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Asia » India » Goa » Baga March 2nd 2019

This morning I was not messing around. In an effort to beat the crowds to the beach, I set my alarm for 8am. By 8:30 I was on my way strolling into Baga. I had already found a shortcut by way of a dirt path taken right after walking across the small bridge. There I would pick my way past fishing boats and loose fishing nets. At this early hour I could see local fisherman just coming in from the night and hauling those very same fishing boats and nets ashore. When I got to the Baga Beach I noticed that while it was less busy, it was busy nonetheless. Once again I attracted curious onlookers as I dove through wave after wave and rode them to the shore. A great white whale in his natural ... read more
My Shortcut
Beach Restaurant
Keep Going?

Asia » India » Goa » Betalbatim March 1st 2019

oday we had a plan. To scooter down the coast to where there is a big river inlet at Betul. We were wondering if this is the part of Goa we stayed in 1997 as I have a distinct memory of stepping outside the hotel on the last day and realising there was a very new and smart “cottages” in the grounds sort of hotel next door and a river with signs about water sports. Which we had had no idea of while we were staying there. As Betul is on one side of a river estuary it looked like a good place to look but we have since concluded it was most probably somewhere in North Goa where we stayed before as can find nothing we remember. Not helped by the fact I know our ... read more
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Asia » India » Goa » Betalbatim February 28th 2019

Went along to reception after a leisurely breakfast, because it is impossible to rush in Goa. Far to hot and laid back here and this is our chill out time. Oops scooter I had asked about before we arrived and been told they would sort it when we got here, was a non-starter. If there had been any available before, there were none now, all hired out. They suggested we could pop along to Colva and pick one up from there but not really happy as I had asked about it before we came And last night. Reception girl decided to try harder and phoned “Steve” who came up with the goodies and 30 minutes later our scooter arrived. Came with only one helmet though we had asked for two so a second helmet appeared with ... read more
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Asia » India » Goa » Baga February 28th 2019

The taxi dropped me off outside my Treebo hotel. There was a giant marquee sign at the entrance with the words Beach Box Hotel. I walked through the towering gates and found no one. I took a look around. This place was definitely funky and unique. It was all metalworks and exotic murals. All of the rooms opened out onto the courtyard with a pool at its center and full open air bar. They had painted the pool bright red. There was nothing cookie cutter about this place whatsoever. Eventually, the manager strolled out informally and checked me in. The whole place was very relaxed. Lucky this was a secure location because as far as I could see the security was non-existent. The hotel was positioned just beyond the northern end of the Baga Beach. I ... read more
Baga Beach!
Walking the Beach

Asia » India » Goa » Bogmalo Beach February 27th 2019

Another pre-crack of dawn start checking out of the hotel at 5am for our flight at 6.50 to Mumbai, The drive to the airport was much quicker than coming in when we were held up in a couple of places by big trucks. Straight through on the super dual carriageway / highway to the airport. Well it would be super if it were not half under construction most of the way. The sort of road that will quite probably never be finished. Seem so many like it in Asia ! Easy check-in and arrived on time in Mumbai. As senior looking citizens we were offered a lift on the ‘golf buggy’ at arrivals and accepted as we know how far one has to walk through Mumbai and walkways are few and far between. We had 3 ... read more
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Asia » India » Goa » Old Goa February 27th 2019

I got up early for my hotel’s awesome refined breakfast. Afterwards, I went back to my room for a decadent mid-morning nap. I wasn’t actually planning on going sightseeing until noon. I generally only have the energy and desire for about three or four hours of actual sightseeing per day. Therefore, it does not really matter what time I actually venture out. Today’s plan was to wander down to an auto-rickshaw stand in the center of Panaji and catch a ride over to Velha Goa, or Old Goa to the English-speaking world. Old Goa is now pretty much deserted, but five centuries ago it had been the beating heart of Portuguese India. As I strolled along down the hill into town, I found myself stuck behind a western tour group about forty people deep. It was ... read more
Basilica of Bom Jesus
Se Cathedral
Best Lunch

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji February 26th 2019

It was already 1am when I was confronted by an event I had never experienced before. I was completely alone in India. I was in Panaji, Goa standing under a dim streetlight. A few moments earlier I had motioned for the taxi driver to drive away. I wanted to figure this situation out on my own. Solitary, I stood there in the empty streets of the old Latin Quarter in front of the vivid green building. I pounded on the gigantic wooden colonial door with great solid thuds. Eventually, the door creaked open and I was beckoned inside. I was definitely not in Uttar Pradesh anymore. I had spent the previous day in and out of airplanes and airports. A flight from Varanasi, a connection in Mumbai, and a landing in Goa. Actually, the bulk of ... read more
Battle with Termites
Church of the Immaculate Conception

Asia » India » Goa » Patnem February 24th 2019

Back on the travel track! This time it's Asia's turn. First country: India Some time ago I decided to do a Yoga Teaching Trainer Course. I've thought of many different places to take the course, but eventually I choose India because it's the place of origin. Then I needed to decide where in India I would go. First I thought of Rishikesh, but I was so done with the cold weather that I decided to go to Goa. I'm really glad with my decision. It's nice and warm, the people are so nice and I'm staying at a place right in front of the ocean. I can hear the beach from my cabin and the shala where we have our classes has a fantastic seaview. The sunsets are amazing here as well. The sun gets orange ... read more
Yoga class
Art of teaching class
Spice farm

Asia » India » Goa » Palolem February 2nd 2019

Namaste! In my happy place once again…but just when I thought india couldn’t surprise me, the toddler I brought with me experiencing it so differently, brings new perspectives. Last year I only guessed his emotions, his reactions. This year Taylor so eloquently describes his shock, joy, fear…the range of emotions that change minute by minute, as each new stimulation reveals itself. Some friendly faces he remembers, others he is shy to reunite with, while new friends emerge daily. Im of course happy to reunite with other traveling mommies, to have adult conversations and people I trust to watch taylor when I jump in the sea…that one time! And although taylor is an even more energetic player and faster runner…he is also capable of sitting still for longer periods. I anticipated bigger protests this year, to being ... read more
Chaudi market
First bus trip in India!
“Mommy and Taylor”

Asia » India » Goa » Baga October 21st 2018

Getting to India for the first time might have been long overdue, but that was no excuse to skip on a plan of action which was destined to take in a cross-section of what the nation entailed. The trip started in Goa state, more specifically Baga beach, and the very location where Goan nightlife is at its most complete, largely thanks to the crop of nightspots which line Tito's lane, the location of Tito's nightclub, India's most namechecked nightspot. Goa has clearly evolved from a hippie hang-out, to a resort where Indian nationals rub shoulders with the influx of foreign tourists eager to sample the throbbing pulse of clubland, and the commercial trappings which run alongside it. Goa is now the kind of resort where one separate hub of activity meshes into another, but in order ... read more
Ramoji Film Studios; Hyderabad; India
Tito's Lane; Baga; Goa; India
Golkonda Fort; Hyderabad; India

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