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Asia » India » Meghalaya » Shillong December 29th 2018

The visit to Meghalaya was indeed superb. Our trip started on 6 th April 2017 and we took the direct flight to Guwahati from Chennai. After reaching Guwahati it’s a drive of 3.50 hours to Shillong the capital of Meghalaya. The drive was fantastic all through, mind blowing scenic spots. Wide roads and smooth traffic made the travel very much easier.We checked into a hotel I had booked on line. Shillong is a hill station in northeast India and capital of the state of Meghalaya. It’s known for the manicured gardens surrounded by walking trails.After some rest we started off for the local sightseeing. The Wards Lake was the first spot. A pleasant garden with a lake in the middle and lots of swan’s around. A beautiful man made lake named after Sir William Ward, the ... read more
Lovely scenes on the way
The river view..
cluster of mountain flowers..

Asia » India » Meghalaya May 30th 2017

I am sitting cozily in my home in the Seattle area a month after returning from my excellent journey to Bangladesh and remote Meghalaya and Assam in Northeast India. It is truly challenging to let go of a great trip, in many ways it feels like I haven't. My backpack, journal, strange musical instruments and other accoutrements from my trip are still next to me. The memories are fresh and will be with me forever. Hope you enjoy my little story. Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Bangladesh. Most famous for devastating cyclones, ethnic strife, horrible flooding, bad air and being the most densely populated country on earth. This is a country that receives very few travelers, mostly just international aid and disaster relief workers. Bangladesh is one of the cheapest places on earth to manufacture and does exactly that ... read more

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Shillong June 13th 2016

My cousin Priscilla and I are travelers and before completion of any trip we would start planning for our next trip. Don't be surprise when I say we have already planned our next upcoming trips. Being from North Eastern part of India we have underestimated the beauty of North East India. But this time after exploring many parts of Northern and Southern India, we wanted to visit North East, not as visiting home but as travelers. Considering the limited time we had, we planned to travel Meghalaya and Manipur, covering some portion of Assam.url= had traveled to Assam quite many times and Manipur is my home state. But I had never been to... read more

Asia » India » Meghalaya April 30th 2016

Memories… I have always been grateful to the place where I have born & brought up. It was the north-east part of Bangladesh. I was really lucky to have such a nice landscape & hilly views at the early stage of my life which was like a treasure of my childhood. However, the most important reason for liking this place is the stunning view of the Mountains of Meghalaya which is a state located in north-east India. And If I have any soft corner deep inside for mountains then it’s because of Meghalaya (the adobe of clouds). Still I can remember, when I was young, in every lazy afternoon after coming back from school, I used to stand in front of my window for a long just to watch that huge, bluish, cloudy mountain. It was ... read more
Panorama of Shillong
Road through the clouds
Nohkalikai Falls

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Shillong November 8th 2015

Geo: 25.5689, 91.8831I should have known better, yep silly me. I was all excited to get to Shillong the famous East India Hill Station. I had visions of old British buildings in a peaceful hilly environ. Yep silly me. Its sad when you can see the old stuff which hasn't changed since the Brits left swamped by the typical Indian concrete nightmare. Couple that with too many people and what do you get a shit hole. Now you may think I am fussy, well maybe I am… and maybe I have a romantic view of how India used to be.The most frustrating part is when drivers just do stupid things, it's a constant in India. Things like oh there is a gap there so lets get into it without thinking if I go there then all ... read more
Indian Sweets
Unhappy Indian Sweets Face
Bush Camp

Asia » India » Meghalaya March 21st 2015

Northeast India – the land of seven sisters and a brother; Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Tripura being the seven sisters and their little brother Sikkim. Northeast India, until the late 2000s, was disturbed by unrest caused by Naxalites and clashes and tension between the local tribal people and the government. With all this going on, tourism was out of question. However, things have now changed over a period of time and with the eased tension between the tribes and the government, Northeast India has now become a popular tourist destination. Each of the north-eastern states with their unadulterated natural beauty have different things to offer. Be it the one-horned rhinoceros in Assam or the living-root bridges of Meghalaya or the third highest mountain peak in the world - Kanchenjunga in Sikkim, every ... read more
The mighty cliffs of Meghalaya
The mighty cliffs of Meghalaya
Limestone caves

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Shillong October 25th 2014

Confusing title again?!? Well..a lot of the diesel locomotives plying on Indian Railways are manufactured by the American Locomotive Company (now defunct) abbreviated Alco. My train, 15657 Sealdah-Guwahati Kanchanjunga express, was also hauled by diesel locomotive made by Alco and hence the title!! Upon reaching Kolkata, completing half of the journey, I was feeling very excited because I was inching towards my destination, although I was equally enjoying the train rides. The Guwahati bound Kanchanjunga express was scheduled to leave at 6:30 AM but I arrived at the station 2 hours before the train's departure. This was for the first time, in my numerous trips to Kolkata, I was traveling via Sealdah station and I kind of felt that I was in one of train stations in Mumbai because even at 4:30 AM, it was crowded. ... read more

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Cherrapunjee June 9th 2012

Hi, everyone this is my first blog where i want share my experince while exploring the scenic beauty of Meghalaya. As the name indicate the Megh: cloud Alaya: Place it is not ironic to say that it is true place of clouds. Megahlaya is the northeast state of India loacated in Khasi hills in HImalyan mountains range. With major cities like Shillong, Cherapunji (wettest land on earth) is tourist destination. Shillong have its airport with limited flight availablity form delhi, culcutta. nearest railway station is Guwahati (Assam). In the end of April 2010, i have planned to visit the north east part of India with my Friends. on my way to Guwahati from delhi (2 hr) flight i have enjoyed the view of Himalyan snow covered mountains. the first we spent exploring Guwahati, the mian attractions ... read more
Shillong View from Shillong Peak
Nokhalikai Fall

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Shillong May 28th 2012

IN SEARCH OF MY ROOTS – ROAD TRIP TO WAR JAINTIA Bikika Laloo Tariang I may have gone against my matrilineal culture in taking my father’s surname (mom felt it was the right thing to do, seeing as dad was the head of the family and was also provider and protector), yet my Tariang (mom’s War surname) blood does not just course through my body but it manifests itself in my looks and my shrewd mind (many Wars have sharp features, perhaps owing to the proximity of their land to Bangladesh, the shrewdness may also be attributed to the same reason. Or not.). As per my culture, I am War (pronounced as in car) – both of my maternal grandparents having had their roots there. Despite having visited War Jaintia ( a group of villages in ... read more

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Shillong May 6th 2012

Neighbourhood Watch Of course, a home is what you make it, the neighbourhood notwithstanding. My own family home is in a suburban neighbourhood not considered very hip or posh but it is home and we’ve lived here over twenty years. But for those to whom it matters, here’s a round-up of the popular neighbourhoods in the city. To find some of the oldest families and their homes, Mawkhar and Jaiaw are the places to look. The families are mostly Khasis who have been around for generations, some of the ancestors having rubbed shoulders (and even married) with the British who ruled here for many years. Quite a few are joint families with great-grandparents, grandparents and numerous descendants under the same roof. Some of these ancestors have held high posts in the Government as well as academic ... read more

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