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Asia » India » Meghalaya » Shillong April 2nd 2007

The bus drops us at the junction to Shillong, where the road back to Guwahati forks sharply uphill next to a small Hindu temple. It is midday and the sun is beating down on us as we re-load the bikes, which have emerged unscathed from the back of the bus - no damage and only 2 minutes to load and unload at either end, and cheaper than putting them on the train. We vow to use buses from now on if we don’t want to cycle. After a quick feast of fried rice at a small dhaba opposite the temple we are ready for the long slog uphill. We will not reach Shillong today but hope to escape the heat and get halfway up the Meghalayan Massif, an isolated 2000m high rolling plateau that sits south ... read more
The Evil Fruit
Beautiful Paan Leaf Sellers, Shillong

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Cherrapunjee January 24th 2006

Summary: I've been scrambling down a cliff cutting my way through dense forest, trying not to get lost, to get to the base of the a stunning waterfall, met a great Khasi family and had my picture taken a lot. I made only three trips to this region sadly but what trips! Just a little background first. This is the wettest place on earth, Cherapunjee (the local name is Sohra - Cherapunjee is the British name) town itself held the record until a couple of years ago when the nextdoor town of Mawsynram snatched the title. They have an average rainfall of over 11m/year and mawsynram once recieved over 20m! On top of this ridiculously large figure they get it all concentrated over one relatively short period in summer! When I was there however it was ... read more
Nohkalikai falls
The way back
Exploring around the falls

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Shillong January 24th 2006

This bloody travel blog thing doesn't even have a category (again) for the whole district I've just been to so I've put it in the title (again). I arrived in Shillong on the afternoon of the 18th having randomly deciding to leave a day early just because I happened to walk past the place where the Sumo's (looks like a landrover or something except cheap and nasty with no 4WD) leave from. Pretty much as soon as I stepped out of the car in the usual initial disorientated 'which way is up' fashion a western girl (mid 20's) befriended me and walked me to my hotel. She was an anthropologist studying the tribal culture in Meghalaya over the next year and it would have been really interesting to find out what she knew but I never ... read more
My room
The View

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