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Asia » India » Kerala » Kumarakom October 6th 2017

Day 18: Kumarakom - Cochin - Australia 5 & 6 October 2017 Today was home time. I decided to do a workout in the gym at the hotel. That was great, even though some of the equipment didn’t work. Unfortunately, they were fixing the pool so there was no swimming allowed. Tom went down to breakfast while I was at the gym. I later went to breakfast and the rest of the day was spent packing and getting our blog and travel diary and photos up to date. We were picked up at 4.30pm by a driver in a car and taken to the Kochi International Airport. This was a 3-hour journey in the peak hour traffic of India. The final cold beer in the airport bar was an opportunity to think about the last 4 ... read more
Kochi International Airport (3)
Kochi International Airport (1)
Kochi International Airport (2)

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumarakom October 4th 2017

Day 17: Alleppey - Kumarakom 4 October 2017 Kumarakom is a popular tourism destination located near the city of Kottayam famous for its backwater tourism. Debbie was keen to buy some copper pots and Moran said there might be some for sale in the markets of Kottayam. We parked the van and walked along the busy market street, moving from one shop to another. The results where that we both bought sari material and Deb also found several small copper bowls but sadly, no large ones were found. The men also found a café which sold excellent cappuccino so we all had one, including Mohan. Fishing, agriculture and tourism are the major economic activities in this area. Kumarakom's perfectly balanced tropical climate is very conducive to cultivation. The place has expanses of mangrove forests, paddy fields ... read more
Our last dinner - Kumarakom (3)
Cultural dance at the hotel (2)
Our last full day - Kumarakom (3)

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumarakom November 8th 2016

November 2nd 2016 On the second day of our trip we traveled to Kumarakom which is about a 4 hour drive from Trivandrum. In Kumarakom we took a boat to see the backwaters in Kerala there we saw many birds such as the Kingfisher, we also saw a great variety of water lilles and lotuses. While we were on our boat tour we saw many different boats some of them were house boats traveling around the vast backwaters.... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumarakom January 19th 2016

Kerala’s backwaters We negotiated our way through the family holiday like the boats through the famed backwaters. Mostly calm and placid, gently drifting, sometimes swerving to avoid the clumps of water hyacinth a pest and potential hindrance to the centuries old way of life practised here. We navigated the varied tangled relationships, mother – daughter, father-daughter, sisters, sister-stepsister, aunts, cousins, step-cousin, mother-stepdaughter, father-stepdaughter, mother -son-in-law (actually out of law)and came out smiling. This was to be a family holiday extraordinaire with family members travelling over varying seas and continents to meet exactly halfway, 5 ½ hours ahead for the London contingent and 5 ½ behind for the Australia mob. Our daughter and her partner had truly chosen a magical spot for our get-together and I don’t think even they realised how extrao... read more
Famed towel art
Water lilies
Ready for New Year's Eve

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumarakom July 8th 2015

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary A visit to the bird sanctuary was not in our itinerary but the owner of the resort where we stayed insisted we should visit the place. So, we made some changes to our travel plans and headed towards the bird sanctuary. The bird sanctuary is located along the side of Vembanad lake and is spread across about 14 acres of land, which used to be a rubber plantation in the past. This place is operated by Kerala Tourist Development Corporation (KTDC) and they run a resort called "Water Scapes Resort" within the premises of the bird sanctuary. The resort is located well within the woods and you need to go about 300 meters from the entrance to reach the resort. We didn't go to the resort but took the entry tickets for the ... read more
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
View point in Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
An animal found in Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumarakom June 29th 2015

Kumarakom started getting attention in the tourism map of Kerala just a few years ago, after the visit by some of the national leaders to this place including the prime minister of the country. Even though this place is less than 2 hours drive from my home, I couldn't visit this place until recently. About Kumarakom Kumarakom is a lake town, surrounded by water bodies all over and is famous for backwater tourism. "Vembanattu kayal", the largest lake in Kerala occupies a major portion of this region. There are many small rivers finding its way through this small village to the lake. Kottayam is the nearest town. The major attractions here include Pathiramanal island, Kumarakom bird sanctuary and house boat cruises through the backwaters. Our trip to Kumarakom This time it wasn't a family trip. I ... read more
Enjoying house boat cruise
Kerala Backwater Retreat

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumarakom October 14th 2014

A day on the Vembanad Lake – A Travelogue 01 June 2014 - Sunday I can feel my hands trembling and shivering while attempting to begin my first ever travelogue. I can also feel the enthusiasm in my mind, and its eagerness to deliver a story that conceived 2 weeks ago. This is my first ever attempt to narrate an incident on paper, a trip from Kochi to Kumarakom and the most fabulous voyage on house boat for a whole day. The delectable taste of crispy karimeen (Kerala’s state fish) and the extra large pazhampori (Nendran banana fry, the national snack of Malayalees) still linger around my mouth. Talking, or chatting as being described by our new age techies, about a tour may be a child’s play for anyone as it requires ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumarakom November 12th 2013

Glimpses of Kerala – 3: Kumarkom Backwaters Kerala is known for Kovalam beaches, backwaters of Alleppy and Kumarkom, wildlife sanctuary of Periyar and Thekkady and tea gardens of hill station Munnar. But the feast to the eyes start with the moment your taxi starts on the curvaceous roads sending your compass needle crazy. The roads in most parts of the Kerala where we travelled were in excellent condition (except around Munnar) - in spite of almost daily rain showers. Gujarat boasts of good roads but they turn in to pot holes with just 10 inches of rain. And still the distances have to be measured in hours and not in kilometers because of high density of population and hilly terrain. In more than 1000 kms of travelling that we did in Kerala we did not find ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumarakom March 22nd 2013

Thekkady to Kumarakon We bid a fond farewell to Cardamom County Hotel, such a great hotel except no Internet, well they have it but it just didn't work. The staff were lovely. Another warm sunny day and we set off in our air conditioned car to drive to Kumarakon. Passing coffee plantations and more tea plantations, rubber plantations and so much rich lush vegetation. The houses are smart,and our driver tells us that we are passing through a mainly Christian area. One of the towns is settled mostly by people from Tamal, the people in neighbouring Sri Lanka who were unsuccessful in creating a separate state for themselves in that country. Stopped at a cattle market, it was hot and the cattle were being herded into trucks, it wasn't pleasant to watch so we continued on ... read more
Back water
Out on the lake
It's a hard life

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumarakom June 23rd 2012

Chennai-Trivandrum Mail dropped me at Kottayam early in the morning around 7:20 am. Kottayam railway station was one with not much ‘hue and cry’ like any major railway stations. Usually most of the Kerala rail stations are not big as you expect. However, I slowly came out of the station took a long breath. Monsoon had arrived in Kerala and the aroma of fresh rain was felt early this am. This is what I like about Kerala, not ‘brag and drags’ of auto drivers, no unnecessary bargains from the porters. It was all peaceful. As I read in some journals, Kottayam lays at the base of The Western Ghats so the roads, streets has a bit of undulating curves which means one has to walk up and down in quite often. I didn’t see many hotels ... read more
Deep Inside Kumarakom Brid Sanctuary
Spiral Tree
Inside the Sanctuary

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