course somewhere in the world, but I just could not put it together before. As one who believes that everything happens for a reason, I do not believe it is coincidence that I "happened" to find this particular yoga Shala. And ... read more
The Yoga Shala
Yoga Immersion Class
Mysore Class

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 23rd 2014

As I pointed out in my first Ubud entry, the theme for our 2014 adventure was "Slow Down, You Move Too Fast", and although we covered a lot of new territory throughout Asia and Indonesia on this trip - Myanmar, Kuala Lumpur, Borneo, Lombok, and the Komodo Islands - we have indeed slowed down this past month. Soon after arriving in Ubud, Bali, we rented the studio apartment, as well as two motor scooters, so that we could get to our daily yoga classes. The Yoga Shala ( "Shala" is Sanskrit for "School") is located in a village 30 minutes outside of Ubud, and our two hour classes begin at 8:00 a.m., six days a week. About the same time, I committed to fifteen hours of individual instruction in Indonesian Language study, and have now completed ... read more
Mountains, Rice Fields & Everywhere, Temples
Our Daily Road
Rice Paddy Worker

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 11th 2014

It's all started by my friend, Tissa, who suggested that I joined Yoga Bali Spirit Festival which happened yearly and this year, it was held on March 19-23, 2014 in Ubud, Bali. I am not a true blue Yogi but the thought of attending a yearly global event of Yoga in Bali was exciting, so I booked my flight and bought the five day pass to the festival. A few days before I left, my friend told me she was not able to come, and the rest of my friends were not able to join me either. Determined, I went ahead with my plan and left for Bali on March 19. Upon arrival at noon, I was greeted at the airport by my car rental agent from whom I regularly rented a car, and got my ... read more
Balinese family
Happy kids
Making Ogoh Ogoh

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 6th 2014

It's been awhile since I wrote a post, and by this point, I've been in and out of Ubud 3 times, so I'll break with chronology and just talk about my time there. Ubud is Bali's cultural nexus, with lots of arts, crafts, and a great cafe scene. Ubud captures many travelers and retains them for longer than they had anticipated, by offering chill vibes, and an alluring mix of weirdness and comfort. I came to Ubud (for the first time) after leaving the beach in Seminyak. What really stands out about the place is how well the traditional Balinese culture fuses with the Western culture brought by the emigrants who have settled here. And some of them have been here awhile – I met a middle-aged British lady who had been here for 17 years, ... read more
My water
The gang
Typical offerings

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 31st 2014

2014 has been a rather spectacular year for us, as we have now brought in the New Year for the third time in as many months. On Canadian soil, just prior to departing on this adventure, we celebrated New Year's Eve on December 31st, as per usual. Then, a month later, on February 1st, when we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, we discovered it was the Chinese New Year. The celebrations and decorations were everywhere, as there is a very significant Chinese population in Malaysia, and in particular in Kuala Lumpur. We also learned that the Chinese New Year celebrations go on for exactly fifteen days, so the Chinese New Year was still being celebrated when we arrived in Borneo, Malaysia. And now, on March 30th and 31st, we have had the opportunity to bring in a ... read more
Another Demon
This is Heavy, But Everybody Does Their Share
More Demons

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