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November 8th 2015
Published: November 10th 2017
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I should have known better, yep silly me. I was all excited to get to Shillong the famous East India Hill Station. I had visions of old British buildings in a peaceful hilly environ. Yep silly me. Its sad when you can see the old stuff which hasn't changed since the Brits left swamped by the typical Indian concrete nightmare. Couple that with too many people and what do you get a shit hole. Now you may think I am fussy, well maybe I am… and maybe I have a romantic view of how India used to be.

The most frustrating part is when drivers just do stupid things, it's a constant in India. Things like oh there is a gap there so lets get into it without thinking if I go there then all the cars stop… simple thought process just do not seem to happen, and even stranger is when all has stopped all they do is look at each other and wonder why all has stopped… That is until Lisa heads out with the stick and whistle and get all of them into line… funny to watch. I even get funny looks from drivers when I point
Indian SweetsIndian SweetsIndian Sweets

Once again we fell for the old trick that if you keep buying Indian Sweets they will taste as good as they look.
the Bull Bar directly at their car and surge forward. Lisa even said once…. Maybe we can sacrifice some of the paint on the Bull Bar just to teach them a lesson!!! I kid you not. Interestingly at one crazy intersection that was being controlled by a policeman a taxi driver did a dumb thing and the Policeman kicked the vehicle hard enough to have heard the bang over the traffic… he got the thumbs up from us.

So once clear of the shit hole we went to Cherrapunji which is the wettest place in the whole world… Yep I kid you not it rains a minimum of 11 meters of rain a year… and even funnier is we could not take any photos because the sun glare and the mist resulted in blown-out photos…. Sarah where are you I need help. (Sarah always takes great photos, as you would expect). So no clouds and thus no rain...ironic.

We were going to camp at the Cherrapunji car park, however it was too exposed for our vehicle. I guess overlanders with enclosed bodies have no troubles however we have exposure issues. So we back tracked a little and found a track that took
Unhappy Indian Sweets FaceUnhappy Indian Sweets FaceUnhappy Indian Sweets Face

Once again the same result, throw them away.
us to a fantastic remote place. Showered and all is good again.

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The long climb back upThe long climb back up
The long climb back up

There were probably 50,000 steps down into he gorge to the bridges. Well maybe there were only 600 steps!!
Town rules. Great sign, good for a laughTown rules. Great sign, good for a laugh
Town rules. Great sign, good for a laugh

interestingly just past this sign there were people washing their car and doing laundry
Sunday ChurchSunday Church
Sunday Church

Shillong was well and truly in fine form after Sunday morning church

8th November 2015

Gosh, Darren, where did you find this hottie?
8th November 2015

Did you see anyone being persecuted? I love the way English is often tortured in the subcontinent:)
9th November 2015

Re 1: the chucks back home say "cluck, cluck" !
9th November 2015

All very smart!!
10th November 2015

just getting ready for Cambodian temples love mum xx

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