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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 10th 2014

About a week after Christmas holidays had ended, we had a mid week day off due to a Muslim holiday. It was nice to have a short week as it helped us settle into our routines again. I ended up spending the whole day going from one spa treatment to another unintentionally. The day was kicked off with a facial, followed by a cream bath and ended with watching a movie at the premiere theatre where we watched The Life of Walter Mitty. I often head into Kemang on weekends. I go with two others to visit friends who work at another campus apart of our school. We sometimes go to coffee shops to work which makes for a great way to get work done. When it rains, it becomes cozier, making it a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 8th 2014

In an effort to break us out of our beach torpor, Matt booked us a three night getaway in Ubud, a city in the foothills outside of Denpasar known as an arty, spiritual place. But every time I thought I was starting to "get it" something would happen to make me double guess what I thought about this place. Maybe it's the incongruity of the local people and the ex-pats that live side by side but in vastly different economic realities. On the face of things the Balinese don't seem uncomfortable with foreigners coming in and spending a lot of money and in fact, there is very little crime against foreigners here and an open friendliness that belies the idea of any envy. But it's odd to see expensive hotels and spas, often foreign-owned, selling the ... read more
Oleg Tumulilangam (Bumblebee Love) Dance
Rice Paddies at Lunch
Life Imitates Art

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud January 20th 2014

Geo: -8.51927, 115.263The drive from our beach-side enclave at Nusa Dua up to Ubud in the foothills of the mountains takes about 90 minutes - but we extended that with a stop at Sanur to see the mouldering remains of paintings by Belgian artist Adrien Jean Le Mayeur who moved here in the 1930s and ended up marrying a Balinese beauty 37 years his junior. The house and paintings were adopted by the Indonesian Government though they seem to spend next-to-nothing on conservation. High point was that the lady who ran the shop was the grand-neice of the painters Balinese wife. Great beach - and a nice cool spot to sit and drink/eat a young coconut each. Liz takes over here!After the safety and luxury of the beach resort complex setting off in our little pink ... read more
morning walk across the psddy fields
preparing for the festival
baby elephant enjoying a swim

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud January 15th 2014

! awake to nature's symphony; birds, frogs, roosters. The tropical breeze swirls through the palm & coconut trees, they are dancing. A new day has begun in Ubud! Someone is chopping in the distance, preparing for the breakfast meal. I'm back in Ubud, Bali & loving it! My soul feels free............ Each winter, I enjoy putting my Passport to good use! Jan 13th, I boarded Korean Air at JFK, was 15 hrs to Seoul; then another 6 hrs to Denpasar, Bali. All in all, 35 hrs from start to finish. No doubt, I want to be here, it's a long way to come for a 'green smoothie' and a lotus flower!!!!! I went with friends to Petulu Gunung village, 3 km from Ubud. Many years ago the village was so poor, and cut off from other ... read more
Heron birds
Heron birds perched in tree
Serenity in the rice fields

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud January 14th 2014

See "Christmas with Orangutans" for the prequel to this trip. Oh Bali. The party island of southeast Asia. Known for beautiful beaches and legendary nightlife, Bali seemed like the ideal place to go after a stint in the Malaysian jungle. Our flight lands an hour and a half late (due to the weather in Kota Kinabalu) and we reach Bali-Denpasar airport just before 10:00 on Thursday night, the day after Christmas. I've landed in Asia, but when I step into the airport I might as well be in Australia. I have been warned that Bali is constantly full of Australians looking to party for less than $12 a beer. And "full of Australians" might be an understatement. The line for immigration is endless. After being surprised with a $25 USD fee for "Visa on Arrival" we ... read more
Kuta at Night
What we were Expecting to See
What we Actually Saw

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud November 8th 2013

After a good nights sleep and banana jaffle breakfast, I made my way to the Sacred Monkey Forest. And yes, there were LOTS of monkeys monkeying around. There were a couple of temples within the grounds but the cute monkeys were a big part of the sight seeing. I walked around here for an hour or so then aimlessly walked round the town, stopping to have an avocado shake. I would have been nice to see some more of Ubud and spend more time there, but that's the way it rolled. In the evening I watched a Kecak and Fire dance performance. Worth it to see Balinese dance culture. I found a restaurant and dined with a few dishes I hadn't had before and treated myself to a beer. I bought an extra two beers from ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 6th 2013

I wake up to the bus conductor yelling where we are. “Ubud! Ubud!” he wails, as the passengers get off the bus. During the early afternoon drive to this bucolic town in the middle of Bali, all image of paradise I had in my mind of this Indonesian island were quickly replaced by grinding traffic and unremarkable city structures, and before I knew it, I was asleep. After yesterday's trip to Mount Bromo, I backtracked in the afternoon to Surabaya, where I took a short flight to Bali, the last leg of my (ill-advised) whirlwind trip. I had actually scheduled an early morning walking tour that would have taken me across Ubud's rice fields, local villages, and possibly a Balinese dance school. But during my last night in Yogyakarta, a blackout hit the city, which prevented ... read more
Fruits and Art
Ubud Hospitality

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 21st 2013

Na de pittige week op Java vanwege het vele reizen en het vroege opstaan, was Lovina Beach in het Noorden van Bali echt de perfecte plek om even bij te komen. Een rustig strand met een leuk dorpje. We hadden de perfecte kamer gevonden met drie bedden in een hostel met mooie tuin en zwembad! Na een dagje bijgekomen te zijn, gingen we al snel weer op pad, want ook op Bali is veel te zien en te doen. Zo begonnen we met een snorkeltour in het noordwesten van Bali. We hadden vanaf het bootje uitzicht op de vulkanen op Java, die we hadden beklommen en gingen nu met dit uitzicht op de achtergrond al snorkelend in de zee dobberen. Klinkt heel relaxed en dat is het ook. Al moet ik altijd even vijf minuten "door", ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 5th 2013

Bali !! 9 mois d'Australie... Un jolie périple ! J'y aurai volontiers passé plus de temps, mais disons que j'étais un peu pressé par le temps. Une fois que l'on commence à voyager, on a pas envie de s'arrêter et ne pouvant pas vraiment me permettre de fuir la France pendant 5 ans, même ce n'est pas l'envie qui m'en manque, il était temps d'aller à la conquête de nouveaux pays, surtout après travaillé et mit de l'argent de côté. Au passage l'occasion était trop belle, Bali étant à deux heures de vols de Darwin, les billets d'avions étaient vraiment pas chère. Disons aussi que l'Australie n'est pas non plus vraiment le pays avec la culture la plus riche du monde. Ce n'est d'ailleurs généralement pas pour ça que l'on s'y rend, mais plutôt pour sa ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 21st 2013

And I’m off! My journey began rather roughly. After a tearful goodbye to my mom at YVR, I had finally gotten myself together by the time I had reached the check in desk. I had been living in denial over the past month or so and with so much going on it was hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that it will be an entire year before I will once again see my loved ones. Honestly, I barely flinch when leaving for a summer but pulling myself away this time proved to be unexpectedly difficult. The Air Canada attendant scanned my passport, gave me a hard look and said, “I’m afraid I cannot check you in for your flight. It shows that you have a one way ticket to Bali and Indonesian ... read more

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